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Unseen Entity? on 2015-01-15

This is my first post. This literally just happened less than an hour ago. This morning, I let my dog inside. So, for awhile now, she would concentrate down the hallway, or near the hallway as if someone was there. Once I started reading these stories, I realized that there may be a spirit. She a...

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Date: 2015-01-27
True, I would agree. I'm not noticing this activity anymore, I haven't witnessed my dog concentrating towards the hallway or anything like that anymore. I have said out loud that if any harmful spirits are here, they need to leave.

The whole thing with the knife goes back for years, when I had my first "paranormal" experience... I doubt there was actually a haunting though. I believe I mentioned this in the comments already.

But that stuck with me over time, and whenever I felt fear at all, just holding onto a knife would be enough to give me a sense of safety, ever since that one time.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! I'll take it into account the next time I notice this happening. Like I said, this "activity" hasn't been happening as much. I honestly felt that if my dog had that "Oh ****" look on her face, then if there was a spirit, it couldn't possibly be friendly. After all, some dogs do have a great sense of judgement.

But yeah, I appreciate the feedback!:)
Date: 2015-01-19
I know, obviously a knife isn't going to do anything, but it makes me feel a lot safer. Before reading anything on here, I never really noticed it. Once I started reading similar stories, I would catch my dog concentrating on absolutely nothing, and it would almost always be towards the hallway. When my dog would give me that "help me!" expression, I figured that if there was something, it was up to no good.

When I was younger, like, about 12 or 13, I was stupid enough to believe I was being haunted because of those dumb chain comments that say "A ghost will appear in your room at 3 AM if you don't repost this 10 times!" and there were noises coming from my floor. At the time, I had a pocket knife or 2, so that's probably why I feel safe having one on hand, because that was the one thing that gave me a sense of safety.

When this happened, I was in a house, completely home alone except for my Dog.

But based on how my dog would react to "seeing" something that wasn't even there, I knew that telling it to leave was probably the first thing to try doing. Which I've done several times. I haven't noticed anything lately, but I'll still keep observing.