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The Other Family on 2015-01-26

The stories which I am going to share are linked with my own house. My house is partitioned into two portions, and both the portions have different sort of stories related to them. Let's just start with different sort of activities which we have experienced, happening in our home. 1: We have been...

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Date: 2015-01-28
Hi to all who have commented, and thanks for welcoming me. There are no such past histories related to our house as we built it at our own after buying the land. Well we have tried to bless our house but they did not leave and there activities were enhanced in reaction, but they never tried to harm us so we have not tried that much to eradicate them. Samora was used in a humerus sense, lol, and she was not wearing white dress, if it had happened, the scenario might have been too different.;)
And Belieever12, Yes there are some good and bad Jinns, and we expect our companions to be the good one's, as they have never tried to harm us physically, and that's the major reason, we have never tried so hard to bless our home and are living our lives with them.