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Being absolutist about a faith or belief system isn't how I'm wired. That said, I believe there's likely many Gods and otherworldly entities. If we really look and read through history there are many constants to support religious thinking. A lot of which, I believe, hold merit and are relevant and beneficial to us.
However I politely decline the idea of external worship. Instead I meditate and look within myself to maintain a connection with that universal greater consciousness, divine energy, or 'god', whatever you call it, we're all connected to it.

I'm a firm believer in free will and choice. People who believe in predetermined fate shirk responsibility and fail to grasp the nature of karma. Consequently stunting their potential.

Lately I'm confounded by the impact ignorance has on people experiencing the paranormal. I'm quite angered by some of the scientific community's sheer denial and rejection of it. I find this potentially damaging to peoples lives and humanity as a whole.
To deny the paranormal, completely and resolutely, is to cut out ones tongue. It's also quite bratty.

My thoughts on reincarnation are that it sucks. Personally I don't want to be reincarnated. I feel it's our goal to love who we are now. Not glamorise or procrastinate into some next life. When people speak of their next lives, why that makes me a sad panda, to quote South Park. It feels like low self-esteem: 'I'm not good enough and need fixing'. Stuff that, get down with meditation and start doing that inner work. There's a limitless potential within us right now that's waiting to be tapped into. Future lives are for wimps!

Feel free to email me, I love to chat. Might take a few days to get back to you because I'm not the sort of person who's connected to a device 24/7. What... Nothing wrong with that!
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Shadows Cast on 2017-12-08

Alright YGS! How goes it? Thought this would make for interesting discussion. I've written before of my fondness for darkness and dim lighting. About last April I was watching something on the internet. The only light in the room was from the heater and the monitor. Directly in front of me is ...

Closest Thing To A Demon on 2017-07-28

This is not about demons or devils. This is about the man who is technically my grandfather. He died before I was born. No one mourned him, and I mean no one. He was a pedophile, alcoholic, violent, abusive individual. On first impression he was a charming man, handsome, polite, personable. But h...

Wee Ones At The Window on 2017-07-28

Sometime in either late July or early August 2015, husband and I woke in the middle of the night. Which is something neither of us normally do. What woke us, I guess, was an awareness. From my perspective I was cosy in bed fast asleep. Both of us facing the window. Then, very groggy, I awoke, ope...

Fireball on 2017-07-28

The first of these experiences happened to my Mum in approximately 1962, she was around 8 or 9 at the time. This had a profound emotional impact on her resulting in a keen interest in Extra Terrestrials and inter-dimensional beings. However, it failed to instill in her future IT skills, hence I'm su...

It's A Fox! on 2017-07-28

As if! This takes place Christmas (2015), the exact date I can't be sure. Somewhere around then, but not the actual 25th. Anywhoo, let's get cracking with the Christmas spirit! Turns out my Dad has become the biggest denier of anything paranormal. This has no doubt rubbed off from my Stepmum, ...

He Speaks on 2017-05-26

This is about the ghostie I think of as a guardian. I've written about him a few times before. He seems to be the only ghost I can communicate with in a reliable way. Meaning I can usually find sense in any communication eventually. Whereas with other ghosties I'm often left with a bunch of possibil...

Haunted House Haunts on 2017-04-21

My parents have been friends with this quirky, eccentric couple since the early 1970's. These events centre around their home. This couple's home is in a forest area. The house was built anywhere between late 1800's to 1920's. A couple of years ago I visited them with the intention of delving int...

Clunker And Scrambled Hours on 2017-04-21

Last year I became a godmother, or faerie godmother, as is my self-appointed title. Last month I was babysitting the godson, or 'the Child' as we like to say in an ominous tone. 'Oh it's the Child, bring me the child' and so on. We also call him 'Boyo' 'cause it's funny. He's a placid baby, no lengt...

Brisk Walker on 2017-04-21

This is a peculiar series of events that involve a man who simply walks home. I'm not sure this person is a ghost and don't really know what to think, actually. When I was 10 we moved to a house where I first encountered 'The Dancer'. We moved there in late 1991 and Mum moved out in 2007. During ...

Ode To Trees on 2017-03-21

My husband has American roots. In 2013 we were staying with some of his friends in Los Angeles. This was the first time I'd ever been to this family's home, but I'd known them socially since 2009. My husband had been to their place many times and hadn't experienced anything odd. Their house is a ...

Lawnmower And Hammering on 2016-11-30

Not sure if this really qualifies as a ghost encounter, but it's certainly odd. In around 2008 I began noticing the sound of a distant lawnmower in the middle of the night. It sounded way off in the distance. But because it's quiet in the middle of the night I could hear all the sounds you'd asso...

Black Swan Of The Lake on 2016-05-09

Ringwood Lake is a popular park in the Melbourne suburb of (surprise surprise) Ringwood. If you ever spent time there in the 80's or 90's chances are you encountered the black swan. No one knew where it came from, my parents suspect someone dumped it there. But I doubt that. This swan was the only s...

Pathway To 21 on 2016-05-09

The year was 2007. The month of October. The location a suburban house in Australia. Awash with a sea of dark, horned, cloaked figures with blackened eyes and grimaced faces. The ground rumbled with low frequencies of demonic growls. The dark figures erupted in a reactive wave adorned with inverted ...

Green Room on 2016-05-09

In the early 80's, we lived across the road from some lovely people with whom my parents were great friends. My parents lived in this house from the 70's to 80's. I loved hanging around the adjacent neighbours and being in their home but there was one room I could not stand to be in, their lounge...

Nature Spirits (side B) on 2016-04-27

Carrying on from Tarot Mystery, this is about the ghosties around Mum's former rental home. To recap, there was a lot of complicated negative energy coming from the physical world all connected to her rental home being sold. When I arrived at her place in December, the energy was thick and heavy ...

Tarot Mystery (side A) on 2016-04-27

Divided this into two sides, as it deals with the same time frame. I began writing this around Christmas time. Between now and then there were some nasty developments. This account starts to feel less fluent around the halfway mark, due to heavy emotions at the time. In retrospect the tarot, a di...

Gnooooome on 2015-09-17

As children my best friend and I lived in each others homes. Her Mum quickly became friends with my Mum and our families were very close from 1987 until 1999 when her family moved. In adulthood my friend and I grew apart. We'd become very different people. We never fell out, we simply drifted apart....

Chalk Man on 2015-08-25

Decided to submit two stories back to back, as they happened in around the same year and at the same house. Chalk Man, is the third ghostly encounter I remember in this house. -- Must have been aged 4-5 when this happened. Occasionally I'd wake up in the middle of the night when Mum and Dad we...

Autonomous Toy Creatures on 2015-08-25

Decided to submit two stories back to back, as they happened in around the same year and at the same house. Autonomous Toy Creatures are the second entities I remember in this house. -- There's a story in my favourites list called "Puppet People". This person's experience echoed with striking ...

So That's What They Look Like on 2015-07-20

Really? Seriously? Wait, is this happening, really? Wha...? These were the thoughts running through my mind two weeks ago. At 5 to 9 PM on Tuesday July 7th I felt like someone was looking at me. I turned around, expecting to see my husband, but instead saw weird smokey darkness. I was in our l...

Followed By Knocking on 2015-05-11

Before joining this site I had started going through a 'bad haunting' I guess you'd call it. By the time I joined it had escalated. I delayed submitting this story because I didn't want to think about it. It's because of this 'haunting' I wound up finding this site, so every cloud. Started about ...

Bumping Into An Old Friend on 2015-04-20

This is about a ghost I think of as a guardian. Over the last 14 or so years I've learned ways to communicate with him and we have a good understanding of each other. Outside of intentional communications I've had many unexpected moments with him, many small, few major. These are the few major unexp...

The Dancer on 2015-01-26

When I was 10 my family moved to a house where we lived for 15 years. It was an old house, probably built in the 40's. I don't think the house history is very relevant to this story. However this 'dancing girl' seemed come with the house so to speak. I have always been obsessed with music and was...

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Ergh this pic is photoshopped.

So I've been perusing some old pics and this one near fooled me. But check the right corner of the mirror where the painting on the chimney breast meets it's frame. The painting's frame 'repeats'. So too the paisley pattern on the wallpaper aligned with the 'repeated' frame (directly above frame) doesn't match with the rest of the wallpaper. In that small section it looks like the house was wallpapered by a numpty and the painting hung over another painting.
Found some pics of this room online, dig it:



I call BS on this. Probably just as well the OP never commented.
Darn I got so excited about this photo for minute!
Date: 2017-12-18
Hi Cosmica,

I enjoyed this, thanks for sharing. 😊

One way of looking back on this is to be thankful for the cold air you felt because it confirmed in a very real way that you weren't alone in that room. I really love the positive presence you felt with you, not enough of that on here I fear lol. Really sounds like you have a knack for knowing what's around you, paranormal or not. That's a very powerful skill to have. Even if you don't use it often, or have much use for it, be glad of it.

You may think your experience was boring, but I'm adding it to my faves list. I found it pretty darn profound. Seems like you had a real bizarre good v evil match going on!
Date: 2017-12-17
Thanks for your input everyone. 😊

BGP, Initially I assumed the height to be around 5'8-ish. Oddly enough the assumed height in the assumed location and the actual height in the actual location work out around the same. Perhaps had I been patient glancing around I'd have made out something, however slight. If it happens again I'll try following it in the room, rather than on the curtain, if I'm quick enough. Thing is to turn around and face it means to be turning directly next to me. I'm not *that* hardcore. 😜

Jubeele, the account I was reading was Melda's Vic ghost. The show was something funny, it may have been a movie. I don't recall exactly what it was. But I know I was laughing. Whilst reading Melda's encounter I was quiet though. But something may have got the ghost's attention. Or maybe this is even a residual shadow. Think we'd have noticed it before now, surely. Or not, who knows I guess.

Melda, your less hospitable remark made me smile. Since this happened the second time I've been alert for it to happen again. But realistically I don't think it will be that obliging. I've thought for a long time that someone likes to read over my shoulder on occasion. Perhaps this is a way of confirming they do. That's a nice thought. Or maybe the ghost doesn't mean to cast a shadow. I wonder sometimes if some of what we experience is unintentional on the ghosts part.

On a completely different note, we think we've had a weekend of poltergeist activity. I'll write about that for YGS. All seems to be lulled and calmer now. But it's been a weird weekend. Our neighbour, we *think* must be losing the plot or having an emotional breakdown. He's a bit of a tradie, jack of all trades type. He must have hired this bit of kit for the weekend, it was a heavy duty high pressure water hose. (Very high pressure, sounds like a buzzsaw) He used it for seven hours straight today, and about five hours yesterday. That's weird in itself (his place is always spotless by the way) Today he spent hours hosing the same spot on the footpath outside. Water was going on the road, a couple of cars tooted him. He's unresponsive when you call out to him, we were afraid to approach because of the hose. I opted to call the police but another neighbour wanted to call his wife instead (his wife was out during both days)
A pretty sucky weekend for all unfortunately. If he starts acting weird again I'm calling the police. I think it's a situation that neighbours alone can't contain, and I think it was directly responsible for some (supernatural) touches and bangs we experienced today and yesterday. A cautionary tale of woe for YGS, me thinks. Christmas is a hard time for a lot of people. Think that's the core moral of this rant.
Hi Bxbyfaith,

It sounds like you might be suffering from anxiety and/or a kind of insomnia (or restless sleep disorder?) on top of anything else which may be going on.

As well as Rook's suggestion, which I recommend you follow. I'd like to suggest turning off any phones or other communicative devices once you're going to bed. If possible don't use these devices in the bedroom at all. Sooo sooo many people wind up with sleep disorders because they check their phones and what have you in bed, that be a no no. You'd be surprised what a difference this can make.

Also when you look into cleansing/shielding, also look into cleansing objects. Namely the Ouija/spirit board. When I brought my old childhood ouija board into the house we had a spot of bother. Nothing too extreme some clangs, bangs and an over all odd feeling, my old ouija board seemed to be the issue. Once it was cleansed things calmed down and it's been fine since. We have ouija boards in our home for decorative purposes, they don't get used. I don't have a problem with people using such boards, but using them in the wrong mindset, or with inexperienced or reckless people can lead to issues.

This seems like a bit of both, a sleep disorder with a viscous circle of anxiety, together with *some* paranormal activity.
Date: 2017-12-13
Hi Rook,

I kind of bashed this one out rather quickly, forgot to include the outside shadow possibility. I think it's possible, but unlikely. The street lights light everything up nicely when it's dark. I've never seen peoples' shadows cast up the window/curtains from the street though, it's too big of a distance I think. The shadow on both times was sharp and crisp, as if from a near position to the light source. For it to be coming from outside, and be that 'crisp', I'd think someone would have to be directly outside the window. But if someone was directly outside the window, I'd imagine the shadow from the street light would be vague/blurry because the street light is further away. Or maybe street lights are strong enough to cast heavy shadows at a distance? Not sure. If there was someone directly outside the window, I'd have heard them pushing through bushes and trampling on the plants. But all was quiet.

Dark room/bright screen lol that can't be ruled out. But again, I think it's unlikely. The heater gives off quite a lot of light, it's like having a few candles lit. I like TV's and computers on a low brightness setting, less strenuous on the eyes. Both times the shadow has moved across while I was looking at the monitor, I look up (literally a few inches over the top of the monitor to the curtain) and follow the shadow to the right. It's moved steadily each time, no pause. Turning around to check behind is more or less an extension of following the shadow on the curtain. The main reason I assumed it must have come from the middle of the room is because it didn't stretch all the way up to the ceiling as our shadows tend to do when moving around the outside of the room. When I matched the position to behind the desk chair it was unexpected because it's to the edge of the room, where you'd assume the shadows would grow taller. But at that particular angle they don't, I'd never noticed this before that evening. The heater is not direct facing at that angle.

The time of day for the first one was about 8 or 9pm. On the second time it was about 5 or 6pm.

Manafon, the stupid votey thing's telling me to get stuffed as per usual, but anyway I dug your comment!
Great to know shadows appear 'normally' in other accounts. I guess it's my Earthly commonsense which demands there must be a 'source' for the shadow. But ghosts being ghosts, as you say, anything is possible. I remember BGP (I think it was) describing a shadow she saw in the reflection of a mirror. I think the mirror was in another room and I think she said there was nothing to cause the reflection/shadow in the mirror. That bent my mind, man.

Looking forward to reading your cool apparition encounter, sounds like a goodun!
Hi Marvin, I absolutely love reading your experiences, thanks heaps for sharing!

Wow, did this give me the heebie jeebies! Sometimes I re-enact things I read on here to better understand the actions. I just did this for the hands and it's so weird! For a hand to move from under to over, while your elbow rests on top is not only creepy as all get out, but also too neat and perfect an action not to be paranormal. One word: Wow!

I've heard of funeral workers having bodies unexpectedly sit up and scare the pants off them. But those sorts of moments weren't paranormal. I think it was due to the position someone was in when they passed, combined with how long they were in that position. At least I think that's how it was explained.
My family owned/ran a florist business when I was a kid. I used to tag along to flower deliveries. Nothing paranormal ever happened, but I loved listening to some of the odd things the funeral workers chatted about. 😊
Date: 2017-12-08
Fergie, my god poor George! Honestly, what is the point of ghosts doing crap like that? They're just bully boys, end of. That's got to be among the scariest ghost encounters anyone can have. I'm sorry George went through that.

Thanks for sharing though. Scary/horrible as it is, it is interesting how these things occur. Though interesting doesn't seem like the appropriate word choice here.😲
Date: 2017-12-08
Hi Melda,

Are there any entities in your culture whose role it is to protect women? Or have you ever said a prayer of protection or meditation or some such which might evoke a protective spirit?
I ask because this reminded me somewhat of your encounter with the young boy in that both gave you comfort.
I don't mean to imply that Vic is anything other than a human ghost, rather there seems to be something about your home or you specifically which enables protective spirits to find their way in. A good thing I should think. 😊

Thanks for sharing and nice work piecing together Vic!

PS this thread is confusing.
Date: 2017-12-05
Randy, bless you and your beloved Doodle Mutt Thing. ❤ (Great name!)
"Dogs are people too" <-- That came to mind while reading this. Where did humans go wrong that we feel a need to justify the love of a pet. They're family after all. So it's no surprise they can pierce through the odd dream here and there. It's gotta be love that makes it all possible, what else? It's great that your wife received the dream and can recall it such as she does. Kind of makes the encounter all that more lovely.

I'm glad you shared this with us, but I'm sorry for the circumstances. Doodle sounds like a champion. ❤
Date: 2017-11-16
Hi Lady Glow,

Sometimes I think the encounters with the most uncertainty are far better than the ones with a conclusion. Or maybe I just enjoy mysteries.
This also remind me of the account Jubeele referenced. I was about to go looking for that link lol.
As well as that the way you described the colour with the lack of light reminded me of the way the colours looked when I saw the dancer apparition. In a nutshell I saw a woman in leotards laying stretched out on the couch in the middle of the night. Her colours were slightly more pronounced than the rest of the room. It was odd. Well any good skeptic could tell me I was sleepwalking when I saw her. But you and your Mum both saw this guy, so at least you know he was indeed there, whatever he was.

Great read, thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2017-11-16
Hi Chanced, I'm glad you enjoyed reading. Sorry for the delay in my response.😉

The dealer's 'security system' was, by all accounts, an actual alligator, a real breathing one. My young mind assumed the beast lived in this house. But it came from another house I never went to.
Date: 2017-10-17
Hi Jubeele, I've really enjoyed reading your narratives. You tell them so well. 😊

I've always been confused by the Blue Mountains in Australia because where I'm from, Melb, there's the Dandenong Ranges or 'the Nong' as it's often called lol, together with the Dandenong mountains, or 'Dandenongs'. Anyway locals often call the Dandenongs the Blue Mountains because of the low clouds producing a blue hue. I didn't find out the Blue Mountains were separate until I was in my 20's!

This Inn sounds awesome, and so trusting. I'd be suspicious of people racking the nicknacks if I ran that joint. I don't like that I'd be wary of folk that way, but I would! Maybe the presence in that room protects it.

The differing light you experienced made me wonder if you'd seen the shade of light from a bygone time. Perhaps the time of the ghost you felt comforted by.

Very interesting and cool experience! Thanks for sharing. I feel like a bit of an idiot for saying this but I feel like welcoming you to the site. Well, a belated welcome at least!
Date: 2017-10-17
Hi Jubeele, thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed them.

I love the idea of wombats running around, they're one of my Dad's fave animals. 😊 But it's deffo foxes. They've both seen them trotting about at night. Apparently one scurries effortlessly across the top of the fence, regular wooden fence that is! That sounds supernatural in itself lol, really speaks to foxes adaptability. They're marvelous creatures.

As for my Dad and Stepmum's beliefs. It's so difficult explaining to people who've never met them, just how unique their mindset is. My Stepmum doesn't believe because she says she doesn't want there to be anything, no afterlife, no heaven, no spirit world, she wants there to be nothing. Go figure, I really don't get that. But I think you're onto something about her being a little timid at least about the subject. She's adamant she's never had a supernatural experience, but I think she's afraid of the concept of it, overall. Perhaps the idea of ghosts wandering about freaks her out and is too much for her.

My Dad I really can't work out. I think it's one of those things where he enjoys giving religious and/or spiritual people a hard time. He enjoys confrontation. No wonder politics and religion/spirituality are his most verbose topics. 😆

Thanks again for your input, I read your profile and I've always been amused by those gross out teddy bears. I think they're the ones you mean, like the living dead dolls?, anyway I dig them.

I'm going to read your experiences. I've been away from this site for way too long!
Date: 2017-10-05
Man, I didn't just type 'smile' at the end there haha. The emoticon thing didn't work. Must need a space in between. 🙄
Date: 2017-10-05
Hi Aisyah, thanks for the info. I've read about many of the entities you referenced on this site from various members here. It's very freaky stuff.

Whatever this knocking thing was I don't think it was sent by anyone or that black magic played any part. I have a feeling it's drawn to people who are attuned to paranormal phenomena. Why it picked on me and T specifically I don't think I'll ever understand. But I'm confident it was the same entity. The head thing was something of a surreal moment, simply because I didn't react at all LOL. It was so unexpected and bizarre that I don't think I could comprehend what the heck it was.

I'm glad you and your family are over your bad haunt too.[smile]
Date: 2017-10-04
Hi Cloudy, sorry for the late reply.

Yes the good old 'tomten', I'm used to that name simply because of a children's picture book from when I was a kid. I would've used tomte to describe this little fella had it not been for the short sentence we heard.
There is an update to this and thanks for reminding me! A couple of friends have mentioned the smell of 'pancakes' at our place. Always at night, so then we started smelling pancakes here and there. But never when any visitors have mentioned it, which is odd. Anyway just this weekend we smelled the faint smell of something like pancakes again. We went outside to test if it was coming from the street, but apparently not. So maybe this random smell is a late night offering from our little friend. We don't know, but it's kind of cool if it is! 😊
Date: 2017-10-04
Hi Dan, glad you enjoyed it. 😊 I don't think swans are all that common in Melb, plus they usually dwell in pairs. So it's baffling where that one originated from. It might have been a relic from a failed breeding attempt in Victoria from when the lake was originally made. It's a man made lake and gardens from as far back as the 1920's I think.

Magpies are awesome. They also hold an impressive title of one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They're super fussy about who they trust, so as long as you keep on their good side you can ensure you won't get swooped come breeding season! 😆
Date: 2017-08-09
Some pillock has copy/pasted one of my narratives on bloody facebook. I don't have a facebook account and can only read 'login to continue' from the link I was sent. Can someone please let the genius know I'd like them to remove it.

Bollocks to this. Got to roll, will sort it tomorrow.

Thanks heaps Wish Not for wording me up!

General question about facebook and search results. Noticed search results never turn up facebook crap, why don't search engines show stuff from facebook? Bit counterproductive isn't it?
Date: 2017-08-09
Wish Not I just sent you an email to your gmail account. Check your spam folder lest it end up there. Hopefully it's worked. 😊
Date: 2017-08-09
Fergie, as usual I have next to nothing to add to your narrative, only to say I enjoyed it. There's something very special you and your family have there. ❤

Random tidbit, I have only today worked out that this ❤ is a heart. I thought it was a cool gothic bat ha!