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Hello, I'm currently compiling stories that relate to school, college or university haunting, for a project at college. I will use them anonymously so if you would like to share your experiences with me please click on my link. As for me, well I was brought up to read tarot and believe in spirit from my mothers side of the family. However my father brought me up to always look for a logical explanation, In a way I brought up to accept every angle of a 'spooky' situation. I happened upon this site in looking for stories to use in a college project. But I have decided that I wish to share my experiences with you all. Although you may have to bare with me as I do have a few from over the years.
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College Unease on 2015-01-28

This story is fairly brief, as the incident was rather brief in itself. I am currently a 'mature' student at a college in Bedfordshire, studying Fine Art in a specialist art block. To make sure I get the best use of the studio, I often stay after normal hours to do extra work. Now the 'Art block' co...

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Date: 2015-02-04
Just an update I stayed there alone until late last night. I heard the sounds again and this time a saw a man pop his head around the door. I tried to go to him but he just vanished. 😕