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An Unforgettable Night At Terrace on 2015-03-26

The incident that I am going to narrate had happened to me some 11 years back when I was in my early teens. Now am 25. I was doing my 9th standard at that time. Those were the days of March month my annual exams (what you call semester nowadays) got finished and probably I was enjoying my exam v...

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[at] sushantkar
Hi thanks for reading my story... I don't know what was that, but my friend (college mate) has also experienced the similar incidents when he was sleeping alone in his house and also during his teenage probably 17- 18 years Iam not 100% moving with ghosts but still its just a kind of supernatural stuff.
[at] giridhar
HI! Thanks for taking time to read and sharing your valuable comment on my story. Actually I don't have the habit of keeping my hands on chest while sleeping I always sleep casually that particular day also I slept as usual but that night I was very tired of playing vigorously all the day. I still remember that night that strange thing I was able to feel but can't see clearly what the crap was that... Many resemble that to symptoms of paralysis but I don't know what that really was but some relate to spirits that are wandering in mid night in search of humans.
Date: 2015-02-09
hi dimple

Hope you are doing good... The same incident had happened to my aunt some years back when she was in her early 20's,she is nearing 40 now... This type of ghosts are attracted to young women & teenage gals same as case of mohini is attracted to men. These are dangerous too. Thank god you got escaped from that place and nothing was happening more... Wishing you wonderful days ahead... God bless Take Care 😊
hello tails
I think probably the bathroom which you describe in the story is badly haunted... Do you ever made a try to know about the gal who really she was. Was she student of same school. Was the school constructed in haunted area. As paranormal people say ghosts mostly reside in areas where there are no signs of human beings and living things take for example dense forests buildings that are not been used for years they describe as presence of a negative energy is often felt there... Anyways story was really a scary stuff. Bye Take care
Hi Sushant

Hope You are doing well! The same incident what you narrated had happened with my friend who was my college mate few years back. So no need to be panic this happens for all particularly men who sleep alone in front of the home Or in upstairs (balcony Or top) whatever may be of their home. It is believed this type of attack is observed when we are becoming a hurdle to their way I mean when they feel You as a disturbance or hindrance of their way they may attack. At that time You have to scold them with bad words you know some spirits like Mohini they are attracted towards younger men same way this spirits can be got rid of uttering bad words... This attack is more common and in fact I had heard from many of experiencing the same thing...

Wishing you great day ahead...