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Manderson House on 2016-09-06

As I've explained in my other stories I'm extremely skeptical when it comes to the "paranormal". I usually brush things off as being weirdly coincidental but there's a part of me that is curious. The home that I live in with my husband and two children has been a part of my husband's family since ...

The Two Man Band on 2016-03-14

I'm sure everyone has had that random moment in time when you're driving along in the car or you're out at the store and a song comes on that reminds you of a loved one. It happens to me every so often. I find it's a nice time to reflect on memories of that person, whether they're still alive or dec...

An Otherworldly Unexplainable Experience on 2015-02-10

I guess I'm just going to jump right into it. I will add that up until this very creepy, unexplainable experience I was a huge skeptic. I guess you could probably still consider me one. I've shared my story with only a few close family members and friends. I do believe the lot of them thinks I'm fre...

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Hi guys! Sorry it's taken me so long to comment! I didn't realize they had posted my story. Thanks so much for the nice comments and feedback. I've tried for years to come up with a logical explanation as to what I may have heard that night but still, to this day, have had no luck. It is quite possible that someone was trying to break in. Why I didn't hear any other activity on the deck as I was laying literally right next to the sliding glass door... Who knows. Super Ninja's maybe. All I can say is thank God it wasn't a break in.
To: Tweed and PadalLadka - I get the question of whether or not it was my grandfather a lot. The one thing those "naysayers" do agree with, or at least the ones who knew my grandfather, was that there is no way it could have been him. Something I probably should have mentioned in the story (sorry) was that he had been dealing with diabetes for as long as I could remember. This left him with little to no feeling in both legs from the knee's down which caused him to be very heavy footed, even when he tried not to be. These footsteps were very soft and steady. And it would have been very unlike him to come in without a reason. The only time I'd ever witnessed him in the kitchen at that hour of the day was to get a snack because his blood sugar was low. But that always required turning on lights and opening cabinets and yada yada. Plus, on top of all of that, the footsteps didn't go back the way they came. They stopped right where the kitchen and the living room meet; exactly a foot and a half maybe from where we were sleeping...
I guess I'll never know or fully understand.
To: MandyWest86 and Spockie - I would absolutely love to believe that it was my grandmother checking out her great grandbaby. Her passing completely devastated our family as it was so unexpected (there's another story I'll have to share... Creepy weirdness) But there's still that bit of skeptic in me. Maybe I need more proof;) This isn't the only unexplainable experience I've had in my lifetime either. Maybe I've gotten my proof and just need to open up a little more to the possibility that it could all be very real.
Thanks again!