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A Maritimer's Unfinished Haunting on 2015-02-12

The following story is a recollection of experiences and encounters I have lived throughout my childhood, until the latest experience 9-10 years ago. The stories and events that I share with you are not fiction. In the beginning, I believed I did not know better and interpreted strange lights, s...

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Thank you for the comments.

I was never a fan of horror movies when I was a kid or teenager but I had been exposed to them. I've always beleived in the supernatural but never pursuied it much.

The image of my girlfriend twisted and mangled was indeed a terrifying moment that has been shown in some hollywood movies several years later. Those scenes just sent shivers down my spine.

"Corginator" is my own made up name, as I'm a Corgi owner.:)

Thank you for the clarification on Saint Peter as I had been informed a previous tenant was quite religious indeed and she might have put it there without anyone knowing.

My family is catholic but I fell away from practicing my faith a long time ago. I have spiritual beleifs, which is a mix of different beliefs but I do not worship and I do not critize those that do.

None of my family members ever talked about experiences but I believe my father and grandfather knew something. My grandfather had those "powers" such as the ability to stop blood from running or to heal warts quickly.

A local boy had warts all over his body. He and his mother would visit my grandfather twice per month so he could rub his hands over the warts and say a few prayers. They would dry up quickly and heal, but eventually came back.

Maybe there's a connection with it all.
My take is when I pass I'll ask to see a review of my family history and events from life which I couldn't explain. I want to see what happened there.

And yes, reading on the topics helped quite a bit to a point where I was able to calm myself down during an event and "explore" or play with it if you will.