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My Nan Kept Her Promise on 2008-11-25

This only happened to me a few weeks ago, so after thinking about it I've decided to tell you guys about my lovely Nan who died in 2005 and my visit to her after she died. I, my sister and my Nan are the only people who believe in ghosts in our family. When we were kids my Nan was forever telling...

Ghost Chase on 2008-08-19

All this happened a few years ago when my father and I were driving through the countryside in Shropshire late one night in December a few years ago. I hardly know how to put this story as it was such a strange experience, so please bear with me on this. It was around 1:00 am, maybe 1:30. We wer...

A Loving Auntie on 2008-07-29

I am writing this story on behalf of my mother who would kill me if she knew I was writing this as she is very skeptical about anything paranormal, but this is a genuine experience she had four years ago when my great Auntie died of mouth cancer. My mother and her Auntie Joan were always very cl...

Ghosts Where My Nan Lived on 2008-07-29

I will always remember Chattersly Court where my nan lived, not only because of the memories but of the experiences when I stayed there overnight every weekend. It's very hard to explain exactly what the place was like. Inside the building, it was set out like a lovely little street of apartment...

Monks Walking Up The Stairs on 2008-07-29

I cannot remember the exact age when this happened but it happened at the house I had lived in since I was born. When I was a child me and my sister shared a bed at home, even though I had my own little room, my sister who is three years older than me would always pick me up out of my bed asleep...

Mothering Ghost? on 2008-07-28

I have tried countless times to find any information about the paranormal activity at Ingestre Hall in Staffordshire England, but sadly to no avail, I can only provide you with the experience I had as a child. I have visited Ingestre Hall twice as a child with my school as an activity week, my first...

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Date: 2008-11-28
hmmm maybe because its a load of bullcrap?:) I don't think we're going to get any answers on this one peeps xxxx ❤
Date: 2008-11-27
Hey Chris thanks so much for leaving your comment ❤ I agree totally that there is no point in searching for her when she is here with me but boy do I miss her lots, It may sound funny but sometimes when my mum is reading a book or going to sleep she will hear my nan calling her name, if my mum is upstairs it will come from downstairs if she is downstairs it will come from upstairs. My mom belives its in her head (she is a skeptic) but I think underneath she belives its my nan because I can see her welling up when she is telling us:O) my nan must be a strong presence in the afterlife!:o) xxxxx ❤
Date: 2008-11-27
Hey Guys! Thanks so much for your comments ❤ I agree with you Rhodes68 that my nan chose to reveal herself that way as I think also she didn't want to run the chance of frightening me had she came to me in physical form:O) Its so lovely to know that my nan did this for me. I really hope she comes again, but I'm not going to hold out for it as I may never get to see her again but I think I'm truely blessed and lucky I got to see her one more time:) xxxx
Date: 2008-11-25
sorry hun I just don't believe it 🤔 its just seems like you threw the story together... Sorry hun but REAL stories are what I like to hear about, sorry if that's harsh! Xx
Date: 2008-11-05
absolutley fantastic:) my mother had a similar experience, tho she didn't see my great aunt but she had a big MESSAGE for her:) have a read of my story to help you understand that these kind of things definatly happen within families:) xxxx
Date: 2008-08-22
Hey Guys,

Just to clear up I was definatly awake, I even made sure I wasn't imagining it by rubbing my eyes but alas they were still there 😊 The woman had long black hair and looked absolutly terrifed of the man she was being chased by, I really hope the woman whomever she was finds peace one day ❤
Date: 2008-08-20
Hey Lolysophia,

What I can think of for you to do is to try and find out why he won't move on, I believe there is a reason why spirits stay here and the only way they can move on is to try and fin d out what unfinished business they have, why is he still there? Just talk to him and ask him to tap on walls in reply to your questions. Its always a good idea to get your house blessed when an unwanted spirit resides in your home. 😁

Hope this helps

Misfitsdoll ❤
lol it was just a question guys come on lol 😜 If you look below my question PrincessKatie says in capitals DO NOT DRINK IT and I was a little confused as to why she says this as when I was little I did indeedy drink holy water from church as some naughty kids do, but hayho! At least I put I smile on your faces 😆

Love Misfitsdoll ❤
heya! Sorry I know this is not really about the story but just out of curiosity why can't people drink Holy Water?

Penny (misfitsdoll)
Date: 2008-08-20
Errrrrr little confused by the whole animal thing... You need to explain this more, do you have a female cat and a male dog?

Take care
Date: 2008-08-15
Thankyou so much for your comments Frawin and Chris B, I agree with you that this wasn't a sign from God but a sign that my Aunty was going to heaven and that Jesus was looking over her.

Now I believe in heaven more than ever:)

Hope to hear from you soon, Penny (misfitsdoll)
Hey Guys,

Iv done some research into the grounds of my old house but can't find anything that would explain why I saw the monks. 😕 The house was built in the 50's BUT the whole of my town is known as the Black Country (reason why its called that is because it was a coal mining town, so all the coal miners where black after work so they called the town the black country)

But I will keep digging for more info, If anybody would like to help me on this id really appreciate it:) My old house was in a village called Tividale on the outskirts of Dudley in the black country, West Midlands UK. Any help withthis I would really appreciate, mucho love misfitsdoll ❤
No really don't be ashamed of yourself, just think of it as a mistake that you won't let this thing do this to you again:) I'm so glad you are getting the help you need, keep me updated:) xxxx
Date: 2008-08-13

Im sorry but I have to agree with Ohiowatha and Frawin. This just doesn't add up, also there is no such thing as a KKK church it was an organisation not a religion please do not accociate the word CHURCH with the KKK its rather insulting. Also there are too many inconsistancies in your story. You said you saw the boys with holes in their heads but then stated they died from a beating?! Surely they would have died from being shot in the head.

Im sorry but IF and I do say IF you have made the story up and this didn't happen to you, its really really wrong of you, there is nothing "entertaining" reading a ghost story about people being murdered especially children.

But if I am wrong I do apologise, but I'm sorry but with this one I don't believe.

After reading your story I do think that what happened to you was real. But please don't take offence at this but by the way you have put it you permitted this disgusting creature to do this to you by not fighting it, I understand that you were afraid but imagine this entity as a human being - you would have fought him off wouldn't you?:) I really don't mean to cause you any offence really I don't but you really need help with this... This thing seems to think you like it and will come back. It manipulates you by thinking its ok cause he's smiling at you. Please get help ASAP.

God Bless.
Date: 2008-07-29
wow I can understand why you would be so upset, was this the only encounter you had with the child?
Date: 2008-07-29
Thankyou so much to all for all your input on my experience, I have more to write about as this was my first experience! I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who didn't have a frightening first encounter:)
It makes me wonder would I have seen her if I had been lying on my back and opened my eyes:)

Many thanks to you all, hope to speak to you soon:)

Date: 2008-07-29
Hi Chris, thanks for leaving your comment about my experience I have had many experiences in my life so far some scary some not which is a good thing!:) it seems we both have had experiences as a child, I have many more to write about. I found your story very interesting it makes me wonder if these souls want to be seen:) Is this the only experience you had in the house and did your brother and his wife experience anything similar?

Take care and many thanks