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Is Our House Really Haunted? on 2015-02-23

This is my first time to share my encounter with the unknown on the internet. Although I have shared this to my family and some friends, I wanted to share it with all of you as well. It happened in the late 2004 at my mom's house in the Philippines. During that time I used to stay up super late t...

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Very creepy story. Actually, I worked at INFONXX from 2002-2003. I've heard tons of scary stories about the call center and the building that they are renting itself. Elevators, some specific floors to avoid, the parking lot, the pantry and the break room. I've heard it all. Although I didn't experience anything spooky there, I always thought there is something odd about the place. Anyway, I hope the soul of that poor girl will finally realize that she is not anymore a part of the living world. Maybe have the place blessed again or something. Thanks for sharing your story, it sure gave me goosebumps.
Thank you Skeptical4menu for your comment. We ask the same question. Who could it be and what does she want? Harmless but disturbing at times. My sisters have their own stories about a "kid" in the house. Sometimes, they actually think that it could be ghost family living with them. I would like to share their stories but it's not mine. Thank you.
Thank you spiritwaiting for your comment. The house was built around 1984. We are the first owner of it. I couldn't remember anything scary when I was a small kid. But as I was growing up, our neighbors will tell some stories about dwarves and other scary stories happening in their houses too. So it could be the area where we live. Other than this I am not quite sure about the history of that area. Thank you.