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An Important Warning on 2015-03-03

This is my first story here and I am sharing with you an experience that me, my cousin and my sister had just a few days ago. My aunt, uncle and my little cousin were visiting. On Saturday morning, my mum decided to take my aunt and uncle on a trip around town and the surroundings. My cousin was...

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Too bad the video has been removed... Could you put it online again? (or at least an audio oft it?)

Very interesting. I watched it and I heard that sound (at 0:25)'re right, it sounds kind of like "b*tch" or similar. It also sounds like a deep male voice in my opinion.

I heard your TV making some noise in the background and your baby giggling but I agree that this sound didn't come from the TV or the baby. It's cleary different.

It's easy to think of it as a very deep male voice but did you consider any other sources? I mean, such as a technical thing/problem concerning the camera (you know, it could be possible) or you accidentally pushing against an object?

Try to find out if there COULD be any other source. Well it still creeps me out and I watched it like 5 times maybe?
If a spirit would want to, he probably could. But don't you think her sister or just someone who hacked her account was playing awful tricks on you?
Date: 2015-03-09
Interesting story that scared the sh... Out of me.:D

However, I find it odd that the incidents continued happening after you moved several times. This suggests to me that "it" might be attached to you (and you said the family don't see it...) I don't mean to offend you or downgrade your experiences but have you thought of visiting a doctor? I'm just asking this because I think that before considering the paranormal you should always try to rule other things/problems out.

Anyway, whatever you choose to do, I hope the incidents will stop and you can have your peace again