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Am I Dreaming Or? on 2015-02-26

I've seen many of you on this page with having similar experiences of a dream that actually feels pretty real the next morning, but we always tend to say... It was just a dream... But, was it? (Just for the background, when I dream, I have very nice calm dreams floating in different worlds filled wi...

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Date: 2015-03-11
Hi Vikstal, well that's a question. I cannot tell whether it was or wasn't. It felt like reality when I woke up. But I forced myself to think it was just a dream. Otherwise I'd move out right away. I don't have dreams like these. Never. This was first time in my entire life.
That's why I'm posting it here in case someone experienced similar...
Date: 2015-03-10
Hi there, thanks for your comment...
I don't live there anymore. It all happened 3 years ago. Yeah it could of been anything. The flat was new, together with the doors. I tried to forget this nightmare as soon as possible so I didn't paid any attention to the door or the dream until now when I read few stories of being awake/sleeping and what is means or what happens to the body at the this time. Thanks again