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My First Experience - The Only Good One on 2015-03-05

Members of Your Ghost Stories, I found this site about a month ago as I was interested in finding stories and experiences similar to my own and have been reading a few small stories a night. I have really enjoyed the majority of what people have shared on here and decided for the first time ever ...

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As a student working towards being a Registered Psychologist I could write you a thousand papers on how this is your unconscious trying to process your grief, sleep paralysis, or even potential PTSD symptoms; I can even fully understand why they would send you to therapy afterwords. However, as someone who fully believes in and has experienced many weird/demonic things, I would not simply label this as you coping. I do not have an explanation but it is possible the high amount of attachment and emotion helped in creating the situation you experienced with the paranormal; whether or not it was really your friend or something else, we may never know.