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Calling Spirits... Can They Come Back? on 2015-03-17

This is my first time telling my whole story. I've told a few family members bits and pieces; however, refrained from telling all of it. Maybe I was ashamed for what we did. For lack of a better word I'll simply say we were stupid teenagers. Watching too many scary movies put ideas in our heads. One...

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Forgot to put this in my response- yes we do live in the same house (we moved away for a couple years and nothing happened, but we moved back to the original house).
Yes, I do believe in God, spirits, and demons.
Sorry for the late response- didn't realize my story was posted. I'm curious, what do you mean by clowns? Everyone commenting is using the term clowns. Is this just another term for undetermined spirit?
Thanks for the advice everyone. Yes, I believe I will ask my mom to bring in the church group again. It seemed to help. However nothing major has happened in a couple of weeks so I'm hoping it's calmed down.
My night attacks used to happen in the middle of the night (although two happened in the morning). I would suddenly wake up with a heavy pressure pushing me down into the bed. I'd see dark scary figures around me (later learned they were my parents) I'd hear a voice whispering to me to fall, fall, fall. I'd cling onto the bed and scream and cry for help. These were the childhood ones. When I was a teenager and the night attacks came back I'd feel the same heavy pressure on my body but this time I couldn't breath. It's normally dark in my room so I wouldn't see anything. It was scary because I'd be fully awake and scared of what the heck was pushing me down. When I broke free I ran upstairs screaming for help but only my younger sister was home. So I must've freaked her out because she came running to me and I was really scared and asked her to pray for me and hold my hand. Which she did. Felt better after that. These night attacks haven't happened for years though.
Whenever I'm feeling nervous like something is around I pray in my head and not let myself think of anything evil.
Thanks again for the advice people. Will probably have a cleansing of some sort in the near future.
Date: 2015-03-09
Wow interesting story. I was wondering what you mean by night terrors? It's just that when I was younger (like 9 up until around 17 years of age) I used to have these weird scary attacks during the night. I even wound up in the hospital (cuz my parents were so scared) but the doc just called it anxiety attacks (I don't believe it.) anyways I'd see things too and weird paranormal things happened to me. Even recently (I'm 30 years old now) scary things have happened that I can't explain. Can you elaborate if you can about the night terrors so we can maybe compare? Thanks