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The One And Only Time I Tried An Ouija Board on 2015-03-12

My brother went to Toys "R" Us and bought a Ouija board. At first I thought we shouldn't bother it because it may be evil, but they talked me into it. That night it was me, my brother and 3 other people. We set up the board, placed a coin on it and said a prayer before we started. These are the q...

My Personal Experiences on 2015-03-12

When I was 15, me, my mom, older brother and younger sister moved into a new house (the house wasn't very old) and lived there for a year before I experienced anything. It started with a bang on my wall which made my picture fall off, but something like that you kind of don't think much of. Next ...

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Those are the questions and answers I remember. But we stuck with mainly 'yes' 'no' questions to keep it simple. Even though everyone I wad with knew some of those answers we took it very seriously and at certain times it would move so fast our fingers would slip off since we only had 2 finger tips on it. Another thing my brother and I were the only ones living there at that time he asked if I wanted to take it (I was moving in with someone else, he was moving by himself) but I was too scared to and he was just as scared. We left it flipped upside down on the refrigerator right before we walked out the door for the last time.
Date: 2015-03-19
I've had maybe 3 things happen soon after I left the house. But 4 years later and I really haven't had anything happen. Thank God, because it was terrifying.