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My name is Suzanna and I like cats and heavy metal.
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A Collection Of Experiences on 2015-03-18

My Nan says that she has this thing, where she can hear the deceased. She said that my Auntie has it, my mom has it, and that I also have it. I don't believe I have 'it' as much as her because I don't really know what 'it' is. I can feel when someone in there, I can feel it it's bad or good. Som...

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Tweed - hi there thank you for your
Comment! I am from birmingham and in Birmingham everyone says 'mom' it's very rare that someone will say mum. None of my friends say mum it's always 'mom'' which is why I get annoyed when it's Mother's Day because all the cards say mum!
Hi there both.
Believer12 - I should have made it clearer that I just went there for the rest of the night as this happened between 1-4am my dad left my mom at home with my Nan, the time it took for my dad and me to walk to my aunts my nan and mom had gotten into a fight at my house. My mom ran out the house and went missing that was when my nan came to my aunts.
I don't know if it's left but she hasn't been the same since.
Bluemer04 - I am fine thank you, yes it was like something took over her, her face changed and her eyes seemed to glaze over and when she spoke she never made much sense. I still experience some things like for instance yesterday, I was standing in the kitchen and heard someone come downstairs, I thought it was my boyfriend and I had a look around and no one was there! Yay little things like that really