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The Old Man And Little Boy on 2015-03-30

This happened many years ago as my son was only 2 1/2 years old. I believe that he had a connection with my Gram who passed right around the time I got pregnant with him. He knew things that he shouldn't have that only my Gram would know. Anyways as I was saying, He was aroung 2 1/2 years old an...

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Trischa_D, I don't nessecarily think that the old man ghost took pictures, my son was young and maybe the old man was holding a "camera" or something he perseved to be a camera. And yes it was creepy to hear him say things about when I was young. But as I said as a young man now (and always really) he is such an old soul. I actually tell him he is an old person in a young persons body. And I just see so many things in him that was my Gram 😊
I posted my story about my son when he was younger. The old man and the litle boy Read it if you get the chance. I believe that young children see spirits 😁
Thank you. I thought maybe she came back in him, especially as close as we were and it was so close her death and my pregnancy. I have not seen the program but I do at least feel he has a gift of some calibur. When his Grandma passed (which he was extremely close with, he was 16 and still went to her house to spend the night and hang with her) he had a dream that my husband, other 2 sons, myself and him was on a deserted island and a helicopter came bringing his Grandma. She came down, told him that she was happy and left. I thought hse came to him to let us know she was happy! He is so gifted in his life, intelligent, very athletic, funny so one more gift wouldn't be surprising
My Gram always told me I used to talk to the "Old Ones". I believe in all that
Thank you. He freaked me out when he looked at me he was about 2 years old and said "you remember when I used to put you on my counter and you would eat butter." Um as I said I got pregnant with him around the time my Gram passed and she used to do that. I LOVED BUTTER! So much of him, his mannerism, his actions, the fact that he is so mature for his age always has been, the fact that he just has such an old soul, reminds me of my Gram! She and I were extremely close! ❤ ❤ ❤