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The Orb: A Cat's Tale on 2016-09-20

In 1992 I lived alone in an apartment and adopted a cat named Jasper. He lived for 15 years before dying of old age. He was my only pet during that time. Jasper was a large Maine Coon, but without the laid-back personality. He was short tempered and strong willed... But we understood each other. ...

The Apartment: Ghost Or Poltergeist? on 2016-03-28

Several years ago, I had just graduated from college and began my career working full-time. I couldn't afford rent on my own yet, so some mutual friends suggested I share an apartment with a girl my same age. I agreed and it was arranged. I didn't meet her until the day we both moved in. I'll just c...

Great Grandmother Ada on 2015-11-23

The following is not my ghost story, but my Great Grandmother Ada's. She passed when I was a teenager. I remember her as a bright and loving woman. In the late 1970s toward the end of her life, someone in my family thought to ask her to record her life history on audio tape and I'm so glad they did....

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Date: 2016-12-31
Hello mythem, I live in Utah as well... And yes, there are many cases in western U.S. History where families were suddenly and violently attacked and/or killed (both native and caucasian). I can only imagine the terrible residual negative energy lingering from such a horrible event!

Having said that... You mentioned the boy's clothing looked to be from the early 1900's. Children from that era could, of course, die from any number of things. However, while walking through older cemeteries it's heartbreaking to see how many children died from the flu of 1918. There are rows after rows of tiny graves. I've seen where entire families with 6 or more children all died within a single week.

It's just one possibility among many, but 1918 was a very bad year, especially for the children.
Date: 2016-11-08
Twelveam: LOL, yes it's a great recipe for paranormal stew. 😉

We built our home in 2000 and the view is great, but didn't realize we might have built on a late 1800's ranch trash dump. While clearing a garden area I found: rusted bed springs, 6 lb stovetop clothing iron, a small leather boot, 2 horseshoes, a 1909 wheat penny... And broken (flower print) china shards everywhere. It's actually really cool!

Blessings right back at ya!
❤ Blue
Date: 2016-11-07
Hi Martin,
I'm really enjoying the stories with photos attached! (so much better than going to a third-party site) The visuals are a nice addition to the stories. Thank you!
Date: 2016-11-07
Hello roylynx,
You do capoeira? I'm impressed! Looks like good exercise, and fun.

Yes, it makes me so happy when our pets decide to join into our fun activities. Instead of acting like unwilling hostages... Or shooting us cool looks, like: "Really? I have to be stuck with you goofs?" LOL.

As to the orb, it seems so solid. It has a lot of definition in the movement streaks, but no detail on the ball itself. The atmosphere was joyful... I like to think it was Jasper.
❤ Blue
Date: 2016-11-07
Hi Twelveam,
Thanks for commenting. My other stories took place many years before and in different locations, so I don't believe they're related. Also, we are the first owners of this house, built over an old apple orchard.

However, there is history here... Both pioneer and native american. Our home is at the opening of a ragged canyon with a very large, fast flowing underground river 400 feet directly below our house. Less than a mile away (downhill) is a company that bottles the spring water before it emerges into a lake. The most common rock here is black shale laced with white crystals. And... Now you've got me thinking. 😉
Thanks again for the comment,
❤ Blue
Aren't cousins great! Your story made me literally LOL 😆. We lived in the states, and the cousins were in Canada. Some of my best memories were visiting them on the farm. It was haunted too, but more of the frightening variety.
I totally enjoy your stories... Keep them coming! ❤
Date: 2016-04-23
If he is a Spanish mountain man, you could ask him where the treasure is! I'm just kidding (a little). Where I live, there are still Spanish markings on stones and cliffs where Spanish gold has been found. If only we had X-ray vision 😁

Seriously though, the Spanish voice at the gas station is in the city, and most likely unrelated to the mountain man. You may be going through a time - for whatever reason - when you're in tune with spirits, and they are drawn to you. I'm just happy you're not afraid. The "help me" is troubling though, when you can't know how to help...
❤ Blue
LOL, that's funny... Isn't it amazing how brave we want to be, looking back in "hindsight". Yet I would probably react exactly the same if it surprised me tomorrow:D

And thank you, I've enjoyed reading many of your stories as well.
❤ Blue
Hello Sheetal,
Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I think "S" probably did have a part to play in this experience... The energy there was so strange. Everything is fine know, and I appreciate your well wishes.

❤ Blue
Hi Mysticalavenger5,
I'm glad you liked the story... I did read yours last year when it first came out and enjoyed it very much!

The apartment is in South SLC, Holliday area. It's a large older complex called Sandpiper Apartments. I can't make myself look at them when I drive past... Even after all these years I get that prickly feeling between my shoulders and hope it can't hop into the car, LOL.

❤ Blue
Hi Red,
Yes, I'm torn between calling it a poltergeist or ghost, but in the end, leaning a bit toward ghost. Here's why, the way it would appear and leave, as if it had no purpose except to snoop around. It seemed really bored. Also, for some reason I got a very female feeling from the apartment ghost. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't also enter the apartments on either side. Possibly a previous tenant who never moved on?

It's funny though, when I experienced it at the cabin, I assumed it was the same ghost following me. I yelled things like "Go away, you can't have him, he's my boyfriend!" (silly, I know). "IT" got a really good laugh over that. So looking back, it's possible I went there already "tuned in" to ghost frequency, and the Tahoe ghost was completely different... And a male. 😐

Thanks for the feedback! ❤
Hi Tweed,
Thank you for your comments. And sincere apologies for responding so late, I was unaware the story was already posted.

I do think "S" had something to do with the entity being there. If it wasn't her poltergeist, she certainly had extra emotion to feed it... If that's what it wanted.

For example, one evening she was watching women's gymnastics on tv, and I heard a loud scream from the living room. I came running to see if she was hurt. Turns out the tv gymnast had almost slipped off the balance beam. "S" was fine, so I went back to my room. Then she did it twice more before I realized she just wanted attention. She could have asked me to stay and watch, and I would have, but I think she just wanted to see how many times she could manipulate me.

In the end, she was shrieking at everything, it got ridiculous... I felt bad for ignoring her, but it was pretty funny too. Such drama! [laqugh]

Hi MusicLover, I liked your story a lot, and while I don't have the expertise of many on this site, I can however relate to the feelings of being watched and how unnerving that can be!

I find it interesting that when you feel uncomfortable in your home, you run to your bedroom for safety. The presence you experienced after your dream/s in your room seemed protective and comforting. It's great that you have a "safe area" to go to...

I wonder if you could ask the protective presence in your room to please accompany you as you go about your home. Maybe call it forward to deal with any other entities in the house?

Just a suggestion... Be safe, and all the best wishes to you,
Date: 2015-12-18
Hi Shelbyloree, I know I'm late to the comments, but wanted to say I loved your story! In hindsight, do you think it was Anthro Dude outside the door? Creepy behavior, even if it was just him pacing in front of the girls' room during the night.

I've spent many afternoons walking the desert looking for "shiny things". Dad says I must be part crow, 😁 It's addicting! I try to leave things in place though. One summer I found a stunning pink Clovis point on the North Rim of the Grand... I know right where it is, unless someone else has found it since.

However, I do have a small (but very pretty) pottery piece from a place the locals call Sacred Mesa, overlooking the San Juan river, located several miles east of Bluff, UT. It's a mushroom shaped hill with only a thin, somewhat dangerous trail to the top. The flat top is littered with pottery shards and you can't walk without stepping on them. It's been mostly picked over though, and anything worth anything is long gone.

So... One little piece can't hurt, right? Boy was I wrong. Bad things happened - not serious bad, just weird and bothersome bad. It took me years to link the pottery to the events, but once I did, it was so obvious! Strangely, when I made the connection and decided to return it, the weird things stopped.

Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your story, just wanted to confirm that strange things can be attached to small, found objects. Especially from other cultures.

Now I'm off to read another of your stories. ❤ ❤ Thanks again!
- Blue.
Date: 2015-12-05
Thanks Everyone,
I'm glad you enjoyed the stories. She told many stories, but only one other ghost story with few details.

After the ranch was established the family became well known for their thoroughbred horses. At least twice, her Mother from Indiana came to visit them in Canada. Each time she visited, halters and tools would rattle and bang in the barn at night. Horses would kick the stall doors, and the other horses outside in the corral would crash the gate, stampede and need to be rounded up in the morning... This only happened when the Mother came to visit. 😉
I really like the way you told these stories.
Someday if you get the chance, please explore the floor crack and let us know if you find anything. Ghost stories and mysteries are both exciting!