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Sam McNaughton
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New Zealand
I have always been drawn to the supernatural, as far back as I can remember I would pore over all manner of ghost books I could get my hands on.

If I had to pigeonhole myself I would say I am a Spiritualist. I firmly believe that Spirit is the true enduring eternal reality; the life-force and that matter exists only because of spirit.

I have some psychic abilities and have had a wide range of experiences such as dreams coming true, spirit / ghost sightings / experiences, and premonitions.

I am also a musician and artist.

Feel free to email me.

Ghost Stories from Macknorton

The Bridge Between Two School Camps on 2017-06-12

I had a very bizarre and at the time, very unsettling experience happen to me when I was 12 years old. I have decided to share this experience on YGS for two reasons really, one is that it was just totally baffling, and the second is in the hope that someone else may have experienced the same kind o...

A Warning Saved My Life on 2016-02-17

This not a "things that go bump in the night" experience, but intriguing none-the-less. This experience took place in Melbourne, around 1991. I was about 20 years old on my O.E. I was working part-time as a cleaner at a boys High School in a suburb called Toorak. Not exactly glamorous work cleaning ...

Glimpsing The Future on 2015-12-07

I originally posted this experience in the sister-site "Psychic Experiences" a few months ago now, but no one bothered to comment (gee) so I thought I'd share on this site. This isn't so much a ghost (or alien) story but it's (I think) fascinating and, if published, will hopefully create some robust...

I Seriously Angered Something on 2015-11-19

My experience took place when I was about 10 years old. My brother, who was a couple of years older than I (and funnily enough, still is!), and I were sent to stay with our Uncle Ron who lived in a small town called Temuka, which is in the South Island of New Zealand. Ron enjoyed his fishing and...

Night Attack on 2015-03-24

My experience (100% true) took place in Melbourne, around 1993. I hadn't experienced anything remotely close to this before and haven't since. I was living in a house in Orrong Road with around 4 flatmates at the time. I had been living in the house for about a year, with no strange / unexplainable ...

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Date: 2017-06-29
Hi A R Burwell.

Interesting reading, thanks for sharing these events.

The shattering picture: I'm not sure if you mentioned that the picture was one of "The Last Supper" for dramatic effect, but it was a nice touch. Certainly suggests that whatever was in the house, was perhaps "unholy". However, large pictures that require two people to carry them can flex and crack, and the way the glass cracks could be construed as "claw marks" but for me that was a pretty tenuous leap from a simple careless moving accident to an actual malevolent spirit attack.

But it sets the scene quite well, so on we go. The microwave. Again, not necessarily any sign of spirit activity. But in the context of the demonic picture assault, well, it could be...

The clock. Again, odd but could be some kind of malfunction? It's interesting that at that early point in the proceedings, and with NO other sightings, events, sinister "feelings" other than; a cracked picture, a microwave going by itself, and a clock playing up that you have not only decided there's a spirit there but you are actually addressing it.

As L-Melb pointed out, it's unusual for a child to come over so soon to "want to play" when you've just moved in. Could be that scene is added to conveniently "confirm" by a third party that, yes indeed, there's something "not right" about the house.

The "mommy mommy" bit. That COULD have been the children sleep talking. And something "blurry" in the closet is not necessarily a spirit. Are you able to elaborate on what was "blurry" and did you blink and it vanished, did it move, was it suddenly not "blurry" in there?

Your boys mentioning the other boy wanting to play with them then running away and disappearing. This part of the story is the moment when there's apparently not only spirit interaction, but a full blown spirit apparition witnessed by two people at once! But you've barely given the reader any info about it, such as your boys reactions / feelings about it and what you said, or did, or if that sighting changed their behaviors?

The babysitter and the "haunted" toy. You appeared very nonchalant and calm about it. This scene really did remind me of a horror movie.

The flashing outside light. Would a police officer REALLY stop and go to a house because he thought someone was signalling him by flashing a light? I assume he didn't have kids, or had spent time around them. Kids love flicking light switches, great fun. That part just didn't seem to ring true at all for me, sorry.

The "blood scene". That just seems so unlikely to me (except in a cliched horror movie) C'mon! Really?!. And it's disconcerting how you describe such an outrageously, foul and (if genuine) incredibly rare event like that, then just start another paragraph as if you are bored, and running through a tired list. Actual blood? Seriously?

Sorry, no offence intended (seriously) but IN MY OPINION, this account just seems like a cobbled-together, mish-mash of fictitious events.


Date: 2017-06-29
Meganpixiejan; if I may interject here, apologies Biblio. I seriously doubt ANYONE actually gets possessed against their will, if we are talking "horror-movie" type possesion here...

Am I correct in thinking you one of those with the belief that random people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, (and in this case with the "wrong" personal viewpoint on whether "God" exists or not) get instantly possessed on a whim by an evil spirit?

Just wondering...😕


Date: 2017-06-28
Hi Zaruje

I'm going to wade in here. So am I understanding that in your opinion, BECAUSE your friend was a fan of "pagan" Gods, she ended up in a mental hospital?

What is a "pagan" God in your opinion?

I personally don't believe in people actually levitating or climbing up walls and ceilings because of "spirit" influence. That, to me, sounds like superstition, a made up story, fantasy, urban myth, a magic trick, or a scene out of a cliched horror film.

In my humble opinion it doesn't really matter what God you believe in, or whether you actually believe in a God or not. It's bigger than us. We can't understand it fully.

Opinion: The Universe has existed forever and will continue to do so for an infinite time. Its infinite, try considering something that has always existed in perfection and always will. Meditate on grasping INFINITY. It's ALWAYS existed and fills up EVERYWHERE. Explore THAT concept until your brain aches and it literally can't conceive that concept. In my opinion, once you can easily understand that idea then you might be on the way to maybe understanding what we think our God actually is.

It's perfectly balanced and regulated by a force that we, as a barely evolved species, can't even begin to understand with our puny little minds.

In my opinion, it's laughable that people form these religions then claim to not only fully understand a Creator but to also say they have the final word or truth on the subject. I think it's a very close-minded, blinkered way of looking at an infinite Universe. As people we realistically only have a very limited capacity to actually even to begin to fathom this situation of existence that we all find ourselves in.

That's my rant over, thanks for reading.


Hi Roylynx

A Knighthood! "Sir Macknorton"! Thank you, it's about time! 😆

Thanks for sharing these experiences. So, to clarify; did these experiences happen as mine did, whereby you were totally and utterly transported back to that moment as if you were actually there again in complete reality?

I'm just not 100% sure whether you were very "lost", or deep in that vivid memory of you crying at your Grans house memory or you were entirely "transported" back to that moment seemingly completely as if you were experiencing it again as I did?

That would be so cool if you had experienced the same phenomenon!


Hi Kindly-refrain

That certainly is an interesting experience. And yes, it's amazing (and funny) how such mundane actions can be suddenly significant. It makes you question the nature of destiny, free will and all that kind of thing. Are all our experiences, lives ALL mapped out?

I've also had prophetic dreams, one of which I shared as a submission on this site. Once you've had one prophetic dream, then suddenly all your dreams take on significance, I find. Miracles has mentioned she has the same dream experiences and keeps a dream journal, which is a great idea.

Interestingly (or maybe not) is that at the beginnings of the USA's Presidential election race, when Mr Trump was just a hopeful (but very unlikely) candidate, I had a VERY vivid dream (that I can still picture quite clearly today) that I was in serious discussion with him, as he was the President, about the great responsibilities of being President.

I remember waking up and telling my wife about it because it was SO vivid, and also thinking that it was an utterly preposterous dream as he would NEVER become President...surely...


Hi Biblio

You are correct in that our Christmas break occurs in our Summer (Dec - Feb) so what we call "Intermediate" school (11-12 year olds) camps are usually around Late Feb- March. I honestly don't remember what time of the year these camps were but I assume they would have occurred before it began to get too cold. Speaking of which, you mention the difficulty in typing with blisters and adhesive bandages, I am at present typing with finger-less gloves as it is -4 degrees here in Christchurch this morning. We are literally mid-winter here.

Thanks for your input into the discussion. I don't remember feeling particularly tired at the time, I probably was but it wasn't particularly late either. And I also don't really remember much of what went on at either camps, apart from that one particular moment / incident. It would have been a generic "bit of everything-let's just tire them out so we can crack open the alcohol in the staff cabin" type camp.


Greetings Bytheriver

Thanks for sharing this experience. I find it refreshing to hear about positive spiritual encounters.

My opinion on what you've experienced is this:

A deceased loved one, or possibly a resident spirit who cares about you, demonstrated that it's possible to feel euphoric sensations without the use of drugs.

There may have been an element of healing occurring as well. I have heard from several sources as well as from my own personal experience that some drugs can open up "doors" to spirit and often they are not "nice" doors and these open doors can attract spirits who were hopeless addicts when they passed over, and still desire the effects of the drugs.

When people are using drugs and in the extreme cases of addiction, it's difficult for guides and loved ones in spirit to make contact as the user has surrounded themselves in an atmosphere of heaviness and ill health.

Obviously this is all guessing, but maybe since you were "clean" it was possible / more easy for a caring benevolent soul to make contact and give you some real love and healing?


Date: 2017-06-23
Hi Destinygirl

Good theory - I like your thinking, but still, would any one trying to sell that house just leave that kind of thing all over a blackened bedroom wall?

Symbols all over a room designed be it to worship or summon malevolent entities or to repell them; either way it's a BAD look in a house that's on the market. For both the seller AND any potential buyer 😆


Hi Metallicgirl

Thanks for sharing. Personally that scratching, by itself and not in the context of these other experiences, could have been anything. At that time had you and your brother been watching scary movies or something? I ask because those movies can put your mind into a particular state whereby normal everyday noises and events (such as scratching) can suddenly seem "paranormal".
And there are no limits to the human imagination.

I find the other events far more compelling. How old is your brother? Is he psychic? If he's seeing these spirits, is it a recent thing? And your sister claims to have seen a ghost too? What about your parents? Have they experienced anything along these lines, or just you children?

I do wonder whether there possibly an aspect of collective (mass) hysteria here, whereby one event or one individual triggers a state of fear and panic and then nearby sympathetic people also claim to have experienced the same kind of thing.

If you could elaborate on those ghost sightings in the detail that you described the "circular" scratching (I assumed the hint was a pentagram etc) that would help the reader better understand your experiences and therefore possibly empathise with you more.


Hi Manafon

This thread is very interesting for sure, and this point you have shared I have a comment:

"However your case reminds me much more of a retrocognitive hallucinatory experience in which people are caught up in a collective "apparitional drama" in which potentially multiple telepathic "themes or motifs" are sent by, in your case, the consciousness of the dead to you and your wife's minds."

However, for me, the big question is motive. Why would this extremely complex, elaborate and undoubtably technically difficult task be performed on random people. What would be the motive?

I'd like to read more on Tyrrell as he sounds fascinating but that's the initial thought that struck me on reading your post.


Date: 2017-06-23
Melda - my tactic is to antagonise him into commenting 😉
I don't like my chances, however...
All good Melda - the topic and conversation will flow where it will flow
Date: 2017-06-22
Hi Yourstrulie

Thanks for this brief but poignant account. Your experience resonated with me because when my Grandmother passed away (about 20 years ago now) of whom I was quite fond of, I was very sad.

A few weeks later, I had one of those extremely vivid dreams that I can still recall as if it happened yesterday. The dream was very brief, but it was my Grandmother standing in a field and I was about 20 feet away. She was looking directly at me over her left shoulder and smiling. The all-encompassing feeling of the dream was that she was telling me two things; The first was "I'm ok" and the other was "I'm still around; don't worry".

She was leaning on a crutch, which I don't really understand the symbolism of that, as she died of emphysema, but possibly she was "recovering" from something else (or that) when she contacted me. And I absolutely believe to this day that she contacted me, or we contacted each other. I don't recall ever dreaming about her prior to that, nor since.

Maybe some spirits think that when they pass away the only way to contact their loved ones is by telephone or something? Particularly if they are unaware that they have died and if the spirit plane they are in is very similar to Earths (such as the astral plane by all accounts) then there may be telephones around the place. Who really knows but it's all intriguing stuff.

Thanks for sharing, and in my opinion, don't be sad - our loved ones, even in "death", are always wanting to be near us, loving and supporting us, as they were when they were "alive".


Date: 2017-06-22
Hi Jeani

Thanks for sharing this experience.

Are you able to please add some information? What did this "man" look like that disappeared down the hallway? Height, clothes style, ethnicity, build? It would have been great if you and your son had compared notes; that would have verified what you both think you saw. (As a side note; that part reminds me of, what I think is the one of best scenes of 'The Sixth Sense" when the young chap is in the toilet and that woman silently glides past him down the hallway... I was truly chilled by that scene... But I digress...)
You could also then (if you were interested enough) to do some research on the house, past owners etc, which may uncover "who" you saw.

Interesting about the puppy; I've never heard reports of puppies appearing to sense spirits. Usually when mature dogs "see" the "bad" ones, they growl and bark, but puppies don't really growl much do they? (Any puppy lovers / experts out there?) Probably because they are too busy tearing around, barking at everything, chewing stuff they shouldn't be and generally just full of energy, and seem to be random balls of chaos and play.

It's usually the older dogs who have more of a set routine, and the owners who understand that dog's particular behavior / nuances, also would recognize when the animal is not acting as it normally would. For example, not going into the part of the house that it USUALLY goes into, or barking / growling in a way that it USUALLY wouldn't. A dog behaving differently is MUCH easier to recognize when we are very familiar with it's standard behavior patterns. My rambling point is; that to me, that puppies behavior, by itself, doesn't really suggest anything supernatural going on. I mean, if we based a cat's reluctance / refusal to go into a particular part of a house, or was meowing all the time, you's just think that was a cat being a cat... Or "could someone feed that bloody thing!"

The "strange symbols and figures" on Lee's bedroom walls. Are you able to please elaborate on what they looked like? I assume you would have had a good look at them if they were all over the walls, and you were potentially going to buy the house? You are intimating (I assume) that these symbols and patterns were some kind of devil-worship-type thing going on? And that therefore, the people who previously lived there were devil-worshippers? Therefore they were possibly responsible for the malevolent entity you and your son experienced? I'm just trying to join the dots here...

Following on from that, I've now bought, lived in and sold two houses and personally, in order to get the BEST price possible, I make sure the house is looking great. I'm surprised the previous owners didn't throw a lick of paint in there themselves to spruce up the room, and to allay any potential buyers thinking; "Oh oh Bob - it kind of looks like someone was praying to the Prince Of Darkness in THIS room...I'm not so sure about this house anymore..."

Maybe it's just me but if it WAS Satanic stuff all over blackened bedroom walls, then well done for them selling it AS IS, but shame on them for being so lazy, and potentially losing the sale. Ok, I'm rambling, I know... Please forgive my self-indulgent theorizing, but I've also just had a really GOOD coffee...

The "long fingernails". Were you 100% sure it was long fingernails, and that the sound was scraping on the door. It wasn't that puppy was it? I've had puppies before and they get into everything, ALL the time. They have claws and it may have been trying to get to those necklace thingies? Just a theory. I'm full of them. Have you noticed? 😆

The "Grim Reaper" fog scene. That certainly is a frightening image; and not that unusual, as many seemingly sober people attest they have witnessed a "tall' dark, hooded figure in their bedroom" but to me, it's also bordering on a typical horror movie scene, honestly no offence intended; it's just what I'M seeing in my mind's eye. And in all my years and years of studying hauntings and spiritualism and poltergeists etc, I've never heard or read of that kind of "fog" in a room, that rolls away (cue cheap special effects where they reverse the billowing fog machine) with the downward disappearing specter, except for in some horror / supernatural movies. Maybe other people have?

I'm NOT suggesting some of this didn't happen Jeani, but there are aspects, as I hope you can honestly appreciate, that DO resemble your standard horror flick. And that does need to be at least acknowledged... And this is just MY opinion. What do I know, right?

It's a shame you and your son don't ever, (or also haven't ever?) talk (ed) about those experiences, because they are VERY rare and I'm sure you both would have needed to try and make sense of what you saw and experienced, and only the pair of you would be able to fully understand what you had both been through. It would be like your own little support group, if you know what I mean?

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Your submission / experience really got my brain going, which really got my fingers going, and I LOVE writing.


Date: 2017-06-22
Here's hoping Hommie will develop serious writers block in the coming days / weeks / months to spare us from any more of these appallingly badly executed pieces of paranormal cliche'-ridden and cheese-laden fiction.

Was that too strong...? 😊
Hi Maa123

Thanks for sharing. Hmmmm... For me personally, "confronting" a spirit doesn't seem nearly as bad as an adult slapping a child across the face. That's pretty brutal.

Maybe a lot has been lost in translation in this story, but the whole "dwarf" aspect has left me puzzled. Is it a "good" thing or a "bad" thing that the Aunts son has a dwarf friend. And not sure if the dwarf is an actual dwarf or some kind of entity? And what's the significance of the dwarf?

I guess I'm basically asking the same questions as lady-glow.

Can you please provide more information maa123?


Date: 2017-06-21

The clue is in the first sentence of the second paragraph...it's a bit of a give-away! 😆


Hi Tweed

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it. It certainly was an incredibly weird experience.

Your self-hypnosis with smells is very interesting and shows the potential to hold all sorts of previously irretrievable / forgotten memories within our minds, in this physical manifestation.

It makes sense to me that we should be able to re-visit, recall, or "know" all that we have done and said and how our actions have impacted. Otherwise, what's the point of us having consciousness if it's not meaningful? Nature doesn't have any thing that is unwanted or unnecessary - it's the epitome of efficiency.

I honestly believe it DOES matter what we say and do and our actions DO effect everything else. I often think we are all at once both totally insignificant specks yet utterly important and meaningful.

I agree that no, this experience definitely was not an NDE, but possibly I tapped / was enabled a glimpse into of the the workings of the apparent 3-D full-blown life-review, total immersion panorama that people have reportedly experienced during their NDE's.

Randy set my mind thinking about how memories / life-times are stored, and my theory / belief is that our bodies exist only because of spirit. The body is the husk, or shell expressing itself on this material plane, and is the physical counterpart to the spirit body.

My point is that then theoretically, the physical parts of our brains that contain memory only exist because there is a spiritual equivalent. So therefore, that would suggest that all our experiences are recorded in our spirit memory area of our spirit minds.

That's where, I believe, our NDE life-review memories are held and accessed, and that's where, possibly, I managed to access for a couple of seconds that evening on the path.

Intriguing stuff indeed... 😊


Date: 2017-06-19
Very well put Randy! I wholeheartedly agree!

Sare - if you were unsure if this experience was a dream or not, then that makes it very difficult for anyone to help you with what you experienced. If it was a dream, then who knows - maybe you simply had too much broccoli with cheese sauce before bed time?

If it wasn't a dream, then you probably saw a spirit, who didn't want to harm you but decided to show themselves to you. What their motive was, we can't say. Death isn't a figure like the grim reaper or a ghoul, but a natural part of existence; as natural as birth. Or gravity. Or cheese-covered broccoli for that matter.

Re-read Randy's post; it's brilliant!

Thanks for sharing.


Val, I can only echo yours and others sentiments on that fair point.

Maybe Hommies too busy churning out his next installment to answer all his readers questions?

His profile page is like something out of a dating website. All he's missed out is that he enjoys long, romantic walks on the beach and he loves cats, particularly kittens.

On that profile page he states "...Always with delight to be acquainted with people from all walks of life and highly enjoys sensible conversation. Who knows, one day you and I might explore a place of beauty and wonder together..."

Well, Hommie (ahem) in case you haven't noticed there's a lot of people here who would like to have a sensible conversation with you regarding your many experiences. I'm not sure about any desire of the readers to "explore places of beauty and wonder together" with you, but it would be GREAT if you could explore the comments section of your many submissions, at the very least...