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Lady Ghost Attracted To Me on 2015-09-20

This time I am going to share my second story with all of you. It happened 2 years before when I was coming from office. Our company provided bus facility from our colony to company. That day I had some extra work and not able to catch the staff bus. After 1 hour somebody was going from my offic...

The Anklets Sound And Scary Hand on 2015-03-30

That was my first experience, It happened when I was sleeping with my three younger brothers on our house open terrace, it was summer night, wind blowing nicely, we slept together on a mat, I was on the last corner. In the mid night my sleep was disturbed and again I was trying to sleep, I was sleep...

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Date: 2015-09-20
Nice story, but have you ever checked with your grand mother/grand father ever it happened to them also?
If yes, then it is confirm something was there in your house. If no, then we can understand only it happened to you mother and might be it related to you mother's past life, like who ever had good relation with you mother & suddenly she died.

And you have not mentioned in you story how many times it happened to her,
hi Biblio.
When the sound was coming many times me & my mom told to my remaining family members to pay attention, but they said no sound of anklets coming.

And I am not resident of UAE, I belongs to India, I came here just 6 months before, before I coming to here I worked in India, their it happened again as I mentioned.

Thank you for you review & valuable points.
Date: 2015-04-06
Have you ever tried to sleep in the same room alone on the floor of on sofa (not on the bed), if you get good sleep, it is 100% dam sure problem is in bed.

You are not getting sleep, getting scary dreams then why you using that bed?

1 more thing about your father, ghosts/demons can't make to feel these things to people who has some particular Judaic signs and who born in a particular timings.

For example I also have some paranormal experiences, but my brother don't feel such things. Even he watches horror movies when he is home alone.
Date: 2015-03-30 is behaving like kid, simply touching your hair, drawing with ash, and knocking the door, all these thing generally being done by kids.

Just remember do you ever had a deep relationship with your relatives/friends children may be they died by various reasons.
May be it is your own baby, unfortunately may be you committed for abortion/ baby died in a very small age.

I understood after reading your story, he/she don't want to leave you, it want to be with you always like your children
Date: 2015-03-30
New ghosts everyday means, where it is happening in your home? Or anywhere?