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I'm mother of 2 girls, one 21 and the youngest 17. I'm mostly a housewife, though I get a job every now and then, but my youngest suffers from anxiety and depression so I just stay at home to help her get through this difficult period in her life.

We're all into scary stuff, we watch scary movies, play scary games like Silent Hill on game consoles, and love to talk about ghost stories and experiences we've had or others have shared with us.

We love Zombies! He he he...
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Strange Happenings At New Home on 2015-03-30

The condo we lived in was sold so in 2012 we moved into a really nice apartment located in the same city. While living there we had many strange happenings, many that couldn't be explained. Our first night was scary yet funny. Their dad stayed in another city so we were by ourselves and quite ne...

The Uninvited Follower on 2015-03-30

Everything was back normal at home. Or so we thought. It turns out that something followed us from our visit to San Bernardino. Actually, something followed my daughter, Sharon. (For background, see Sharon begun to suffer...

Calico Ghost Town Experience on 2015-03-30

On Sunday, December 6 2009, my daughters and I accompanied my mother and my two brothers to San Bernardino's Calico Ghost Town. It was a warm day despite the season and everything was already decorated for the upcoming Christmas. It was a little boring, but we did have a good time. We visited gi...

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Date: 2015-04-10
To Sam222 & DreamOfMe:

I can't say for sure that it's gone but you see, my husband had gotten so fed up with the attacks on our daughter that he provoked the entity into following him instead. Well it seemed to have worked because the entity left Sharon alone and started to attack him instead, all the way to Paramount where he was living at the time. It go so bad that one night, it pulled him by his leg and onto the floor.

So entity might still be lingering around my husband. Just recently, it was night and he was asleep while I was awake watching some movie when he began to make these weird sounds. He tends to snore so I just chucked up to funny whimpering snoring. But a little later he woke up and told me he'd been under sleep paralyses. I should have woken him up, when under attack, people do tend to make these whimpering sounds. I don't know if it's the same spirit since lately, he's been very sensitive to the spirit world.
Date: 2015-04-10
To Kshaya_SL:

Thank you for sharing your beliefs with me 😊. We're mostly Catholics, though I don't really follow the religion to the letter (there's just things in the religion that doesn't make sense to me), but I do believe in God and angels and life after death. These experiences can be quite frightening but they also give proof of life after death. At least that's one positive aspect of spirits.
To Sam222:

My husband is quite sensitive to these phenomena and it looks like my daughter inherited this ability. I don't like taking her anywhere where there might be active hauntings for fear of a repeat episode.
Date: 2015-04-07
I was commenting about these occurrences with Sue and she told me that the whispering never did stop that night, it was just that every time she closed her eyes or tried to sleep, the whispering would be there by her ear. So that night she didn't sleep at all. She did confirm though that she hasn't had anything like this happen again after that night.
To ashar123:

I think this apartment already had it's own paranormal activities and then we came and added the one from the ghost town. Regarding the lady in white, I was just talking about this with my youngest and she clarified that she saw the light orb come from where I saw the 'lady' and it floated over by us and behind the sofa we were using.

Good thing that the entity from calico seems to have lost it's interest on us because other than the second slap on my husbands hand, nothing else has happened in our current home.
Date: 2015-04-07
To ashar123:

I'm glad you enjoyed my story. My family and I are always interested in these kinds of phenomena but to actually experience something like this ourselves is way different then from just hearing or reading it somewhere. 😨 But hey, it's proof that there's is life after death. I just sad it's most likely that these types of contact comes from souls caught in limbo. 😭
Oops, my last comment was meant for sushantkar, sorry. My bad 😢.
You'll see we weren't pranked once you read 'The Uninvited Follower,' ashar123.
To ashar123:

Thanks for liking my story. It only gets creepier from there, once you read 'The Uninvited Follower.' 😨
To Miracles51031:

We were told about the fire during our railroad ride there. But I did also read about it here: But like you said, there's nothing there about anyone dying. Then again, it'll be bad publicity for the town to let tourist know they had fatalities. Who knows, maybe it was a fire victim from way before the place was used for mining; all I know is what I scented and I've read somewhere or heard from someone that human flesh smell like cooking meat. Gross!