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Unexplained Scratch Marks on 2015-06-29

This started to happen 2 or 3 weeks ago. My room is kind of a big room and is very open to the garden and I sleep alone. Everything was fine until this started to happen. Normally I sleep late night but everyday I woke up around 5.30 a.m. Since the beginning of this month (June, 2015), When I wok...

Haunted Bungalow In Hill Country on 2015-04-15

We don't have 4 seasons here in Sri Lanka, If we want to enjoy a cold climate we have to visit Hill Country, so me and my family used to visit 'Nuwara Eliya (NE) 'every year. So this happened in December, 2012. We visited NE in December 2011 too and accommodated in a Bungalow which was owned by ...

I Saw His Father on 2015-04-07

Am so excited now, I saw a non- human, few minutes ago (07-04-2015 at 2.45p.m). This is my 2nd story to this site, am really curious to share what I saw. I'll start the story with a bit of information where am I right now. Am working in one of the best Printing Companies in Sri Lanka. This is a buil...

Short Ghost In Our House on 2015-03-31

This is my first story on this site; therefore, I would like to tell few things about my family and our house. I live in Colombo in Sri Lanka. For the people who does not know about Sri Lanka, it's a small island in Indian Ocean. If you check in a world map, Sri Lanka is right below India. Our h...

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Date: 2015-04-29
I can see two faces, Unhappy/sad as you said. But Am not very sure whether those are really faces or something else. Anyways Thanks for sharing the picture. 😊
Date: 2015-04-25
Hi simie, Am also from Sri Lanka.That's a really sad story. If you don't mind can you tell me the name of the university? And I must say, an alms giving or Chanting Pirith won't help her to get peace. There are other ways. If you are interested I know a person who can help you in this... 😊
Date: 2015-04-22
Miracles51031: Am so happy that you read my story and commented 😁 Your stories made me post my stories to this site... And yes you are correct, I agree with you... Thank you so much for the comment. ❤
Date: 2015-04-22
sam22: Yes I agree that ghosts are people's souls but, People also called ghosts as "inhuman" I've seen this term in many stories in this site. So why "inhuman"? It is same as Non-Human right? Also I have heard that after death, those souls become what they really are. That means we can hide our real behavior/real thoughts and show people a different person when we are a human but as I have heard after death we can't hide it. We become what we really are, That is why there are bad ones and good ones (ghosts). That bad one might be a good person in human life. So there is a different as I believe. And of course I know what you told was what you believe and Thanks for sharing you thoughts! 😊
Date: 2015-04-16
Sam222: By the term "non-human" I was trying to say not living as a human being. As elnoraemily said just wording... And personally I don't think that ghosts are too human. How can they be? 😕
Date: 2015-04-15
ashara123: Oh yes they sleep 😆 ha ha! Yes you are correct even my grandpa is still there with us. I'll share those stories later 😊

WiniPu4: I was shocked but at the same time I felt that he is related to the cleaner, because of the way he was looking at the cleaner, that is why I asked him, never thought about his reaction 😐, anyways am happy that he was happy

Notjustme: Yes... Thanks for commenting...:D
OMG those 2 fingers... 😨...don't know what will be my reaction if that happened to me... 😨 😨
nice story and agree with ashar123, its good if the house get blessed quickly, Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2015-04-09
ashar123: Will post the next part of the story very soon, There's another story (not related to my house) I have posted and still pending. That is too interesting, I hope you will read it once it is published. 😊
Date: 2015-04-08
Am a buddhist and we too believe that there's a life after death and we also believe that their nature of that life depend on what they did in their human life. That means good and bad, if they did a loads of good things they can come back to the human world again, if not they will born according to that good and bad they have done. That is what we believe and also as we believe there are types of ghosts, that also depend on that good and bad, like, if we did lots of bad things and if our mind is full of bad thoughts we will born as a demon. They suffer a lot and that is why they trying to harm human. I don't have a good knowledge about what christians believe, anyways just trying to tell how Buddhists believe about the paranormal things.
Date: 2015-04-08
Was waiting to read this story, thanks for sharing, and it is confirmed that what ever it was there in that ghost house followed you and I don't think that it is a good thing. Let me ask you one thing, are you sure that thing has gone forever after prayers?
Thanks for sharing your story... Waiting for "The Uninvited Follower'' 😁
Agree with LittleWriter, seems like she is a nice ghost woman, have you ever seen her? And who is that man in the bedroom? Have you searched about him?