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I am a 24 year old man living in mo in a house my parents loaned to me. When I was a kid I went to church everyday but now I kind of do my own. Except that I am still a believer. My experiences with ghosts have mainly been sightings. I didn't look into them much until recently.
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Help Me I Live Right Here 2 on 2015-04-15

Taking some suggestions, I found a paranormal group near where I lived. The woman I talked too happened to be intrigued by my story and was excited to attempt communication with this girl. She answered a lot of my questions. I learned that this girl might have latched onto me because I used to medit...

Help Me I Live Right Here on 2015-04-09

I recently took a job in Missouri, on march 9 2014; which consumed a lot of my time being a travelling job for a marketing company. Because I got this career near where I grew up, my Parents loaned me a house they had inherited but were not using. This house has been in my family since it was built ...

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I can't give you any tips because I'm not experienced with being a psychic, except for, be careful. I'm lucky I encountered a benign spirit. There are still plenty of other evil spirits and demons out there desiring attention. I have a good feeling she found the light. Things have changed, it's a little indescribable, in my house and in my life. Like a strange tense feeling is just gone. Like before it felt like something was pulling at my soul. Now everything is at peace.
Im glad you enjoyed it. I hope another part won't be coming. Itll be nice to sleep easier now.
I know it was quick but something happened last night that I wrote another story on. I don't know if it's over yet though
I haven't found anything yet. Let me know if you do. This is weird and eerie. Ill try everyone's suggestions. I seem brave cause I feel my soul is secure. But to be honest I hide under blankets like everyone else.
I had the first vision at my parents house it's been the same one every time too. She walks up and just stares at me. No, the lyrics were quite clear. They weren't as garbled as ghost recordings. Its been ringing in my ears ever since, I could even sing it actually. Wether shes's talking about my new or old home I don't know.
Thanks for the support guys. Is it possible for ghosts to haunt outside of a building or enclosed structure? I have had visions of her before, but I just considered them dreams which is why I still see this experience as new. I'd be barely asleep and she would walk into my room reach my bed and look at me. I would see her and feel paralyzed. We stare at each other for a bit and I have to use all of my will to escape. I feel like i'm fighting for control sometimes. Then she is just gone. It wasn't in this house either.