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Nightmares In Connecticut on 2015-05-22

My name is Vanessa and I'll start by saying that this is the first time I've posted anything on this sight, although I've been reading this sight adamantly for a while now. I've also had a few unexplainable paranormal experiences in my life which I have spent many years trying to understand by study...

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Date: 2015-06-22
I'm sorry to hear that your father was an alcoholic, I myself have dealt with addiction a great portion of my life and know that it is a family disease and affects everybody. People tend not to realize addiction is a mental illness, the same as other serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia or OCD. Addiction makes the person do negative things like being abusive to your brother. Although that may explain the behavior, it does not excuse it and I'm sorry that you had to go through that. Anyways, you sound angry with him. I hope for your own sake that your not, "anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get hurt". With that being said, about your story... Perhaps you and your brothers negative emotions torward your dad and his negative ways had created enough energy for a spirit to really harm your brother and slam the door. Also like it was already said that renovating usually disrupts any spirits in the house and could of possibly caused this. Lastly, I would like to add that this made me laugh... Your brother was probably like dude what the hell!?
I hope that I do not come across as rude or mean. Thats not how I meant for this to sound, I'm sorry for your loss but you sound extreamly lonely. Maybe find a way to make a new friend will help you.
Hi sweetheart, the best thing I would advise you to do is, that although I don't think this is a negitive or harmfulspirit I would try to let her know that she has passed on and needs to move on. That she is not welcome. I only say this because not all spirits are negitive but because negitive spirits can and will pretend to be something there not, such as a little girl to be welcomed into your home and your life. Also, I recommend getting the house blessed or even blessing it youtself which I can email you how to do if you want, just to be sure that nothing negitive is in or comes in. I wish you luck and hope you find the answers your looking for.
Hi tweed, thank you for your feedback. That means a lot because I do have the tendency to be my own worst enemy. I do think that's possible that's what happened with my parents. Unfortunately my mom passed away a few years after this but I want to ask the other members of my family about the house. Maybe he wasn't a demon, the only time I ever felt that was in my dream never from the peddy playful stuff that happened like the stuff moving or just disappearing. If the man was from that time period maybe that is what was going on. Thank you tweed I appreciate the feedback.

Also I apologize to both of you for the horrible typing and spelling. I typed both of these on my new iphone which autocorrects and honestly just sucks to type anything on lol. Thank you both. ❤
Hi rook, thank you for your opinion. As an adult now I look back and can understand that it may have sound like that but I just don't think that's what it was. I say that because aftee we moved my brother and I went back to normal practically the day we moved into the new house because I remember my brothee was helping me move into my new room and remember thinking he was being wierdly nice and waiting for him to stop being so cool to me lol but he didn't. Also after we left nothing like that has happened, although I did have other paranormal experiences, it was nothing like that. Since posting this I also was downstairs watching the show I recorded called paranormal witness and as were watching it my brother happened to be here and made a comment about "I always thought that kmick lane house was wierd" and I just said yeah it was. Ill have to ask him. And as for my parents, my father did stopped his drinking and although he would have an occasional drink it was nothing like it was and my parents were fine again. I have dreamed of this man since but it was like a random thing here and there and wasn't scary as before and didn't wake me up or anything. Thank you rook! I am thankful for any feedback.
Date: 2015-05-15
I believe your story and that's a scary experience to go through, just know that things (such as a doll) cannot be possessed. Only people can become possessed. This is an intelligent hanging situation where the spirit was using the doll to make itself known to you... I would imagine because it was an easy thing to get your attention so unfortunately breaking the doll was useless because it would either find a new way to get attention or see that it scared you and stayed quiet.
Not real. And as a heroin addict myself clean and sober and studying addiction now to be a drug and alcohol counselor I would like to say only a hallucination from heavy use of drugs like mushrooms or a lot of LSD could cause that. Addiction and hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, alcohol ect. Are all drugs are demons in themselves but they attack people in a more realistic way. If you would like to debate this with me I would love to do that. However, posting fake stories on here is disrespectful to people who are genuinely seeking help.
Please everyone read this! Demons purpose are to take over you and to do that there is a process and part of that process is to be invited in, through lies like pretending to be your dad so you would open the door and allow it in is a perfect example. Or they will manipulate by pretending to be a recently lost loved one or somebody you long for so you allow them in. Which is real, this is why the Ouija is not a game and is directly inviting them in to talk (also don't ever burn an ouija because it destroys the portal they would need to leave.) so please read this and listen to my advice and never give any invitation or even acknowledgment to them because before they can be invited in they need to be acknowledged and will pretend to be like an innocent soul of a child so you feel sorry or something. Under NO circumstances knowledge them or invite in anyway. Had you opened the door I can guarantee it wouldn't have stopped there.