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Irvington Indiana Ghost Tours on 2015-04-14

My name is Michael Geis and was on my very first ghost tour this past fall. Irvington, Indiana was named after Washington Irvine. Now, it was the second to last stop of the tour: the H.H. Holmes House famous for America's first Serial Killer. The leader of the tour was a paranormal investigator. Sur...

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it does stand in irvington the one that he rent and it is a book bumps in the night by alan e. Hunter and thanks for the comment and here is some more information
😨 your story is great please red mine on the website I enjoyed and thought it was scary
Date: 2015-04-15
Spookie your seems not be of your imagination the same thing happened to me in Irvington Indiana the past fall but I saw it evil demonic form. It had red glowing eyes it scared me.
It followed me home that night. The same things happened to me in my room I think did not have a shadow person I believe a demon gave into you. You were probably a volatile target.
Demonic possession is not rare
hopefully it wasn't a demon. Usually house demonic possessions are but do happen. Have you looked around for any other sign of paranormal activity