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Nightmares on 2007-07-05

About a year ago, my granny died. I had been sleeping in my dad's study while she slept in my room. When she died, we left the bed how is was and a month later, I started sleeping in my room again. The first night was ok, but when a week flew by, I started getting nightmares. I always saw the same m...

Be Quiet! on 2007-07-04

This encounter happened a few weeks after our first one. My brother william had gone out with friends and my parents were at work so I was alone. I didn't mind it very much. It was getting late so I decided to make myself food and watch tv. While I was watching tv, I heard one of the bedroom doors s...

Sounds of Heels on 2007-07-02

If you don't know already, I live in Oaxaco Mexico. My house is very old and many things happen here. My first experience was with my grandma. My parents had gone out to mexico city to visit my aunt who was ill. My grandma had flown in to take care of me and my brother william. I was 10 at the time ...

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Date: 2009-08-04
Satan is a very sensitive subject to research.That's why exorcists are usually made to master in Demonology. It's not for everyone, and one can easily become obessed with the subject just to show off to everyone about everything they know. Trust I read the Satanic bible and have regretted it ever since. I would talk to a demonologist, or maybe even a jesuit priest. Those are the ones that have more knowledge on the subject of Satan and demons, and they will probably tell you that it is unhealthy for you to be so into this subject. When dealing with this subject you have to have extreme faith in your religion and not have a tail that will get stepped on by demons that will manipulate you and make you feel guilty of something. Read the book THE EXORCIST. Its nothing like the movie, that will really get you thinking about what you are getting into. Really pay attention to Damian, the jesuit. He's the main character and you will realize that what happens to him, will happen to you, because you aren't experienced in demons, you have no idea how they work, and you will end up regretting getting into the story of satan and his history. It's ok to read about it every now and then and discussing it with friends, but to me it seems like it getting outta hand. Lay off of the research, and try to strengthen your faith it will help in the future to prevent from becoming to obessed with this subject. Like I said its a very sensitive subject. Even a demonologist will say that its unhealthy for someone with poor faith and maybe even for the most devoted christain. Follow the advice of some the users that commented that may help you as well. Aso try to get into a new hobby like a sport. Please read the book that I recommened. This obession will come back and haunt. I know from experience, even though I'm agnostic, I still believe that there are demons, they show themselves more than G-d does, and cause more harm.

Talk to a jesuit priest about this hobby of yours. I want to know what he says.
G-d bless
I was reading that The Quija board was loaned to a group in El Paso, my grandmother lives there, and where she lives is the oldest part of the city, could it be that the board picked up the spirits there, when the cult borrowed it, I wonder what part of El Paso it was used in.