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Strange Presence In My House on 2015-04-16

I feel weird writing a submission however I have no one to really talk to. Anyway, my dad bought his house back in 2008 and the first time I notcied something strange was within that first year. Long story short me and the cat I got were in the old computer room. The door was wide open with my d...

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Val, I am a skeptic, and I always try to rationalize things as best I can. We haven't had rodents, the only type of pests are crickets and roaches. As for the crucifix, my dad put it on but he lost his faith as a child. And this woman we see, she's always in black, usually a dress but the length changes. I forgot to mention that my mom said she saw the dog starring at the ceiling (which she's been doing for 2 weeks) and when she looked to see what the dog saw, she said there was the woman as a shadow/silhouette moving towards the wall and vanished. I do know the house is pretty new, my dads the second owner, and there were renters before us.