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Strange Things Following Me? on 2015-04-20

I'm writing this to know what these things are and what to do if I see them again. It was when I was a young. Me, my sister's and my dad were all out on bonfire night. It was nothing special, just a walk, and it was getting dark. Me and my sisters saw a small bonfire going on near the forest, so ...

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Sup, rook. Yes, Guy Fawkes Night is what I was talking about. Thanks for the new information. Every little helps! 😊
I heard no popping or any noise like that. But hey, like my eyesight, my hearing is terrible as well. My sisters don't remember this as they were very young, so they couldn't tell me. First time you heard of them being outdoors? Strange. 😕
Hmmmm, WiniPu... The creature on all fours did have sharp claws... It was definitely the body of a person, but all strange and distorted. It didn't focus on me AT ALL just my brother. It just ran through the door and strait at him. This scares me the most as it seems like it was going out to DO something to him, unlike the other two. 😕
KATKOOTA, that gave me some confidence, thank you! I'm not really scared of them when there not around, but when they are it just puts me on edge a bit. Nice to know that I'm not alone and these things probably won't harm me 😁
Thank you, Hecate. The woods is very small and is not known by many. But it DOES have a house in it which could have some relation to these things. The one that my friend was in was much bigger and does have a story of someone who went in but never came out, but I have no idea if these are rumors.
thanks Tweed, helped me out a lot! Now I understand these things a bit more I might know how to deal with them! 😆