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Won't Let Me Sleep on 2017-09-07

In my other story, I implied that this would happen again and... It's happening, again. Unlike last time though, this hasn't been an isolated event that happens for a brief period of time. About three weeks ago, I noticed that the cat toys in my room started to jingle in the middle of the night. Thi...

Wolf-human Hybrid Creature on 2015-05-14

For all my life, I've lived in this average-size house out in the countryside. It's one of those places where nothing bad seems to happen, and the people all seem pretty normal. So, you can understand I don't share my story often. It started when I was young, around five to nine years old, and conti...

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Trischa, I hope it doesn't mean any harm and I hope it's a different person. As my story shows, my person wasn't the greatest of people to be around lol. Anyways, the crystal ball to my knowledge is a scrying device. I'm no expert though, just reading on stuff since all the stuff happened.
Trischa, I still have it but haven't used it. Some people claim great success with it, but I have just gotten eyestrain. Although, the hallway incident was definitely odd for me, so maybe it worked? I have had someone suggest that it's some sort of shape-shifter. Haven't the foggiest clue how to know the difference.
I've read a few books on physics and mathematics, so I love that stuff (used to be my major in college!) Haha. Mike, it's good that I'm not the only one that's seen something like that. Overall, I was just wondering if this was something I should worry about or not.
A part of me really wants to say that it was the creature. Here's why: That other poster claimed to have seen the creature during an OBE/Astral Projection. Having read about Astral projection, I know it is linked to the wake-sleep and sleep-wake boundaries. Previously, I've had strange experiences during those phases. This leads me to wonder: could it be possible that I saw the creature during the sleep to waking cycle? Then it would follow that when I threw the covers over my head, I fell out (?) of an AP. When I awoke and 'attacked', the bumping and slapping noises occurred in reality. That's consistent with his story and mine. Besides that correlation, the footsteps tended to mess with me -- I mean, beyond the fact that they were disembodied, unexplained footsteps.
For example, the footsteps upstairs. When I went to run up the stairs, I crept up to them absolutely silent, waiting. The footsteps came around and stopped just out of view. Then, I bolted up the steps in a matter of seconds. When I went downstairs and sat down, they started again. It felt intentional but almost joking. Even with the creature at the edge of my bed, I felt afraid -- imagine waking up to a five foot dog-like creature at the edge of your bed and you'd be afraid, too. -- but nothing actively threatening happened. It wasn't snarling but just standing there, head tilted slightly like when a dog sees you doing something stupid and turns its head slightly. It could be denial though.
I've heard quite a few people's input on this. Some jump to say demon right away. One even stated the creature is probably the reason I'm unnaturally lucky. And, I read most of the comments. Also, nothing says I value your friendship like a steel putter.:P
Date: 2015-04-19
This story parallels my own in near creepy detail. I know this story is old, but did you ever figure out what it was?