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I See Faces on 2015-04-27

I used to live in a house that was haunted. My dog max, who is crossed over would always look at the couch in our old house like he was seeing someone there and like someone was talking to him. I recently moved from out of the county to the city. I only lived in this house for a short while... Less ...

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Date: 2015-05-01
I just want to take a few minutes to list a few faces that have been seen by 6 plus different people. A woman with cat eyes (shape) a small dog, a coal miner, and old woman face, same face could be a old man not to sure. I also wanted to say it's not really the mist it's what is inside the mist and to the right of the mist. Either you see it or you don't. I feel like it will jump out at you if you are able to see it. We all do that's why we are sharing. As far as photoshop, it takes a desperate individual to photoshop a pic to share with you all. In hopes you see something. I have seen and witnessed a numbers of unexplained incidents. And believe me, my first instinct is to rationalize. And with that I have no need to try and dup you with an app or filter or anything else. That's just absurd and asinine. But I'm sure it happens. Thanks again! I'm ready to move on. And read other stories. LP
Date: 2015-04-30
Wow! Thanks for all the feedback! I'm at work and haven't been able to respond. But I see you... Lol your comments anyways. I will be checking and responding tomorrow with what the different kind of faces that others people see. [at] sam222 I would love to see what you did with the photo and compare what I see. How do I get your email address? I have circled a few faces on that photo but didn't share it. Well because of this photo. I have two friends that want me to share their photos and stories. So stay tuned a few more stories and photos are coming. LP