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I have had a couple of things happen that were unusual, but I'm not sure they were supernatural. However, many friends and family have had experiences that seem unlikely to have a reasonable cause, and hearing their accounts makes me curious about what other people have experienced.

I am not particularly religious, but I do think that the energy in the world around us might be used by entities in ways we don't yet understand.

I am interested in folklore from North and South America, especially pertaining to mystical animals like skinwalkers, chupacabras, black or white dogs, horses that appear at night, and animal behavior in reaction to supernatural events.
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A Rusty Wheel Brought Dark Thoughts on 2015-08-25

This story is about very recent events at my home. I recently submitted a story on behalf of my husband called "The Cadejo". Yesterday, August 24, I was updating him on what the comments on the story were, and stated that people were interested if he had more stories. He confirmed that he had no ...

The Cadejo on 2015-08-17

This incident happened to my husband, a long time ago before he met me. He gave me permission to share with you. This story is unusual for him, because Ramon is from a small city in Nicaragua, and grew up hearing stories about supernatural beings such as Chupacabra and La Llorana. However, with a ci...

Chased By An Eerie Laugh on 2015-07-09

This is my first submission to the site. I have tried to be detailed in my description of the physical surroundings to help readers understand why this occurrence was so disturbing to me. On St. Patrick's Day, either 2011 or 2012, I was out with my friends at a sports bar when our designated driv...

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Date: 2016-12-07
Hi Curly,

Oh you are right about the puckering! We don't have poisonous snakes in our area, but he grew up in an area with tons of them, so he had the same reaction you did!

The mechanical movement you describe is so strange, I really do hope you see it again (when it won't surprise you) and you can make some more observations! Be careful out there!
Date: 2016-12-06
Wow, how bizarre! I will say, it sounds like an encounter my husband had with a gopher snake-type in our yard last year, which coincidentally took place next to our shed. He was cutting back weeds and brush and came around the back corner of the shed, and a snake about 2 1/2 ft long jumped up in the air towards him, a little more than waist height (he's 6ft tall), and he instinctually swung at it with his machete and unfortunately killed it. We didn't realize a snake that size was living there, as they aren't common in our region, but we think all the brush-clearing destroyed its habitat, and since then we've had a huge problem with moles in our yard.
Granted, I didn't see it myself, but when he pointed out where it leapt from and how he swung at it, plus the blood on the siding, that thing jumped about 3ft.
Date: 2016-12-02
Hi Roylynx, I hadn't heard of that before, but after your comment, I just read about those "stigmatized properties" it in Atlas Obscura. That's very interesting! I've only visited Japan briefly, and have no experience with ghosts in Japan myself. But my coworker that lived there for many years believes there are a lot of ghosts in that country, from what he saw and heard from friends.
If you stay in one, you'll have to let us know if anything happens!
I wanted to post an update: Strangely, my neighbor two houses down did pass away 3 months after I submitted this story, although she was elderly. I have not heard the wheel sound again, but I pay more attention to noises around me and I've noticed that the traffic on a nearby road sometimes sounds as if its on my street. Like so many things, this could all have been coincidences.

However, the feeling of dread I had was real. But on the bright side, I have not had another incident similar to what I experienced in this story.

I took my friend's advice and blessed the house with sage, which made me feel a lot better.
Date: 2016-12-02
This reminds me of a story my coworker told me about a child ghost residing in his friend's apartment in Japan, except that it was there when he moved in, not sought after. But his friend simply accepted the ghost was there and left it toys or treats. The friend was very matter-of-fact about its presence.

My coworker saw the child ghost once, and refused to come into the home after that.
Date: 2016-12-02

I just love all of your stories! I watch quite a few of Scandanavian films that are available to me, and I just love the landscapes and imagery, and I imagined it all when I read your story today. What struck me was how scary the boot steps were to you as children. It reminded me of a phrase I heard before about how it seems the scariest thing in our world is our fellow man. I'm glad it was just a presence and not anything that actually harmed you!
Please keep sharing your stories!
I really enjoyed your writing. I'm so sorry about the accident, and am glad you made a good recovery. I was wondering if you can explain what you experience or do during a photo reading or tarot reading, and how that may differ from an interaction with a spirit?
could the movement have been shadows? Perhaps due to the roommate moving around outside?

If not, that's spooky!
Date: 2016-06-22
Tweed and Elfstone,

I'm not a doctor... But I found the following condition while looking up medical conditions that could impact vision: chloropsia, or "green vision". It can be caused by light exposure, or " in people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and oxygen deprivation."

It seems you don't know how the woman died, but I could imagine someone who's dying not getting enough oxygen in their bloodstream for various reasons.


The author stated he witnessed a formation of the "Texas Lubbock Lights formation type". I understood this to mean he didn't witness the Lubbock lights themselves, just that what he saw while talking to the group of people near his house was something in a formation similar to the Lubbock Lights.
No need to fire up the grill quite yet.

I enjoyed reading your account, I look forward to hearing more!

Date: 2016-06-20
I had a coworker who once told me of a horse that was somehow cursed or magical and would roam at night, something about how you weren't supposed to look at it. He no longer works with me, but I will ask him to re-tell me the story when I run into him again. He is originally from the Philippines, which I mention because they were colonized by the Spanish too, and I find we often share customs and traditions, so I wonder if there is something to the horse story that would span both cultures.
Wow, I got shivers and goosebumps as I read about your grandma walking back to the car with your grandpa waiting for her. Amazing. Thank you for sharing!
Date: 2015-09-01
Thank you for sharing, Entropy, very spooky! Can you describe how he appeared to be distorted? And when you say he glided, does that mean his legs did not move, or did his whole being not make any walking/moving motions?
Date: 2015-08-28
matrix899, I really enjoyed reading your comments on this. I like how you summed up how varied the range is on different types of ghosts and experiences. I often feel like we are trying to make rules or explanations for something that refuses to abide to the rules. It can be very frustrating for those, like myself, who adore order.
Date: 2015-08-25
How shocking to see her! No worries about the toilet details, wouldn't have been the full story without it!

I wonder if the lady pushed your partner into the house because she realized you were rattled and needed him there, like maybe she felt bad for scaring you and was trying to rectify the situation!
Date: 2015-08-24
Mary30xoxo, that is amazing that he saw one many times! Can you or he share his experiences with it on here? I'm glad he was unharmed!
Date: 2015-08-24
Thank you everyone for your comments!

Garry1984, I am not a native Spanish speaker, but my husband obviously is, so I asked him if Cadejo has another meaning, and he said it just means the black or white supernatural dogs. I did a google search and found one article that mentioned cadejo is the common name for a type of large weasel, which makes sense to me because they can be kind of vicious and strange animals. But I can't really vouch that any of this is truly the source of the name.

Thank you for your compliments Bloodshot! My husband's other stories are all from his family and friends, and I know this site tends to want first-hand encounters. By the time I transcribed them for him, they would be third-hand. I suppose I can submit with a disclaimer and see if that's acceptable to the mods. I have only a couple stories of my own, I have to get around to getting them written down.
Thank you, all!
Date: 2015-08-19
Hi Champion,

I just saw your new comment pop up, so I read your story. I believe that would have been very scary. I'm unable to listen to the Jonestown recording right now, but I will when I have a chance.
I was wondering if anyone on this site is a recording hobbyist? Maybe they can rule out if this type of noise is a sort of feedback that occurs in some recordings, especially since both recorded sounds happened in the 70's, I wonder if they are similar equipment.
Date: 2015-08-17
I really enjoyed your story! I am fascinated by nature entities, which sounds like what this may be. Why do you think the scratching/sounds never happened again? Do you think the being left with the women? Or that having your parents home may have scared it off? Thank you for sharing!
Date: 2015-08-03

Great story, had me at the edge of my chair when you described that night. You are brave to have gotten up and followed the intruder's movements, and I'm glad you alerted your hosts. It does sound to me like it could burglar. The movement of his head towards you at the second window could have been because he felt as if he was being watched... And was, by you. Did your aunt ever have other experiences with trespassers or burglary on the property?

If it was supernatural, how creepy! Did you get the feeling it was looking for you or your mom specifically, or that it didn't have a target other than to scan the room? The watch part of the story is spooky to me, in my mom's family we have a habit of stopping a clock in the home when a person passes away. When my grandmother (mom's mother) died, the clock she had in her hallway stopped on its own, so this part of your story really resonates with me as supernatural. I'm glad your mom recovered and everyone is safe. If your mom or aunt ever remember anything else, please update us, I would love to hear it!