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New Country, New House, New... Ghost? on 2009-04-13

I recently moved from California to France for the second half of my junior year of high school. I'm staying with my dad's best friend from high school and her family (all who I've known since I was a baby). I've been here for over two months now and I guess I've been putting off writing this st...

Orbs In Photos From Mischief Night on 2008-08-26

Mischief night used to be one of my favorite nights of the year. It's the night before Halloween, and it's the night when people go out and cause mischief (i.e.: TPing, tagging, or just plain or sneaking out for a bit). Me and my friends never really did anything because we were too chicken (as alwa...

A Childish Presence on 2008-08-12

One evening last year, I was sitting at my desk in my room working on a drawing for one of my classes when I felt someone tugging my hair. It wasn't like someone was pulling my hair to hurt me, but just a light playful tug. I chuckled and for whatever reason felt a happy/bubbly feeling in my stomach...

A Kind Gesture on 2008-08-12

My best friend Payton visited for the summer and spent about a month at my house. She left today, and since I have nothing else to do and since I've been meaning to get around to it I decided I'd post a few stories tonight. This story happened a few weeks ago when we were both trying to fall asl...

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Date: 2009-10-22
I'm sorry about your mom, my mom passed away a few months ago and being "young" I know how you feel. But that is a nice story, one that gives comfort, thanks for sharing it with us!
Date: 2009-05-09
Youre welcome lol, I don't come on much anymore, so it might take a while sometimes
Date: 2009-05-03
I felt it a couple times in when I was in Corsica in February, Miss_Violet. And I felt it at my dad's new house at the end of last year a bit too. I'm pretty sure it follows me around and is not only at one house.
Thanks for reading:)
See I told you Zach, that wasn't the best thing to sit on XD next time maybe you should just sit on the ground like you do back home
Oh okay I finally get it Zach. So what they thought was the wire was actually a ghost like thing that was next or attached to your pocket that went back into the grave.
I really honestly don't know what to tell you. I find it very interesting. Maybe EVP work could be done there?
Very interesting story. There are a few rumors at my school too. But I (thechnically) go to school in California at a highschool that was built five years ago (my brother was in the first graduating class). In the past month someone I know at school told me that they saw a little girl at the end of a hallway on the second story. I haven't been able to look into it since I'm not currently there, but I don't see why there would be a little girl haunting a highschool. And there was nothing there before the highschool was built (It's built in the middle of nowhere), just a canyon.
My sister's ex told me one time that he saw a little boy following him around school all day, one day last year, but whenever I ask him for more information he doesn't give me a straight answer which either makes me believe he's lying or just doesn't want to talk about it.
Someone has died every year the school has been opened, but they haven't died at school. The closest someone has died to school was on their way to school. But that doesn't mean they can haunt it. Except for this year, the closest any one has come (so far) has been attempting suicide by jumping off the second story. No one has given me any details about it because it's been kept really quiet, I still don't know who it was.
But anyways, that is very interesting about your school. My best friend is staying in Ireland for six months so it was pretty cool reading a story from there.
Date: 2009-04-14
Really interesting video. I'm really interested in EVPs and would love to learn and figure out how to do them on my own. Do you just use a regular recording device or...?
I've moved many times too, and it seems like in every house there's something that won't leave me alone. Our latest move was last april. We moved from a house in suburbia (the most haunted house I lived in that I totally hated) to a loft downtown. I figured since the loft was only five years old, it wouldn't be haunted. Ha ha ha, man, was I wrong.
I guess my point is I know how you feel, and well, sometimes there's nothing you can do about it, especially if you're sensitive to this kind of stuff. You can try and help them pass over or tell them to leave, but that's about to the extent of ideas that I have (since I'm not religious I don't know about the whole house cleansing thing). Anyways, goodluck, I hope that "ghost man" doesn't bother you!
Date: 2009-04-14
It couldve been a preist or pastor (like bldfalcon said) that had died who served the church. Maybe he was too attached to move on?
Very interesting story
Thanks Zach, and yeah well I can't exactly do that here without them thinking I'm more crazy than they already think I am hahaha. But I know EVP work will definitely be done at the Melodia House when I get back home. That should be great
The same thing sort of happened to me. Well not the whole tearing down houses thing, but in my old house (well my old old house, I've moved a lot) I got pushed down the stairs. I didn't fall or anything, but it was just enough for me to feel it. That house was haunted, me and my family constantly heard kids running around the upstairs hallway and in my dad's room. I hated that house because of all the things me and my whole family heard, but we might have to move back in...
Anyways, goodluck with the house, hopefully your brothers can tear down the rest of it without getting hurt
I used to be into the whole Wicca thing, I didn't practice it much, I just used to believe in some of the principles but those beliefs have been gone for a long time now. Anyways, I do remember reading a lot about it, maybe she can cast a protective circle either around the house or maybe if its at all possible around the doors. That's all I can really think of.
Well that and to try to get the first dark hooded thing out of your house so that the second one will stop bothering you and leave you alone.
And for all the close minded people out there, this has NOTHING to do with Wicca, it's just a bad coincidence. (I say screw all religion. If your religion is too close-minded then why bother reading the story?)
Best of luck to you and your girlfriend, I hope all goes well!
-Amanda 😊
Date: 2009-04-13
I'm really sorry that you and your family have to be going through that. Like Spazztasticgirl said, people who are sensitive to spirits are the ones who attract them. Well at least it's true for me and one of my best friends. Every house I've lived in, or at least every house I remember living in, I could see or sense spirits.
I haven't really found anything to help with making spirits go away or helping them pass on. You could try some EVP work of your own though and maybe figure out what they need help with, like Zach said.
I hope everything goes well and you'll finally have some peace in your home.
Best of luck, Amanda
Date: 2009-03-12
I'm Amanda, and 17 too. These things often happen to me too when I wake up in the middle of the night. I feel dizzy and it's hard to move, but I'm just thinking it's sleep paralysis.
One night a few years ago, the first night that it happened, my brother came into my room just after I was able to move again, probably around four in the morning (he's a year older than me and has insomnia and likes to hang out in my room if I'm awake if he can't sleep) and noticed I was slightly freaked out. So I told him what happened and he said it happens to him too, pretty often and that it's just sleep paralysis, and explained to me what it was. It didn't even occur to me that it could've been something "paranormal" until I came across stories like these on this website.
Anyways, (and yes, there is a point to this comment) I'm thinking it's probably just sleep paralysis. I also agree with Verleus, you should maybe get a check up to make sure, you know, nothings wrong. But I honestly think there's nothing to worry about!
Goodluck, Amanda
Date: 2009-03-07
Yeah, I figured it was some sort of presence like that, or just someone watching over me. The thing is, is that for the past two years I've had nightmares non-stop (which really deprives me of sleep) and, well, it feels weird to say but maybe they knew, and wanted me to get a good night's sleep?
Thanks for your feedback guys, I was just wondering what you all though!
Date: 2008-08-27
That's an interesting story, but why would your brother move into the attic?
I don't know what to tell you. All I can say is I know my room is haunted at my mom's house, and my dad's old house. I had nightmares every night starting about a year and a half ago. A lot of them I can't remember but the ones I do is always of something chasing me or killing people I know. I know my nightmares are probably coming from stress, maybe yours are too?

Maybe you could bless your apartment. I'm not sure how to do that, but I know some people on this site do. Or you could just tell whatever it is to leave. Maybe it'll listen

Date: 2008-08-25
Great story. I used to have a cat, Minka, and she would do weird things too. Mostly when I felt things around me, she'd just stare in random places in my room.

Oh, by the way, my name's Amanda too!
Date: 2008-08-25
Maybe the little ghost boy just wanted to get your attention or to have someone to play with. That happened to me, but I never felt the presence around once I acknowledged it. Maybe for the next couple days you should try to pick anything up, to see if it's trying to get acknowledged by you, and if you sense anything maybe you should acknowledge it.