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What Do They Want With Me? on 2015-04-23

My name is Courtenay and I will be 18 years old next month. I have been no stranger to ghosts. I have seen them and heard them from being very young. My first experience was at my Granddad's house. My Grandma had died not long before this event. We were on the upstairs landing running around and ...

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I was researching this before and it appears I might be. I am going to do more research but I found somebody with my personality type who had the same feelings as I do. I am a very spiritual person. My personality type is INFP.
I understand what you're saying. I also saw a psychic last year and at the end of the session, she asked if she could hug me. I've only been to two in total but the first one didn't hug me. Is this something to do with the aura/energy I give off?
Another strange thing is that people who are alive seem to be drawn to me. It doesn't go in the middle, people either hate me or love me. I am not joking. It's quite strange but people just seem to be drawn t me, online, in real life etc.
Hecare0: I don't think so. I know my Granddad and Step Grandma have seen things in their house but as far as I am aware, nobody has experienced anything to the extent I have. I do have an aunt who is spiritual and I always talk about what I've seen with her. I have always been interested in the paranormal from the programmes I watch to the books I read but I wouldn't say I was ever consciously open to ghosts, it just happened to be that they approached me quite frequently.

I have also felt protected in some way ever since I was younger. I always feel like there is a powerful aura surrounding me. I was run over a couple of years ago and I went in to the air but I landed sitting up with my legs straight out. I even hit my head on the windscreen but I only came away with a few bruises.