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Ghost Hunt on 2015-06-30

About 10 years ago I befriended a lovely woman, that I shall call Jade. Jade, like me was quite interested in the paranormal. Our reasons were different though as she, having lost a son was curious in life after death. I, having felt ghosts my whole life, wanted to hone my craft more. Jade had just ...

Please Don't Trick Me Into Finding Your Ghost on 2015-06-15

I am a sensitive, yes, even sometimes consider myself psychic. My abilities have waned over the years but that is another story. I tried the other day to remember when I first realized I had this "attribute" but I simply can't recall. I can sense spirits. I don't see them out-right as much as I feel...

Nature Spirit? Elemental? on 2015-05-20

Last year my friend "S" lived briefly in her ex-husband "C's" "pool cottage". She was in between apartments and he had taken over a large piece of property with extra room for her too. There is a big main house with swimming pool and the pool "cottage" had been available to their shared grown childr...

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Date: 2015-08-10
Thank you for sharing Blue Daisy! I think in times of our greatest distress our guardian angels will step in. I think yours did and knew what joy was coming for you! I remember once, feeling so low and crying over yet another fight with my ex-husband...a vioce, not my own, said inside of my head "Why do you continue to base your happiness on what Brad does or says?" That voice was right... Brad is long gone:)
Date: 2015-07-03
haha Tweed thank you for not judging my need for a smokey:) And thank you for your support of my stories and writing. It seems to be my main creative outlet now and makes me feel better to get my thoughts out:) Hecate: update on the anxiety! Meditated, asked for help from spirit guides and protection and all be darned - yep it was a dead person. I suppose it was kind of my own "fault" for the contact... The last couple of days I have been getting ready to have a conversation with someone who's political views are polar opposite of mine. He asked to have this discussion to better understand my point of view. I agreed, but told him I needed to pray first before the conversation. (I wanted to come from a place of love and this young man has a tendency to get quite riled up) While praying I asked for guidence on the right words to use with him - to make this converstion an insightful and intelligent one. The anxiety I was feeling turned out to be one of his relatives. I feel it was a grandfather - very religious in life even perhaps a preacher. He gave me two points to touch on when I had the conversation... And he left. I feel like he felt bad for this young man's extreme views currently that he may have tought him some of these things when he was still alive. In death he discovered love and insight about the things he judged in life. I had the conversation, I touched on the points dead grampa asked me to. I did not tell the young man about my grampa visit as...well...i think it would have been way too much for him. The discussion went well. Time will tell if my information helps this young man find some peace in his convictions.
Date: 2015-07-01
Strangely, I am going through something similar now Hecate. The day after I posted this story, I can feel someone trying to contact me... Feels a bit like anxiety to my body. Trying very hard to discern, asking guides for help. Though I have not been on an official ghost hunt since this... I have have had a couple of "dead people" try and give me messages. Usually after a while I can calm down and understand what the messag is. Can't do it yesterday or today... Do not feel like it is related to this story (as in any of the players in it). I sat outside on my patio under the mister (my favorite place) and tried hard to relax. No luck.
Hello again! Back with a couple of notes about the place... This valley was a MAJOR gathering place for the native americans. They were here way before us white folk. I am VERY respectful of their sacred places. There are a few areas here still that it is frowned upon for whites to visit, and seeing as this truly is their land and they were here first... I obey these laws. Years ago, I "accidently" built a house smack dab in the middle of an old native hunting ground. Being a sensitive - and thankfully an artist - the spirits there loved me and what I was doing. They also understood how much I respected them. With this being said - there is not one native american spirit up at that property, whatever is there has been there for...forever. Older than them. Not negative... Just magestic. I was invited up there last night to a party. I declined as I am having some health problems and on medication. (I hate it- my system is just too sensitive) I didn't feel that mr. "doggy" and I should meet again on those terms 😆. I feel like now with mr. Crabby caretaker in charge there is a good balance up there and everyone is at peace. On a side note: I have other stories to upload and sure hope I can post them soon. Looks like this site has been unindated with stories: (
I totally understand Beginning:) I don't know much about the family other than they planted orchard again on the trust land. I do think "something" is happening on that place that definitely needs to be left alone and I intend to oblige. My main hope was to try and identify the creature I saw - which I may never do and I am fine with that. I am still grateful to experience the magic up there. I am not sure if I will ever be back.
I am reading all of your stories too Val! I love them - thank you so much for sharing:)
Ha Tweed... I wish you could see my little unruly cottage garden. Your hubby sounds like he is a lot like me. I collect plants kind of like an addiction and for some reason in this little place they have taken over. I leave my honeysuckle unruly at the moment as it has grown up and over my 7 ft trellises (I used to build trellises and arbors out of white birch and sell them - Teriland was my business name:) and the vine has taken over my back garden gate too. My son grumbles when he comes home as it is hard for him to get in the gate... But he is not allowed to touch the honesuckle until it is done blooming (even then I am not sure if I will let him haha) My little oasis garden smells heavenly now. Back to "C"s garden I am thinking that since his daughter "M" and I share sensitive abilities we are more likely and lucky to see the beings there... Funny thing about "C" though he is the grumpiest, least sensitive, crabby man I have ever met! He mentions nothing of the land and it's inhabitants but I can't help but wonder if they aren't playing/teasing with him as often as they can... And he just keeps it to himself:) 😆 Thank you all again for the nice encouragment about my writing, I have a few other stories but this is the "cheeriest" one...
Hi guys! Thanks for the nice comments:) This is my first post so was a little nervous about it. I enjoy writing but was hoping I was making myself clear. This property is just outside of Okanogan, in Eastern Wa.