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The Night I Saw Lady In White - Further Investigation on 2016-06-27

Before reading this story please read my previous one. And this is not a fiction. Just recently I went back to my old place to investigate about what I saw other night. After that incident happened I talked to some people in my old neighborhood (we moved from that place). They told me about that...

The Night I Saw Lady In White on 2016-04-12

This incident changed my mind. At that time (one and a half year ago) me, along with my little brother and parents, lived in a 4 story building just near the road. It would take two minutes to get to the road. Our building was connected to road via a narrow road only meant for two wheeler. Also the ...

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Ash7 I have been seeing shiny white figures from corner of my eyes since I last visited cemetery. They never bugged me though.
Hi Biblio
Well it's the way it is in India. We have worst police system in the whole world. And I might add the police officer who went missing was the one who saw skeleton before we did. He told this to his colleagues and next day he went missing. There was a search team formed but they too found nothing. And yes, here there have been incidents where people would dress up as some ghost and frighten people for their personal gain. But we are just a bunch of teenagers. We don't have fancy equipments. What we could do, we already did. And sorry for late replies. A bit busy these days.
Thanks everyone for reading my experience. I want to thank Priyanka, SDS, ashar:) Love and Respect everyone
Thanks PriyankaMenon. I appreciate it.
It was my friend's father himself who told me about it. And yes it was a big issue in my locality when it happened.
Valkricry what can I say? Talib already said it. We have worst police system. In America or any other country when you see a policeman, you feel safe. But it doesn't works like that in India. Policemen here are rude and noncooperative. Anyways, thanks for the comments everyone.
Love and regards
I don't think she wants justice. Because I remember hearing a voice which asked us to leave rather than asking for help.
Sounds fake huh? Well I know it is hard to believe but its your choice to believe or not. Whatever I have written here is completely legit. It might sound like hoax to you people but when you go through things like this only then you realise how disturbing it is in actual life. And I may add that skeleton there is not recent this incident happened in past. And why one policeman? Because everyone else was afraid. They told me about that missing policeman because my friend's father servers in that police station as well. He was the one who told me about it. Too hard to believe right? But well I wish you never have to go through things like this ever.
Hi ladyglow
Yes I agree it was just a break and enter. And FYI police didn't just "assume" that he went missing. They told me that they searched him for 1 whole month! Tried everything they could but they couldn't find a trace of him. I read the articles you mentioned and I agree completely. Indian houses rarely have basements. Any more questions?
Hey spiritwaiting
Just recently I came to know that a police officer tried to resolve that matter and went missing during investigation. That's why police didn't want to do anything about it.

Hey sds
I'd rather not say it because I've been advised by priest to not to do so. He asked me to keep it a low profile as well. Sorry dude. All I can tell you that it happened in surroundings of Shimla. Thanks for reading:)
Date: 2016-04-29
Hi popcornrox
You know sometimes we see things out of our imagination. What kind of vibes did you got from her?
Yes I asked my neighbour regarding any unpleasant incident and I found out that there lived a lady who practiced witchcraft. One day she disappeared and no one knows where she went. When I saw her I felt so much negativity. And yes I told my mom about this.

[at] Tweed I guess you got your answer

[at] roylynx Yes I asked my neighbor about this and found that there are 2 another people who have seen her. And I don't think I'm cursed.

[at] sheetal thanks:)
Thanks for your replies guys. I'm thinking about going there once again. What do you guys suggest?