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Weird Creature Follows Me on 2016-12-21

I have had a weird creature follow me since I was a child. The best way to describe it is that it is really tall and humanoid but looks as though it is made of electricity. It's just odd. The first time I encountered this thing I was around twelve. I had gone to bed and was woken by the feeling some...

Strange Occurances In One Childhood Home on 2015-04-28

This post literally begins with the question "Where do I even start?" Growing up I have an odd family situation. I was adopted by my grandparents at about 3 years old but they have raised me since I was a baby. Please don't judge but my mom couldn't take care of me and I will leave it at that. Th...

Grandfather Still With Me? on 2015-04-27

IN 2008 my grandfather was diagnosed with brain cancer. Of course it devastated the whole family. Unfortunately due to him also being a diabetic and 73 years old, his body could not handle the chemo and radiation treatments. That being said, no one else has had any experiences since his death except...

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Sorry everyone haven't had the internet. This thing started following me around 12 years old and I see it time to time. I'm now 28. I don't know why it manifests in a form similar to a walking current of electricity or well that's the best way to describe it. It really doesn't do anything other than scare the crap out of me. Of course I told my therapist about these things and she thinks I'm a schizophrenic now but she doesn't understand between this and shadow creatures I don't know if I'll ever quit seeing these things.
Sorry for not posting as I didn't realize the story had been published. My apologies. The creature is blue and does look as though it is a humanoid figure made up of electricity. As for facial features it has dark spots where the eyes and mouth should be but nothing as far as a nose. It is full figure which makes it worse. No one but myself sees this thing and that's partially the reason I don't talk about it much. Rook, dreamer, kest, and tweed I hope that explained it a little better?
BadjuUjuu I didn't see that comment cute princess posted did you delete it?
true. For some reason I am the only one in the family that has these types of experiences. Sometimes it gets on my nerves to tell my stories and people offer me the crazy card so i'm happy I found this site so I can maybe get some answers.
Date: 2015-05-01
I lost my grandfather on July 26, 2008. 12:05 am to be exact and it was strange. He had brain cancer but when he left the house to go get his chemo in atlanta (VA hospital) he was fine. He left and his vitals dropped they got him where they could head on but when he got to the hospital in Atlanta his vitals dropped again. He came home at 9 and was acting very strange and at 12:05 we lost him. Your dad dying in his sleep even though he was fine the day before is odd. I am also sorry for your loss
I would like to hope it was him. If it wasn't then I do believe something was trying to get my attention.
The plant was not in place until after my grandfather passed due to the fact he had a hospital bed in that particular corner of the living room. Now since I took care of just about everything due to the cancer fogging his mind I took his death a little more harshly than everyone else and me and him were very close even from an early age so much so when I was introduced to friends I was the little boss. As for the computer... I never really told my grandmother because she has never believed in anything paranormal and the mouse never would land on anything it was just floating wherever it wanted to I still have it but I haven't set it up in 5years. I gave it to a friend of mine and was begged to take it back because of strange occurrences that they never explained. Sorry this is so long.
If this person's mom asked what was going on the person might not have been unless they woke up screaming or something. If that's not the case then what they saw was definitely something odd. Did you ever try to find out any history of the apartment?
Thank you. I have more but I haven't gotten around to posting them yet. I have read a few of your stories too and they are very interesting.
Date: 2015-04-25
As an Alabamian I am noticing more and more stories popping up about haunted hospitals. While it can be brushed off as "How stereotypical is that?" I have found if you aren't intune with your surroundings you generally won't see anything. However I am interested to know if you found out anything on this particular entity.