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My name is Noelle and I'm a psychic medium.
I gotta deal with spirits 24/7 so that's pretty cool I guess:)
Every one of my experiences are true.
I did not come here to be looked down at by middle aged moms, just because I'm young.
So don't leave negative comments cause guess what
I can see peoples futures, including you.
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Reawakening And Lost In Time on 2017-07-14

A few years ago, I wrote two stories published on this site about coming to realization of awakening as a psychic medium, and my experiences and encounters with the paranormal. At the time, I was barely even a teen, which was a very sensitive state for myself, as I was caught in countless tough situ...

Strong But Weak (strange Encounters) on 2016-07-11

As my last post, or story I guess, it has been a year to which I have taken as a break from this site (personal reasons) ...

Attached And Scared on 2015-07-13

I recently discovered that I'm Psychic Medium. I can see, talk, and feel the presence of ghosts. I don't quite understand everything just yet, so I'm not an expert. But it all freaks me out still, but I find it unique that I have this ability. I figured this all out after I've started to have dreams...

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I don't think siding is the best idea, and I'd like to just drop the whole topic. If I offended her, then I offended her. Obviously, I did stereotype a bit, which I didn't intend to. And like I said, I had apologized for it.

- FallenAngel98
Maybe I jumped to conclusions, but from every other site I've been to, I have experienced and seen negativity surrounding teens. I know it's wrong to expect that from here, but I guess it's the mindset I've grown accustomed to, something I'm still trying to break, but I think anyone would jump to the defense after similar experiences, unless that's just me.

I do apologize if anything I've said comes off immature, biased, or rude/offensive, I'm very blunt and sometimes that gives others the impression that what I say is negativ. That's not the case, by the way.

But! I really appreciate that you all comment advice and positive feedback, it really helps.
And as far as I know, there's not troll haha.

- FallenAngel98
I sat for a long time before writing, so every word I put out is nothing near to taking any of what everyone has put personal. Like I said, it's difficult to convey a message over the internet.

However, I don't know why you said 'I won't be guilt tripped into not asking this'?
I don't know how you'd be guilt tripped into anything.

But! I live in two states, Arizona and Colorado. I only live in Colorado for better school opportunities, and I have a house down with my grandparents in Arizona since they're pretty old and need a bit of help here and there.

- FallenAngel98
Conveying a message over the internet can be perceived differently by anyone. If you see my profile as threatening, then it must apply to you, if not, then it doesn't. I don't see anything wrong with what I've posted, but I know that what I put up is as honest as it should always be. But if what I said,
'I did not come here to be looked down at by middle aged moms, just because I'm young.
So don't leave negative comments cause guess what
I can see peoples futures, including you.'
Is what deems me as a 'typical cocky teen', then so it does.
In all honestly, I think this is a waste of my time, that I even have to put this out here, but oh well. I'd just like to say, I think it's a little harder for younger mediums, or anyone with a sort of ability to be on this site. Why? Because of our age, our stories are looked at as 'make believe' or 'fake', and older people, commonly middle aged women, come to comment and tell the author how things are, and whatnot.
Obviously, this may just be me that this applies to, but I know that younger authors are more often questioned for what they post, exactly like my own.
I guess that must be why my profile is 'threatening.' But no, I'm just a 'typical cocky teen.' And I know also that some of you that read this won't like what I'm saying, but at this point, I'm done. By the way, I've never down voted on anyones comment, neither deemed them negative whatsoever. I listen to what others say, because I came here to learn, not bicker, but that just can't be helped can it?


Thank you for the advice. So far I haven't touched any of the persons personal belongings yet, and still working to get in contact with the police (there lazy as heck, so it'll probably be awhile).
I also actually find that what you think is understandable and quite possible in what may have happened in the past situation. I think that his belongings being hidden away is suspicious, so I don't doubt there wasn't any guilty foul play involved before and after the placed police call.

And my house only has an attic, located at the end of the main hallway, directly in front of my room, which you're completely right about. I'm not sure if I miswrote any detail, but overall that's where it is.
Thanks so much again, I found your comment actually very helpful.

- FallenAngel98

I did, and I probably should've spent more time on refining, and adding more details for a more clear visual for everyone. I wrote this in about 30 minutes while overwhelmed with a lot of thoughts and feelings of these events, so I don't think I was calm and collected enough to make edits. English is also my 2nd language, so there was limit to how much I could get out into words without being completely jumbled.

And thank you, I am feeling relieved after everything. I'm sure there will be more stories to come, as I have a lot to share with all of you!

- FallenAngel98

I'm still deciding on what to do with these items, I just want to do it with a little respect for the man and his passing.
And the mirrors, yeah, my parents knew exactly what they were in practice for so they've been tossed away with no thought. I definitely was freaked out when I first saw them haha

Here's a link of the article of the man, but not much has been written. There hasn't been any update about the autopsy, but only that they ruled it as an overdose.

And thank you for the advice, I honestly didn't think of that before, so perhaps in the future I may do so!

- FallenAngel98
Of course it's detailed, I just answered the things you questioned with uncertainty. I only provided what I knew. And I think if a person found someones belongings in their home, they'd be a little spooked too. I do agree with what you said disposing them in a safe way though. I guess whatever it is I decide to do will be the outcome of how his stuff is handled.
I'm not sure exactly what went down, but all I know is from what I saw in the moment of my vision. I do sort of agree that they at least attempted to try and help, but who's to say? Anyone at a party would call for the police or ambulance if they saw someone in a similar situation. It's hard to tell, but that's really all I can say.

Whereas for the necklace my aunt gave me, I don't have a clue why she would give something as precious of hers to me. But from where I stood during that time, I was facing problems, and surrounded by negativity. I look back at it now and think maybe she'd given to me as a way to help balance out what I'd been struggling with, and possibly, it may've held 'powers'. I have a strong feeling that maybe the necklace was the reason I was able to 'regain' what I thought I had lost, and it had abilities to strengthen me as not only a psychic, but person too. But it's only a speculation of mine.

- FallenAngel98

I kind of question myself about that every now and then too. I'm still trying to decipher why I felt that way, and I have a few reasons that could be why, but even that I'm unsure about it.

I think that when I passed the spirits in my old home, their emotions overwhelmed me all at once, and I wasn't used to feeling more than 1 spirit, which I feel was the reason to why I felt so tired. And like my aunt had said, I was at my height of my ability, which unfortunately put a strain of my body and mentality when using it at such an extent. The experience overall was new, so I think that since I'd never felt or done anything like it before, myself as a psychic didn't know how to handle it.
Now my family, it's not that they don't know how to assist me, they literally don't support me whatsoever. I don't like to admit or even mention this, but their negative and close minded. Being around them didn't help me during that time, along with their lack of understanding and acceptance that I am what I am.

But I understand now that what I've done was good of course, I believe I was just living in the moment in a wrong time for being dramatic. When I crossed those spirits, it happened to be a year ago, and a year ago I was less mature to really understand what I've done until after it's happened.

I hope this sheds light and I make sense. If you have anymore questions, or anything, ask away.

- FallenAngel98
I wrote this story in the spur of the moment, so it was very hard for me to include every detail, and I apologize for that. To help clear things up a bit, I truly don't know the real reason why the previous tenants hid his belongings in a place no one would look, but I have somewhat of a 'theory' to maybe why.
I get the feeling they may be responsible for his consumption of the drugs that presumably led to his death. Also, what I didn't include in my story was that when we moved it, there were mirrors attached to the ceiling, a common act in sex play. They left it behind, so this led me to think that the party they had was one that included these activities, along with drugs when this occured.
On the other hand, his belongings consisted of a few clothes, and empty bottles and needles which I have a strong feeling are the items he consumed that caused his death, which makes me question what to do with them.

Again, sorry if I didn't explain so well and left details out haha. This is all I think I can get out without confusing anyone anymore.

- FallenAngel98
From your perspective, it does give me more sight to my situation and to the what ifs, and what I need to do now.
I've been ignoring them for some time now, and I have been meditating and praying so I hope things will settle down.
I've never tried to meditate before, but I believe that could work for me. The salt lining I have done, but not as of recently so I'll most likely do it once more.

I'm also not religious, As far as I know. I don't believe in God, or the devil, but I guess I do believe in the afterlife.
Thanks again!
I'll definitely look into the things you've suggested to me. It seems as though it could help with what I'm dealing with
Thank you for taking time to give some advice! I really appreciate it.
But will voicing to them really make them go? I've never done it, I've only really communicated to them through thoughts then my voice.
And I have cleansed almost weekly, trying different remedies to either create a force field, or hopefully make them go, but nothing is really working.
But I'll definitely try verbally telling them to go, and cleansing my house and room, especially, soon.
Thanks again
Date: 2015-07-15

Alright, thanks. I wasn't so sure, but your advice is helping me a lot.
Date: 2015-07-15
Haha okay. I still don't take offense to any one of your comments, although none of then are offensive, I appreciate the advice. I've tried to cleansing just yesterday. It seems to be doing the trick. But may I ask, do you have to regularly cleanse every so often? Or does it stay there until somehow it's broken?

So sorry, like I said, I'm totally new to all of this.

And no, Tweed, I'm not dreaming on my own desire. If I was, I'd know. Besides, I've been talking to my aunt who happens to be a psychic medium, who is experiences since she is pretty old, and has told me they aren't just 'dreams'.


(haha my username sucks)
Date: 2015-07-14
[at] Angel87

Thanks for the advice. I'm checking out Rooks methods with cleansing
Date: 2015-07-14
[at] lady-glow

No, I don't watch horror movies, or read books that have to do with my dreams.
And yes, one of the dreams did come true. I'm not crazy.
It didn't start until four months after the dreams, he started to get angry and mean.
But no, I'm not very religious. But I do believe there is heaven, but no hell.
Date: 2015-07-14
[at] redwolf

That was before. I know positively that I'm a psychic medium. I know you probably didn't mean that in an offense, which is okay anyways. But no, I don't have a crush on him. When I first communicated to him, he had a sad background, so I let myself become more open and willingly to be by his side. I ultimately felt bad, so I think he became a little too attached. I think it's the other way around.