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Tandra on 2018-01-24

To introduce I am having many unexpected and unexplained experience since my childhood. I have tried to chase every answer I could get. I would like to share a recent experience with YGS. I am learning the paranormal from the West as well as Vedic as well as Tantric Indian and corresponding texts. ...

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Date: 2018-02-05
Hi Ladyglow, RSA Chick

Thanks for your comments.

It's a game of energy positive or negative doesn't matter. Yes I agree with you that the whole scene looked like 'they' were taking care of my Grandmother. To give an overview she was a teacher in govt. School. She was a fat lady who seldom left her bed after her retirement. Her actions were weird as she neared to her death. She was on oxygen 24x7. She died vomiting blood due to fibrosis of lungs.

I have never shared my experiences with any stranger but me and my brother would see and hear weird stuff in our house. We could hear someone breathing all around the house, someone working in kitchen. My brother use to sleep alone when I was away for work he use to see a certain lady peeping from behind the shades at night. I passed several sleepless nights even weird afternoons. That time was gloomy and dark. When I said I think she was overtaken by an unknown entity, I would like to narrate a certain incident. Once my uncle visited his mother (Grandmother) to check her health he asked her to blow a spirometer. She did it for few seconds and went cold and breathless for about 3 mins, as good as dead. My brother was there, panicked he slapped her few times to regain her consciousness. She reviewed but her behavior changed.

[at] RSA Chick/ Ladyglow If you want to know more please let me know. I will share my personal id.

Sorry if I have bored you or if I have not answered your particular question.
Please feel free to ask any questions
Thank You
Jai ShriRam