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Hi! I grew up being a sceptic and never felt afraid. But just few years back an unknown entity whom I called "Dark Lady" just changed my opinion. I do not know what she wants or why she is in my life. It never tried to harm you and I think the incidents were never terrifying however recently I felt afraid but later realized that she never wished so.
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Hello! on 2016-11-28

The month of June was very mysterious for me. I have narrated my experiences until 20th June and now I'll write further. I wrote and submitted this story back in July but I didn't publish it due to some reasons. One night my mom fell ill. She had high fever so we decided to sleep bit earlier than...

My Haunted Childhood And Mamma's Experience on 2016-06-29

In all of my previous stories I have mentioned about all the experiences from my teenage but actually I had many experiences in my childhood that I never took seriously and ignored or my parents just explained me it was my imagination. My mother tells me before I was born my parents lived in a go...

My Horrifying Nights on 2016-06-23

So far I have narrated many of my personal experiences here on this site by my stories. It's all because of that unknown entity and why she is doing it. The reason is still unknown nearly after 4 years after from the time it started. It was 24th May, late night. The whole city was dark because of...

She's Still There on 2016-01-05

Months ago I submitted my two stories stating my ghost experiences until March, 2014 but it was not the end, the haunting continued. However in the year 2014 nothing much happened with me and it was a marvellous year for me. I was bit happy that the paranormal activities ended; however, then aft...

The Dark Lady 2 on 2015-04-13

Two weeks before I posted a story named ''The Dark Lady'' and now I am going to tell you about other paranormal happenings that held to me. One night I was lying on the bed to sleep. It was I think May, 2013. I suddenly closed my eyes and remember I was not asleep. I saw the same lady in burka ly...

The Dark Lady on 2015-03-23

I lost my father in June 2012 when I was in class VIII. Now I live with my mother in an apartment. In the November of same year I was selected for an inter school maths competition. Our maths teacher decided to have extra classes for all the participants. Another boy of my batch was selected for...

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Date: 2017-07-12
I should say you write very well. The story keeps the reader glued to itself until its very end.

And coming to your story, I never thought a paranormal account can be so beautiful and also full of grief. Honestly this one is bit hard to believe, yet I want to believe. Going to my favs.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2017-03-05
Hi Bittersweet,
Well its too surprising and also freaky on its part for two people having similar experience who are separated miles apart but surely its not more than a co-incidence. Sorry for a late reply and thanks for adding my story in your favs. 😊
I have been living with an unknown entity for years unaware of the reason for being her around me. Sometimes the incidents turn too freaky but eventually I realise that she wants to tell me something and I fail to understand everytime. I think the same is the case with you.

When you resisted it left immediately and neither came in your dreams after that. This very well proves that it didn't want to harm you or scare but only wanted to convey you something and when it felt that it was harming you it had no option but to leave.

Your story was very interesting. Going to my favs.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2017-02-12
The vanishing of coffee seems that it just wants to make you both feel of its presence or one can guess that he or she might have liked coffee when alive.

It reminds me of one of my incident when someone unknown served food for me when I was about to do it on my own.

Nice story. Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2017-02-09
Well honestly I don't know why I love the stories that involve woods.

I loved your story and its terrific that he lost his ability to speak. One cannot even imagine what he might have wittnessed that night. We should understand that taking risks with the paranormal just for the sake of bet is not worth it. Its been a long I read a story here on this site.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2017-01-03
Thanks, Vivek for taking out time and reading my story.

Regards! 😊
Date: 2017-01-03
Oh sorry Vivek, I meant thanks for reading! And again A Happy New Year! 😊
Date: 2017-01-03
Vivek, my mother is absolutely fine and by the way this incident dates back to June, 2016.

Yes I do think she wants to communicate but every time she fails to express or I fail to understand every time.

Thanks for sharing and a Happy New Year! 😊
Date: 2017-01-02
The sweetest account on this site. Not a drop of terror, not that chilling encounter yet heart winning. Going to my favs. 😊

Thanks for sharing! And Happy New Year! 😊

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2016-12-27
Vivek! Well it seems too odd when I am using my name for someone else. 😆

Well I agree with tweed. Normally if you'll try to find about your experience on the net, say google, ten you will be presented a list of horrifying tales saying that doppelgangers are the signs of evil and even signify death but here on this site you'll see many stories where nothing of this sort occurred after seeing a doppelganger so just chill and even 15 years have been passed of your experience and I can hope that nothing wrong occurred with you or your parents.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
OMG 😨. Its horrifying upto fits. Well but I like beyond the limits horror hence its going into my favs.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2016-12-20
Well lady glow and SBD, I would like to apologise and don't mind about it. Its rightly said about the roof. It should be called terrace actually but please understand that here many people from around the globe share experiences and definitely some of them don't have English as their mother tongue, so these things can happen. I truly think we should focus on the paranormal incidents shared and not the things like that how a two storey place was fit for 20 people or when did the winter start. Let me tell you that sometimes it happened here within 10 years that winter came soon and at many places even 30 people live in a two storey building.

Coming to the story. It was really really spinechilling. It just gave me goosebumps. The red eyes and women in Niqab. One cannot imagine how your uncle would have thought.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Very spooky tale. It leaves you griefsticken after realizing the misfortune of that child. May her soul rest in peace.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2016-12-06
An interesting account and with an interesting title.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Yes maybe she was your grandmother. Just wanted to make you all realize that she is still there for you all. 😁

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2016-12-05
Well can't say its paranormal or a snake. If its paranormal then surely its going to be rarest of the rare experience but still there is a possibility that it could be a rattle snake.

Anyways thanks for sharing! 😊
Welcome to YGS Alisha94

You told you work in a funeral home, maybe the happening has any connection with that place. Do share your other experiences here.

Thanks for sharing!
Losing a parent kills! 😭

The concern for loved ones is beyond the ties of birth and death. The care is immortal. Your mother visiting you gives peace to heart in its own way.

And by the way it was not at all boring. Its a sweet account. Do share your other experiences. We'll be keen to know.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2016-12-01
Hi sweetsunshine, well first of all I need to say that you do not need to be sorry for expressing your opinion. Its a place to share personel paranormal experiences and expressing our views regarding them. So its completely fine.

Well next I think tormentation or sinister desire are bit heavy words. She never tried to harm neither me or my mother at least during these last 4 years if it is the same entity that existed in my childhood.

Next I would agree that it really wants to say something. Something she wants me to know about but is always unsuccessful to express herself or I fail to understand even when I want.

And now my Mom is fine. Thanks for your concern anyway.

Thanks for commenting! 😊 😊 😊
Well Happy New Year to you too 😆. At least in advance.

I think the thought that your grandmother came to meet you gives peace and comfort in its own way and 'certain' things should be left unanswered because there is peace in believing what simply the situations in front of us express.

Nice story! Going to my favs!

Thanks for Sharing! 😊