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Hi All,

My name is Sadaf (saher). I love reading books, especially novels, I love everything about ghost stories may that be writing my true experiences, reading experiences or listening to it.

I as well love making new friends & talking to them & knowing about their experiences in life, as the saying goes "there is no end to learning".
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A House Haunting on 2016-10-17

We hail from a small city close to Goa. After living in the crowded city like Bangalore for about four years, then coming back to my roots always feels amazing. This incident happen to me as soon after I came back from Bangalore and decided stay with my parents as my brother was about to go Abroad a...

Childhood Friend In Trouble on 2015-09-03

The Story is about a very close childhood friend, let's call her Jessy. We live in a small town in Karnataka, and Jessy has been with me since my school days and is a very close friend of mine. Since our place is a small town there are no proper job opportunities so we youngsters go to well deve...

The Backyard Of My House on 2015-05-11

This all began recently when I came home from Bangalore after a very long time (3.5 years). I have a very big compound at the backside of the house which has fence and at the very end is the river and across the river is the burial ground. The network near my area is very bad so I'll have to go...

My Aunt Still With Me? on 2015-05-04

I live in a small town in Karnataka. I was very close to an aunt of mine who lived not far than 35kms from my place. As a child I was either living with my mom if not her then my aunt. I loved her a lot. But on one unfortunate day as she was putting some kerosene in the stove her dress caught fir...

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Date: 2017-10-09
I have no clue about the significance of the red saree... But guess they can be seen in the last dress what they were while they die... M Still not sure about it... 🤔
Date: 2016-11-28
Hi Lady Glow,
My apologies for the late reply... To answer your questions...
1. We are a very religious family so we thought that regular prayers would not let any harmful vibes harm us... We were aware of the rumours going on about the house, but we thought its just people cooking stories.

2. My aunt was staying in the same house and they had acquired the front portion room of the house.

3. Its been 10 long years this experience happen to me.

Never open the door when there is 3 knocks. 3 knocks in a rhythm is said to be evil. If you open the door at that very moment it might harm you or enter the house. Please do not open the door at that moment.
Stay Blessed 😊
Hi Dido,

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. I can understand how you would have felt at the wedding without your Mom, when they come visiting you that's the biggest sign of relief that they are still looking after you.
God Bless her soul. 😊
Date: 2016-10-27
Hi willow12,

A heart warming story. God Bless your Cousin. I guess he loved your daughter a lot.
Amazing Story! I guess your father-in-law wanted you to keep the gift with you!
HunterofGhost-That's sweet of you to clear my doubts. Thanks a lot 😊. So basically the people who stayed there were in to black magic right? As far as my opinion goes, I seriously hate people who use black magic to harm others out of their own jealousy... I know that because I am still suffering from a black magic done on me & my family. As the Black magic has been screwing mine & my family's happiness for almost 11 years now. Can someone please help me with the suggestions as to how can I get rid of this 'SHIT' forever?
Hey HunterOfGhost,

I loved the story, but have a question for you... What has hands to do with the animals killing? I am sorry but I can't relate to the things. Can you please explain? I would love to understand the things correctly.

Thanx. 😊
Thanks for the suggestion Rook. I'll Surely ask her to do that. Hope that helps. 😊

It feels the same as she would feeling in her previous lodging room.


I am a Muslim & my friend is a Hindu. The religion doesnot matter, i'll ask her to chant that. Thanx for the concern.


Seems like a new thing I heard today. Will surely ask her to try.

Thanx all for the ideas & I hope & pray that it helps.
Date: 2015-09-11
Hey Alex,

A very good story... Looking forward for more experiences
Date: 2015-09-11
Thank you sheetal... I am glad you liked my story. Stay Blessed 😊
Date: 2015-09-11
Hi nosidaM,

Thank you 😊 I know she is there to watch for all her children 😊
She said yes, She was thrown physically from the bed.

She does read Hanuman Chalisa daily. But some days that also does not help.

Red Wolf,
The Priest said he can only tell us about why things are happening & he has no powers to help us out, so he asked us to go to a different priest to take help.
Date: 2015-08-31

Please do share! Waiting for your new stories 😊God Bless 😊

Please do share any moire experiences if you had in that church... 😊
Date: 2015-08-28

Waiting for your story Rohan, Thanx for answering my query... 😊
Date: 2015-08-28

Amazing Story! You have a very good sense of humor... Enjoyed reading your story... Please do share more of your stories... 😆
Date: 2015-08-27
I feel sorry for you... But just pray to God & try to avoid the noises, as if you did not hear it... I know it's not possible but try it... That might work some day... Just pray to God every day without fail. Always remember, there is a power above every evil power, that will help you some day... God Bless! ❤ 😊
Date: 2015-08-24
Hey Rohan,

Just loved it... Is like the story I want to read... Thanx a ton for sharing this... Just a small question I have for u... It is said that if an evil spirit is latched to you or your family it creates great problems... For Eg: Financial problems & Mental negativity mainly... Did that ever happen to your family? BTW... This story goes right in my Favorites... ❤