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Living In Fear All Of My Life on 2015-04-28

I am new to submitting stories on here but I have been reading ghost stories off of YGS everyday for about a year. In advance I would like to apologize for any grammar mistakes I will make. My first experience with the paranormal was when I was maybe 4 and I was sitting on my sister's "Sabrina" ...

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Valkricry, my sister is now on medication so she isn't as bad but some days are worse so it varies. -Vicky
I don't even know how the demon part became the largest part of this thing. It was either a demon or it wasn't!
Sds, thank you. Like I said to Rook I believe that demons don't always listen. And I think demons would have more reason to terrorize Christians than the people who don't care. They try to break down believers.

Grimwiz13, thank you. I agree people should do more research. I believe that depression, etc can manifest demonic things.
Rook, I mean I stick strongly to what I saw and know. I believe even though we Christians bless our houses not all evil spirits listen. Before my sister moved out the energy felt bad and evil. When she left it changed drastically. My sister wasn't going through puberty when she left she was probably 22 but thanks for your ideas. I strongly respect your take on this. Thank you alot.
RazersharpShadow191 and spockie, thank you for the advice. When my sister Samantha was living with us she often felt like there was negative energy coming from her room. She also felt stuff watching her. She would feel like someone was sitting on her bed when there was no one there. I also would feel very uncomfortable being in her room at night. We would see shadowy figures sitting in the corner of her room.
And my family and I regularly annoit and bless our house.
Thank you, Vicky
Rook, I do believe that our house had demons in it at one time... And my sister Samantha wasn't even going through puberty anymore. We annoit and bless our house regularly.