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Spirit Not At Peace, Wanting Communication on 2015-05-12

This happened in March 2013. I still feel sad as I relate the events that took place. My family and I frequent a local medical center. We are normally treated by a certain lady GP but if she is not available then we opt for a male GP, let's call him Dr C. All in, we probably have been treated by Dr ...

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Tweed, I realised that he was only trying to "talk" to me re the ankle brace... And to be honest, I am ashamed of myself for not hanging on and seeing what he had to share but I was really scared too. I know he is a gentle spirit but I get spooked easy. If I could turn back the time, I would have made myself "listen" to him but its over now. Most importantly, I believed he is finally at peace. When thoughts of him come to my mind now, I could actually see him smiling and there is a soft, warm glow sort of feeling.
Dear ladynoira and Tweed, thank you for such a warm welcome to this forum. Dr C was indeed a lovely, gentle and kind person. It was so unfortunate that he succumbed to his depression the way he did. I felt his pain and his confusion so clearly. To be honest, I was also very nervous about communicating with Spirits. I have been told by different people that I am "sensitive" but the spiritual realm is an unknown for me and it scares me. It could be due to my mum's experiences with the supernatural that scarred me from a very early age. There are lot's more I could share, most of them my mum's stories but me as a spectator and observer throughout the years. The best outcome for this experience with Dr C is that I know he has finally found peace. May God bless and keep his soul at peace.
Date: 2015-05-19
Hi, AngeLeeS

I really enjoyed your story. I have never had any spirit whisper actual words but I have once had one laughed, right next to my ear. It's weird, it's like he was right there beside me, close to my ear but if I really think hard about it, the laughter though loud and clear also at the same time felt far away... If you know what I mean. I freaked out big time! If they ever spoke to me in words... I think I will die of fright! Continue to pray for protection and I hope it will not disturb you anymore.
Date: 2015-05-18
Rahul, I havd seen s spirit once. It took the form of my dad and it was wearing clothes that my dad normally wears. Never heard of naked ghosts before.