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Not Sure If It Is God Against A Ghost... But Really Scary on 2015-05-13

They say if you don't believe in ghost, you have high chance of curiosity and luck to see one. I had two sightings in the same day which scared me to the core and dad later explained to me of what really happened when I fainted. My dad has some sort of thing which he sees things when he sleeps. ...

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[at] phd:
Yeah man... Got used to it now a days living there...
Date: 2015-06-29
Hey man... Even I'm from mogappair and curious to see that neem tree you are talking about. Let me know if I can help you in locating it and atleast have the spirit let go in peace by putting some god photo in that place.
Pjs1977 & BrokenTree - Thanks a lot... But I did pass out:)

Yup... Wishing for what we want is always risky...