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A Shared Experience on 2017-10-07

This is one of the most weird and fascinating paranormal experience I ever had. I have a friend named C. Who used to visit haunted houses at night with some friends of hers. I visited her one day after a long time and she informed me of her latest adventures at haunted places. I was really thrille...

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Date: 2017-10-20
I find this conversation really interesting and amusing. I can not really tell if that is the case because I was never interested in learning about OBE. What I can really tell for sure is that a lot of other strange things, have also, happened to me in the past which are more weird than this story. I hope to see your comments at my next storiew. Thank you for your advice and for making me interested in learning what OBE is. 😁
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Date: 2017-10-20
It is really rare for me to feel tired after waking up. I usually feel that way after sleeping for many hours which happens during summer and before you ask, yes I see this kind of dreams during summer. However I truly believe that I feel tired because I sleep a lot and not because of my dreams.
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Date: 2017-10-19
Hi guys. Unfortunately my friend had not taken any photos that day, so I can not really tell if we saw the same thing although I asked her about the ghosts appearance and we concluded that it look exactly the same.
I never hear sound in my dreams so I can not relly tell if I talked to someoneneither I saw anyone. Ijust had the feeling that I was with some kids.
I have experienced OBE once when I was in elementary school.
I am not really sure if we can be considered close friends. The truth is that I become really attached with people although most of them do not feel the same.
For some reason my dreams can not be influenced by my everyday life. In most of my dreams I see places I have never seen before, I talk with people I do not know and I do some really crazy but interesting things like talking with ancient gods. I know I am really weird but I can not say I do not enjoy this. I truly love my dreams.
The author.
Hello. I am new in this web but I thing I can help you because for a strange reason I can understand what the spirits want to say. It was not a good idea not accepting what the white shadow wanted to give you because it was a good spirit. You must not get near the dark shadows because they want to harm you. If you see the white spirit again you must accept it's gift, it is very important.
Date: 2015-06-08
Do not worry, my country has a variety of stories like that. The thing you saw wasn't a demon, it was a spirit of nature which wanted to know if you or your family were a threat to it's home.
Date: 2015-06-06
It was a wise choice not to let you sleep in that room again because that was an evil spirit. If it was a real ghost it wouldn't know your name.
Do not worry, my country has a variety of stories like that. The thing you saw is a spirit or guardian of nature. It can do no harm unless you invade into it's home or try to harm it.
Your grandpa has something against you and your brother. You have to ask your father why your grandpa may hate you. What exactly do you mean when you say that he abused you?
You did the right thing moving out from that house. That wasn't a ghost but an evil spirit which wanted to hurt you.
Date: 2015-05-18
Do not worry, that ghost isn't an evil one. She is afraid because she can not find her sister. I believe that she is attached to you because she believes that, you due to the fact that you are an older sister, you can help her. If you want to help her and live peacefully in your house you have to tell her to go to the light and that her sister and grandma is on the other side of the light. Try it, you have nothing to lose.
To my mind some people can see ghosts because they subconsciously want to see them. Ghosts appear to people because they need help about something. What that ghost wanted from you is very clear to me, do you understand what he wanted from you?
Do not worry, I can understand how you feel. I have the same problems with you:dreams which come true, ghosts in the middle of the night,whispers.You do not need to see a doctor for these problems. I am a teenager too but due to the fact that i'm like a magnet to supernatural, and that is why I try to understand it, I thing that I can help you. If you ever need an adviceor have a question do not hesitate to ask me.
Date: 2015-05-17
It's my firm conviction that ghosts are spirits of dead people who have unfinished business and which they want despairetly to finish. An example of this is that story you have told.
please let me know if my advice was useful. If it doesn't work then call an exorcist because that will mean that it is not a ghost.
Why don't you simple apologize? If it is true that it has became angry because of you then the only thing left is to apologize to it. I think that it may help you if you make it understand your problem. Weird advice, isn't it?