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Ghost From The Past on 2015-07-02

I just want to share what had happened to me growing up in a small village. I should tell you that I lived with my parents in a small, fisherman village in the north part of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. Well, my parents are native in that small village and has been living there all their life. I to...

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Date: 2015-07-02
Thank you for all your supportive comment, I really appreciate it.

[at] Lynne2015: I agree with you, it's both blessing and a curse. The blessing would be that I grow up become a brave person not easily afraid but the curse I would say have more effects than the blessing. For instance, when I was a teenagers I lost the ability to seeing ghost entirely as the night terror reduce ceaselessly. But the problem is I still get the premonition and it making me sick, literally. I always got sick and recover quite longer than I normally would when I got the premonition. When I sick because of the premonition at night I would called out for the name of my relatives and I would cry for no reason until they phoned us the next day informing that my cousin have passed away. That always happens.

[at] Larkin: My parents are very supportive because they do believe in supernatural things. Actually the whole neighborhood does. You wouldn't even believe if I told you the story surrounding my cousin's death. It was too strange too be true but it is true. It make quite a shock to the whole village. Our village is surrounded by beaches and thick forest and our villagers believe there's something bad in the forest, the "something bad" sometimes follow my dad's home. But that would be in another story.