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Interested in anything paranormal (Ouija boards, demons, ghosts, etc). It's fascinating, if you think about why/how it happens.

Had my fair share of paranormal experiences.
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Unknown Experience on 2015-05-21

I would like to start off saying that this post is NOT a lie, fib, exaggeration, etc. This is my own experience, and if you are skeptic, read this (or don't, I don't care). I've had my own hit with a ghostly encounter before. Only once, though. I am not an expert on what happened, since it was aw...

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The ending, "...the activity stopped, and has not been back until this year," made me think about how awful it came afterwards. Did the activity worsen as soon as it came back?

The hand that grabbed you - did it feel REAL, or just a cold, fake feeling? I would say to use a Ouija board, but that might just upset the entity.

I hope what's been bothering you stops sooner or later. (Hopefully sooner!)

Keep us all posted!

PS - Sorry for the questions.:)