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Traingle Shaped Neckalce That Followed Me on 2015-05-21

It all started about a year ago after my friend's dad died. I was homeless but had a job and my buddy had asked me to move in to help cover bills and everything. Once I had my couple bags of clothes moved in, we decided to go downtown to this old insane asylum that turned into a retirement home ...

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will normal rock salt do? Like the stuff to clear your sidewalk in the winter?
Date: 2015-06-17
that's a nice story. They say dogs are mans best friends for a reason, they know who they love... I like stories like this
Date: 2015-06-17
is that the picture of zozo on your story? I don't really see anything but smoke.
Date: 2015-06-17
I want to see the picture of this zozo, does anyone know link to it?
thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I'm going to try these out. I still have the necklace and stuff kind of stopped for a little bit, but it seems like every 2 weeks something happens in our house.
[at] ROOKDYGIN, 110% promise I put that necklace down, actually I remember just kind of throwing it back into the place where we originally found it that night.

I have been seeing this one random person in my dreams a couple times a week. Usually when I see this person I get wake up to dog barking hysterically.
Other ten that its been really small stuff, even one day when I came home the necklace (which I keep in my top drawer) was on my floor in the living room.

I'm going to try everything yal suggested, first I'm burying it. Ill post details about what happens.

Thanks everyone
your doing a good thing... That's awesome, but what are you going to do if like peachesop said, just be careful just in case man