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Why Only To Me? on 2016-08-04

I was very fearful of ghosts when I was in school. Even darkness. A mere flicker of a tube light would chill my spine. Whenever I stepped inside a room, I made sure that the lights are on. Everyone in my family knew about my cowardice. My brother and sisters used to prank on me and often tease me. B...

Who, What And Why? on 2016-01-28

As I had written earlier, I had leased house in a village very near to Ramnagar during my studies. My parents were in Bangalore. Sometimes I loved my privacy. My friends used to be there with me after our classes. I showed them computer and its operations. When my 3rd semester was approaching, we...

Worst Night Of My Life on 2015-05-26

First of all, I compliment the owners of this site. Basically, I'm from Bangalore and this is my own experience when I was a Commerce student in 2008. I was studying in Kuvempu University near Kengal, Ramnagar (famous by the name of Ramgarh as in Bollywood movie 'Sholay'). I had leased a 2 BHK house...

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Date: 2016-11-04
Hi Pragya, thanks for the comments. Can you provide me your mail Id plz?
Date: 2016-09-17
Thank you AdelePhytler. Most of the people doesn't understand the unseen. But you are excellent. Add me as your pal.
Date: 2016-08-05
Hello Skylark574, I imagined your state of mind by reading your story. If not for the marks on your legs (as you say), I would have to agree with sds's theory. Anyways be strong and have a good life.
Hi Good-ghosts,
Horrible experience indeed. But according to me, you shouldn't be worried about your baby. You were right when you said that all babies are sensitive towards paranormal. Often we hear stories of hotels and lodges to be haunted. Sometimes, it happens. Your baby is just fine and I'm sure, its strong too.
Date: 2016-08-04
Hello ChippyCho,
I agree with lady-glow. Lack of sleep causes hallucinations. And also using OB isn't a good thing for everyone. Its amazing if you inadvertently encounter ghosts or spirits. But disturbing the souls is insane. Not discouraging you though on having said that. Have a healthy life and good luck to you bro.
I agree with 'sweetsunshine1800' the house may be haunted. Some of the spirits who have lost life tragically, keep wandering around without having any other thing to do after death. These spirits attach themselves to some people who loves living alone and also who is sympathetic towards them. It happens often to some people who can understand these things, but cannot explain to others.
Similar things happened to me. I have shared some stories on this site. You can check out.
Thanks for your story.!
Date: 2016-02-28
Talib Sahab wlkmaslm,
I have heard people encounter jinns. But I don't know how much it is true. But the word 'Jinn' is fascinating. Jinns are mentioned in the Quran. Other than this, I couldn't find more knowledge on them. And I didn't even require that.
I believe in God & that is enough for me. 😊 Thanx for reading & for your comment. ❤
Date: 2016-02-21
Dear Sds, Most of the villagers have heard about a crippled man requesting for a lift (two wheelers especially). All the men who have reported their encounter with him are from other cities. He takes these people for a ride by getting a lift from them & asks them to drop him at some silent, vacant place. One person is reported to have met with an accident after dropping him near a cemetery. Another of my friend from Bangalore told me that he has felt something flying behind him until he crossed highway. And I heard these things only after I experienced it myself. Yet none of the locals have seen him. I'm from Bangalore. And this incident is as much true as my life. Even I'm not sure who this crippled person was. But the way he disappeared from my sight in moments, didn't seem normal to me. It's still a mystery to me.
Date: 2016-02-20
Thanks for the comment friends. Hamza, it did occur to me about jinns being with me several times in my life. But I have faith in God who is the greatest protector.!
And Mack I respect your query & with great pleasure I would like to answer. I was on a bike. In the silent night, the bike's engine seems loud enough to cover other sounds. And moreover, it was a luxury bus which doesn't make much noise. It didn't even horn. Also, I was in a hurry to get away from that place and was thinking about going home soon. When I reached Sheru's hotel, I rotated my bike in opposite direction and stopped. Just to hurry. Now, I was on the bike which was ON (neutral) facing the highway. That means from my right hand side the road goes towards Mysore. And from my Left is the way towards Bangalore. And I have to cross this highway and go on a street road to reach my area. The luxury bus was coming from right side (probably from Mysore) which I couldn't sense. All this happened in a very few seconds. I shifted my bike's gear from Neutral to 1 & accelerated it & stopped suddenly. Hope you are clear about it now brother.! Thanks
Sister Nazmin, I read your comment and your experience with mystery in your home. I agree with azhar on most of his points. I recommend you to continue prayers. Namaz, Qur'an and your faith on Allah almighty can make you get rid of whatever troubles you have. Be patient & please do not make an issue of this mystery. Atleast until this things are stopped. May Allah help you & your family. And greetings to all the readers.
Date: 2016-01-28
I thank the team of this site for publishing my story. I'm thankful to Tweed, sds, sheetal, sushantkar & all for their comments. Sorry for late reply. I would like to discuss more of my life. My grandfather was a priest respected for his knowledge & nature. He had no fears for ghosts, jinns or any paranormal things. Infact he had understood exorcism & had cured several possessed people. He did not boast about his knowledge. He lived without troubling anyone & died peacefully when I was very young. Even my father is not afraid of such things. He knows several languages & has lot of Patience. Whenever I discussed about such experiences to him, he says that 'jinns, ghosts & devils are also a part of soul of this world. And there is nothing to be feared about. Because they too are creations of god.'
Since childhood I've had number of such experiences which surely I would share with you friendly people here. Most of them are from Ramnagar. I knew this place since I was in school. Most of my relatives live there. This place is known for ghosts. Many old houses to this day are haunted.
Thanks again.