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I have studied into grimoires, ancient books, libraries, religions and the internet about everything I can about anything.

I am also learning from Coven Witches and a Lady with 50+ years of experience of anything I can.
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What Do I Do? Zozo Encounter on 2015-05-27

Everyone, yes I am new here. Yes, people will most likely think I am lying for this, I can assure you, I am not. At lunch during school day, a few friends and I went into a room alone. Two sat out only watching, while my friend Sam and I did the Ouija board. We asked if anyone as there, we got...

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I understand what you are saying but there are still plenty of differences between a Ouijia Board and a Spirit Board.
Yes they do the same thing but are still very much so different.

Yes they can be closed, but not entirely. If a spirit has traveled through the board, it'll stay open until the spirit is dealt with, sometimes they are, sometimes they are not.

I understand that you are basing off your own experience and so on, but so am I.
I have coven friends, mediums and people whom do this daily telling me things and teaching me upon my own research, please understand my side of this information as well.

I hope you understand,

Okay, everyone,
So since this last post I left for a few months and delved into a lot of studying.
Thank you all for your help and all, but in return, hopefully I can now help others as I will be able to post a lot more things with more verified reasoning and sources.

My studying has gone into internet, libraries, grimoires, ancient books and friends whom have family in a coven or have studied this stuff their entire life (them being near 50+ of age.) so I can now say,

Thank you for your help.
Thank you for your responses and so on.
Thank you everyone.

OB can never be closed, if you read each of the stories here you can tell that even when people say 'goodbye' that they still are haunted or something after coming in contact with the board.
It also has my own personal experience as I went in contact with a OB and a spiritual board and now constantly having surroundings of them. (Spiritual Board is when no negative or evil spirits can contact you, only the good ones, so if you ever want to play with a board, use a spiritual board I suggest.)

Also, I have asked my familiar friends who generally live by this, have a coven or as such.

After I first posted here, I left for a few months and learnt all I can, and still am learning, however it if up to you and the others if you believe, decide to do your own research and so on.

All I am asking, is take my word into mind and be careful.

For a while now, I have been study into the grimoires, ancient books, even delving into religions to find their beliefs and all.
I always am on the internet or even the library so I can find out about this stuff.

My friends mother as well has a few ghosts that live in her house (she banished the evil ones as the ones that live there, protect her) and herself said that Mikal isn't a good one at all... It's suggested to do all to escape that grasp too.

So yes, my information can be taken as fake, but it's just my opinion in trying to help.
Once opened a OB, you cannot close it. Even if you say 'goodbye'. After evoking the board, no matter what, it's awake and will always be there. It just depends if it can bother you or not.

I suggest maybe getting some cleansing crystal and sage.
First of, place the crystal in pure water under a full moon for a night, then either place the under your pillow or in each of the rooms you don't feel right in. It's always good to hold onto on.
With the sage, burn it around the house.

I hope this helps.
Date: 2015-10-11
I've had a few encounters like these...
But a figure like this travels from my dreams to outside my door, sometimes out in the open during the day.

When I always ask some people around me if they see it, they always reply 'there was something, but gone now' (well said more to their way of saying it but this in general.)

I would love to hear anything you get about this... Something like this s always around... Always wanting to know anything about it.
Hey there,

I came here to read this story and was to see if it was just a shout of something like the usual stories or something more interesting.

Since at the very young age (first few years of being born), I have been into the supernatural stuff. My whole family is (generally but anyway) and all I can suggest that is if your mother won't let you do that...
Get some sage and burn it around the house.
Also some pure filled crystal? The clearer, the better. If it's a light color or clear, over time just check them to see if they get cloudy or not.
Also, go to church. That is a good way to get free from it all as well.

I myself don't believe in churches, but for some they work, for some they don't.

All I can suggest is make a diary, write down dates, times and what happens as best you can and keep it updated.

Good Luck.

All I can say that if the so called spirit was 'Mikal' I would say, get your butt outta there and fast...

Mikal is another way known as a demon. Not just improvised as Michael the Archangel.
Neither is good either way, but if it was the actual demon Mikal, he is a huge liar. As in HUGE.
It's never good to talk to him unless he will say 'I want to relate to something in your past'
That is the only time he will be true and actually nice.
Otherwise he just a good ol' demon trying to be nice and friendly or mean and to get closer to ya.

But whatever and however you take it, please be careful.
Okay, after reading all the comments.
Yes, people still like to be rude and just claim I don't know what i'm doing or I should just go back to doing school shiat.

I have grown up with this type of stuff all my life,
I came here after reading so many stories and asking for advice after something happened.

ZoZo has been around since the 1800s, is it that wrong to after doing study and shiat to ask for some advice?

I have friends that were there, experiencing crap that they never have before. I have heard so many stories that they want to try the board again just to try and get some answers.
Yes, I know from this comment of mine people will most likely say 'stop playing with the board!' and stuff similar to that.
I'm not playing with it, I know the rules, I know when to get the frick outta there and move your butt asap.

All I asked was for advice in what to do.
Not to run, not to stop 'playing' with the board.
So please... Just state your advice, kindly and not being all rude and mean when it's not needed.
Thank you...