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The Bingham Light Continued on 2016-04-18

Not too far from my hometown is a small community out in the bush (or "boondocks" as many of you may say) called, 'Bingham'. For almost 200 years it has been known that Bingham has had a paranormal phenomena popularly known as the, 'Bingham Light'. No one as of yet can explain what it really is but ...

Figure Passing By The Door on 2016-01-13

Date: Early 90s I am not quite sure of the exact year this took place but I know that it was between the years 1992-1994. When my siblings and I were younger we used to sleep with the bedroom door open all the time. You know how you have those nights when you'll wake up and can't seem to go back ...

The Master Bedroom on 2016-01-13

Date: Various. Circa 1998-1999 Before you read this, I just wanted to say that given the title of this entry, I hate for this to sound like some sort of cliche title of a horror movie. However, the title is indeed very fitting, and the story will speak for itself. My house has had a lot of pa...

Voice In The Backyard on 2016-01-13

Date: circa 2014 What happened in this event was extremely odd but I am not sure if I can pin it down to being an actual entity. I was at my parents' house on my laptop listening to music throughout most of the night. Time went by and next thing I knew the hour was within 4 am. My mother w...

Spirit Passing Through My Room on 2015-12-09

Date: circa Summer 2006 I cannot remember the exact date but all I know was that this encounter in particular was in 2006. One night I had turned the TV off and was trying to get some sleep. The moon was bright lit on this night and it was a clear sky, but I had the window blinds closed tight so ...

Protected By Our Dog on 2015-10-14

Date: circa August 1998 This is one event that I will never forget as long as I live. I recall the time being a few days or so before the new school year began. I think I may have just had my orientation earlier that same day or a few days before. Anyway, it was within the hour of 10 PM and I was...

The Bingham Light on 2015-07-08

NOTE: I copied and pasted this story from my personal blog. Even though the events first took place a few years prior, the actual story was written back in 2013-2014. However, earlier this year (2015) I made an updated conclusion on my evolved thoughts regarding the nature of this phenomena. Now ...

Strange Noise On Bottom Bunk on 2015-07-07

This encounter happened when I was 12. It was a week before Thanksgiving, 1997 and I had gotten suspended from school for about 3-4 days for something petty. On the first day of my suspension I was awakened by the sound of the plastic cover moving on the bottom bunk (The plastic protective covering ...

Who Was Walking Around The House? on 2015-07-07

This encounter in particular was just outright odd. Nothing that would make you scream in terror, but it was disturbing. First of all, before I go into the story let me explain the layout of my house because the rest of the story won't make sense if I don't. My house is a 1-story brick home. A...

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Date: 2016-08-15
Miracles51031 You're right and that's understandable. My apologies for that!
Date: 2016-08-14
Hi Ceekat! By any chance could you give the name of the place? I really do want to check it out soon if its possible.
Date: 2016-08-08
Sorry to bump a 5 year old story but this is actually the first story I read on this site, so I'm just now deciding to add my comment. The part that really freaked me out in your story is when your brother in law was standing at the storm door and saw a shadow coming up the ramp. Then the icing on the cake was when you asked him who's there and he had a blank stare on his face and said nobody.

Talking about freaky! Has he since mentioned any of his sentiments on that event?
Date: 2016-08-06

This is another comment from me. Every event that took place in your story was eerie, but after reading it again several times, one detail just now somehow managed to catch my attention... The part with the lamp.

In order to produce that bright halo effect on the embalming room door, to me that indicated that the lamp from the lobby must've laid down or leaned over as you were preparing to walk into that room, but given all of the odd occurrences that already just happened, I'm willing to bet one of the ghosts that were present at the time had something to do with it. Again, EERIE. What were your immediate thoughts upon seeing that?

Another thing... I was reading through some of the more recent comments and found where you mentioned something about you and fellow staff seeing what you all thought was a decedent walking down the hall towards the storage rooms, only to find the body still in the embalming room, my question to you is what was it that kept you from totally freaking out? Lol no joke, that is absolutely unsettling in every sense of the word.
Date: 2016-07-05
MarvinScott Could you describe the lady's appearance? Also did she look semi-transparent or solid just as a regular person?

The fact that she came seemingly out of nowhere and that expression you saw on her face gave me the creeps.
Date: 2016-07-05
Wow! That is extremely eerie. Even scarier was that the setting took place in a funeral home.

I'm with PunkysMama on this one. I don't see how you could've stayed in there. Work or not, that would've been an automatic cue to exit for me.

Btw, Tweed and Biblio have some very interesting points to consider there. Never thought of it that way.
Hi Blue,

Just read your story. Your story hits home because I know the feeling all too well when you know "IT" is around. That prickly sensation along with the feeling of a soul piercing blanket of cold is definitely a sign of a presence. I used to experience this all the time growing up in my childhood home. Even though most of the times you don't hear or see nothing, the feeling from the presence just gives you insight about it, whether it's male or female, young or old, malevolent or benign, etc.

Like others have said, I am glad that it chose not to follow you to your new place. There is no telling what the motives behind it were. I don't like to jump to conclusions but I got a deep sense that had it continued long enough, it would've eventually gotten more brave to the point that it would've shown more physical activity, whether to be harmful or just for attention. That's just the feeling I got from reading the story anyway.

I know you may not be interested in reconnecting with her (and from the sound of it I couldn't blame you) but I am rather curious about whether or not your former roommate experienced anything after you moved out though. With hauntings like these the reasons "why" and the aftermath becomes more intriguing in hindsight.
UPDATE 2: 4-30-16

Whats up guys!

Tonight I went out to Bingham and ended up staying from about 10PM until 12:30AM. I do have a few videos of me in the area (though not of the light itself) but they were so long that they took up all of the remaining space on my phone, then it eventually quit recording. Sucks. With that said, I'm going to have to manually explain what happened. So here is my update for you all...

To make a VERY long story short, I seen the light twice tonight. After driving back and forth between S. Butler rd and Reedy Springs ct for about 3-4 times, there was another car out there doing the same, but they eventually left and I finally had some peace.

I rode back around to Reedy Springs ct and finally parked for several minutes, calling out to the light all the while. While I was parked and waiting, I saw several things blinking directly ahead of me in the woods on either side and coming towards my direction. I was startled at first but I could tell they were just lightning bugs as there were PLENTY out that night, so I just tried to keep my cool and waited for them to pass me by. After several minutes of me calling the light, I looked to my right at the wooded path down from the crossroads where I was parked and about 30 yrds away I saw a blueish-white light that just swooped down from behind one of the trees, and started to flash side to side and head towards the car. I knew it wasn't a lightning bug this time. This was the Bingham light! The manner in which it came from behind the trees, it really surprised me. It did so as if to say "I got you now". I immediately took off. I'm glad I was already in the car and not out there walking.

I got down the main hwy a good piece, then decided to turn around and go back. I'm not even going to lie, I get some sort of rush off of this thing. I went back down to Reedy Springs ct and made my usual turn around and then sat there in the car parked for what seemed to be about 7 minutes, then I seen the light come down the wooded path again from about the same distance as the first time. It was flashing side to side at a very fast pace and headed directly towards me. I said "Wooooooooo!" then I spun off so fast that I could smell the rubber burning from my tires.

In my last update I was stating that I was confused as to whether or not that red light I saw several months ago when I took a friend out there and recently just a few nights ago was actually the Bingham light or something else. My conclusion is that it definitely was without a doubt. Prior to any of that I have never seen the light turn red as described by many eye witness accounts, but I can definitely confirm it now. For those that don't know, it has been said that the light turns red when angered... Disturbing to say the least. I can now also confirm that the accounts which claimed that the light can be seen up close at the crossroads is also true. From what I gathered on my most recent encounters, you don't see it coming from afar like you would if you were at the field on S. Butler rd. When you are at the crossroads it seems to come out almost right up on you. I would advise anyone going to the crossroads to be extra careful with that thing, especially if you got there on foot. What gives me the chills is thinking back on that night when I was standing out there with my friend, and I seen the red light slowly creeping up to us through the woods at about 20 yrds away. It only walked a few steps before it finally stayed there a few minutes and then disappeared. The whole time I was trying to figure out what it was but I pretty much just brushed it off. My friend never even saw it. I can't believe I let the light get that close to us that night!

Well folks, with all of that said my curiosity with this thing has finally been satisfied. I can now rest easily knowing that I've had more experiences with it. I always heard that once you see the Bingham light you feel that you have to keep going back. So am I still going back for more? D*** right! The fun never stops;-)
Hi all,

I just wanted to provide an update on this thing, so be prepared for a long read. Last night I went out there again and noticed something strange, but before I tell you that particular story I'm going to rewind a little bit and go back to a few months ago when I took a friend out there. We at first went to S. Butler rd (the dirt road where the huge corn field is) and we didn't see the light there, so we drove around to the other side at Reedy Springs ct (where the famous crossroads are, the location where most witnesses have supposedly seen the light up close. When you see stories online about the Bingham light, this is the most commonly mentioned location).

Just in case you are confused, the whole area is connected by a long dirt road. If I had a way of providing an overhead map of the area it would be easier to explain, but for now I can only give you a description... Right off the main hwy (hwy 34) and coming onto the start of S. Butler rd, you go down 1 mile until you reach the third and largest corn field. When you are in front of the field you are basically at an intersection. You can either keep going to your left and eventually go past the field (I don't know where that leads as I haven't been that far), or you can branch off and keep going to your right. If you go to your right (which I advise that it is best to walk it or have a bike or ATV as sometimes this path is piled up high with dirt or have deep mud holes, but occasionally it is ok to drive with a car), you will ride along the field a good distance until you pass the tree line and enter a deeply wooded area. Back up in the wooded area are a few cuts on either side. I haven't been back up in the cuts to see where they lead. Anyway, if you keep going straight up the path you will eventually reach the famous crossroads at Reedy Springs ct. At these crossroads you can make a left and it will lead through a short hollow and at the end is a very old, yet currently occupied wooden shack. Strange. If you make a right at the crossroads and keep going down a bit, you will eventually see a yellow gate on the left side. Keep going and you will come to where the dirt road ends and you will turn back onto the main hwy. That yellow gate I mentioned, if you duck under it, it leads to the swamp but it is a rough 40-something minute hike on foot.

Ok, hopefully that description gave you a good visual on how that whole general area is. As I said, all of it is basically connected and is more or less laid out like a big square.

Getting back to the story now, while on Reedy Springs ct, my friend and I were calling the light for a while but we didn't see anything. However, what I did notice several yards away from where we were standing, back up in the wooded area in the cut, I seen a red light that was seemingly coming towards us then it stopped and disappeared. At first I thought that was the Bingham light but I noticed that this light didn't appear like the Bingham light normally does. It looked just like a red reflector like you would see on a bicycle. I started to tell my friend what I just saw but I dismissed it due to uncertainty. Nothing happened afterwards and eventually we left.

Ok, fast forwarding to just last night... I went out there solo and drove to the huge field on S. Butler rd.
As usual I turned the car around for a quick exit, parked, and switched off the lights, but this time I didn't get out of the car. I lost some of my bravery after seeing the light on my last visit lol, so I just rolled down the window and made the call to the light from inside the car.

Not too long afterwards I seen a blueish-white light way off in the distance walking parallel to the tree line going to the right. It startled me because it didn't look like how the Bingham light normally looks, and it definitely wasn't headlights from a car or ATV. It was much brighter than the Bingham light usually is but still didn't shine or light up anything. It was also a steady glow with no flashing or swinging movements. What was strange is that this light traversed that area at a very steady pace, unlike the rate a human could walk. I seen that and kind of freaked, so I drove off quickly.

As I was coming off the dirt road and about to turn onto hwy 34, I was about to make a right to go back home, but I decided to make a left and go down to Reedy Springs ct to the crossroads. I got to the crossroads, turned my car around for a fast exit, then turned the lights off. Just as I did while on the other side, I stayed in the car and just rolled down the windows, making the call to the light from inside the car while also making sure to look all around me just in case it snuck up on me.

After a few minutes, I was looking down the dirt path that led back into the wooded area, and I started to become aware that there was a small red light coming toward me at a very sneaky pace. After a moment of trying to figure out what it is, I realized that it was the same light I had seen before when I took my friend there that night. After that I noticed that the light started coming up the path heading fast towards the car. Although it was several yards away, I suddenly got a bad vibe off of it. After that I high-tailed it out of there!

I am still not exactly sure what I saw. The red light looked to be about the same size as the blueish-white light I saw from the other side at the field, leading me to believe it was the same light. I heard that the Bingham light does turn red when it's seemingly "angered", so that could've very well been the Bingham light. However, the thing that confuses me the most is that it just didn't appear and move like the Bingham light normally does though. It all just seemed so strange. I'm going to try to go out there again tonight to see if I can come up with a more sound conclusion.

I will keep you all updated.
spiritwaiting: Wow! That was a very unnerving experience you just shared there. Your apparition actually stood at the door. I would've freaked! What was your reaction?

As far as the figure I saw, I know this may sound odd but when I saw it I immediately sensed a bad vibe off of it. Luckily I didn't see it do anything but walk in the kitchen. Heard no noises or nothing. It's almost like something woke me up just to see it. Had I not been staring at the doorway I would've missed it.
Rookdygin: Interesting thoughts there. My reason to agree with you comes from the fact that many witnesses have claimed to have seen the light change to a red color when they cuss at it, indicating anger. Personally I have never seen it change colors, but if what they say is true then that would indicate that the light expresses feelings of some sort. So the man's spirit being manifested as the light he was carrying at the supposed time of death seems rather plausible in that case.

Btw, when I posted my first experience (s) the legend behind this light was included. Feel free to check it out in my profile!
You're not alone on this one. I have had plenty of experiences where I could not see a thing but there was this undeniable feeling of a presence around watching me. Each time it was very uncomfortable and there was always a urgent feeling to run or walk away at a very brisk pace. I remember the strongest feeling was around 15 years ago on a morning before school I was walking into the master bedroom and the room was ice cold and, while this may sound strange, it felt just as if there were three people standing at the other side of the room (the room is not that big, btw) and staring at me with absolute hatred. I ended up walking right back out. I'll never forget that morning.

It's crazy how you can just know that a presence is around without them causing any sort of activity.
RedWolf: I used a camera on one particular visit but it was useless. The light isn't bright enough to be caught on camera. It's so faint that you can barely see it with your eyes, which makes it all the more scary because it can easily come up on you without you even realizing it. It's also not a steady glow. It always appear in flashes.

Roylynx: It does seem quite unbelievable that a lantern could have a spirit form. Yet, there it is. I still don't quite understand what it truly is though. The legend has it that it was a man that got killed in the area while holding his lantern. Some theories suggest swamp gas, ball lightening (both theories which I personally ruled out), or maybe a will-o-wisp. The way that thing moves though, it's just as if it really is a person out there walking with a lantern.

Tweed: I am glad you enjoyed it! The first story gives the full picture, so in order for this story to make since reading the first part is essential.

I don't particularly believe in elemental spirits but with this thing here I'm open to the possibilites. I agree that what you call it doesn't matter much. The legend states that you yell out John or Bill Bingham. However, I got into the habit of just yelling "Bingham Light, come out!", due to uncertainty of the real name.

I've cussed it a few times but lately I've been mindful that it is a spirit, and the way how this light is it has a tendency of just coming out of nowhere, and if it ever sneaks up on you there's no telling what it could do if you anger it. I'll yell random things at it sometimes just to get it to come out but I stopped cussing at it. Lol.

To answer both you and roylynx about the filming, yes, there have been many different paranormal groups and even the local news to go out there and try to film it and the area in general, but the light never came out for them, so they all thought it was just a hoax. As I mentioned before in my comment to RedWolf though, the light isn't bright enough to be caught on film. It doesn't glow or shine anything around it. It's very faint and ghostly. There are several videos on youtube claiming to be the Bingham light. They are all lies.

If you guys have anymore questions about it, please feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading!
Date: 2016-04-27
Wow, that's absolutely freaky! I don't really have much to add or ask, but that was a pretty wild experience there.
Date: 2016-03-29
This story gave me goosebumps...Goodness! I can only imagine how terrified you were. When you went back in the room after going out in the hallway, didn't you close the door behind you?
Date: 2016-03-04
DandK: No, I still do want to visit that place and check it out, but the place is about 3-4 hours away from me so I haven't had the time to go. Stuff like that interests me.

I have to ask you, when you went into the restroom at the time your experience happened, did you feel any uneasiness or any sort of presence?
Date: 2016-03-04
DandK, that was a very interesting and creepy experience you had there. It actually reminds me a little bit of someone else's story on this site, which can be read here:

As I was reading your story, I was picturing myself in your position the whole time. It definitely does seem like the ghost was trying to scare you on purpose. Being a bathroom that was very rarely occupied, it seemed to have had the perfect opportunity to set someone up for a scare and it just so happened that you were the one. UGH!
Date: 2016-02-03
Macknorton: My friend just didn't believe in ghosts, so that event was something we never discussed again. He was not the type of person I would talk about that sort of thing on a serious level with. I don't know what became of the house or the lady that was placed in a nursing home afterwards. It was just at that particular time we were walking in the neighborhood and he went by her house to check on it from time to time, as he was asked to by the lady.

You had a chilling little story there. UGH! Especially to know that others in the house said they felt that also. That's creepy as h*ll to feel like your being followed around a house. I've had that sensation a few times in my own home as well, but it was just a sensation so I can't pin it down to something that actually happened, though I'm inclined to believe it was really something behind me in the hallway.

Ghosts sneaking up on people in hallways is not an uncommon occurance. There are many accounts (even on this website) where people have reported the feeling of being watched or followed while going down a hallway. I'm tending to think that it's a favorite place for ghosts to spook people for some reason.
Date: 2016-02-02
RANDYM: Thanks for your comment. The idea about it being negative energy seems to make sense. It actually seems more scary to be honest. It seems like a negative energy that has a life of it's own could possibly classify as a poltergeist, and the way how this "thing" behaved at times, I wouldn't be surprised if that is what it was.

I'm glad you loved the story though!

Bibliothecarius: I understand completely what you are saying... At least I think we are on the same page. I have heard theories before that pent up emotions in a household, especially from teenage children in particular, can cause a release of negative energy to manifest into a poltergeist. While there were indeed tensions and verbal arguments in our household over the years, it didn't happen in sync with the time that the phenomena occured. During the times when the experiences did happen, if we felt upset or depressed about something, it didn't seem to have any effect on the strength of this "thing" at the time. It seemed to just act on it's own will. However, I will go as far as to say that it was drawn to the negative energy present in our household in the first place. A negative environment, whether physical or emotional will attract negative spirits.

MOLLICALAZZARO: No apologies necessary, for I too haven't visited the site in a few days. Lol.

I am glad that you didn't have that experience again. That's something that once you feel one time, you don't want to feel it anymore, except in retrospect. Lol. As for the other things you said happen, I will definitely be glad if you could share them!
Date: 2016-02-02
Macknorton: That is absolutely chilling. Wow! It sounds as if a spirit charged right at you. Don't know if it was angry or not but it sure seemed to rush at you with enough impact to make it's presence known.

That reminds me exactly of one experience I had when a friend and I were checking up on this house that an elderly lady he knew lived in before she got put in a nursing home, which was very recently at the time of this event (circa 2001?). The house looked totally unassuming, besides the fact that it was old and not in top shape. However, that all changed when we got into the back bedroom. Like the rest of the house, it looked fine, but it just had this undeniable uneasiness to it and the atmosphere was stuffy and unpleasant. It wasn't as bad as the sensation I related in my story, but it was enough to make you feel like getting out of there. I didn't say anything to my friend about the sensation.

As we were walking out of the room and down the hallway, we heard a creak down the hallway behind us near the bedroom door we left from. We turned and looked back but didn't see anything, so we kept walking. As we continued walking we heard the creaking coming up further in the hallway as if someone was following us. It wasn't the type of creak like when you step on a weak spot on the floor. It was that type of creaking when someone is walking down the hallway in an old house and the walls seem to creak as you walk along. The crazy thing is that it wasn't doing this when we were walking through the hallway though. It was doing this behind us and was totally out of sync with our walking pace. We stopped walking and turned around to look again but the noise kept progressing closer towards us. Then all of a sudden it's like we felt this "swooosh" sensation that just came right towards us as if someone had charged us. It wasn't a hard impact. It was actually very soft, but it definitely felt like a mild breeze.

I was scared senseless but my friend just stood there and was like "what the world?". He just kind of shrugged it off and after that we locked up and left the house. As we were walking away from the house and heading out the yard, I was saying to him that there was probably a ghost in that house. I was saying it jokingly but on the inside I was creeped out. He just laughed and said "I don't know what that was. Probably just because the house is old."

Anyway, sorry to write a story in reply to your comment, but the little story you related reminded me of that particular event and I just had to share it.