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Kya1994's pictureI was only eight years when I faced my first entity. If I add up all the entities I have seen from my childhood to now, they'd be added up to nine.

Update- I've had enough...
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Light Is Back, Possibly on 2016-10-11

Over a few weeks ago I slept on a bed that goes all the way down to the floor. It involved bars, and metal pieces at the ankles, so everyone was tripping and falling because of it. A few people damn near broke their ankles on that thing so I slept on the floor for a while, and in the meantime my dad...

Vibration on 2015-08-13

It looks like we have a new ghost in the house. I slept in today, and so I think this happened between 12 and 1:00. I grabbed a bite to eat, and since I missed breakfast I ate lunch and went back to bed to see if I can get another hour or two of sleep. My sleeping schedule has been quite off lately,...

The Little Girl And The Jack In The Box on 2015-07-16

I had just remembered this last night before I went to bed. This was a time when the little girl was going in and out of doors a lot, and when we seen her angelic figure. This was just a random night, and it came unexpectedly. We were eating dinner, and we heard something turning, and a cracklin...

The Demon I Couldn't Remember At First on 2015-07-08

I will be telling a story about a demon, and definitely hope I make no mistakes in this one. My father has history with it, but I won't be mentioning his story, only because it's not mine. But if there are questions about it from readers I will answer. I have seen this evil entity once, but I don't ...

An Expression Scarier Than My First Ghostly Encounter on 2015-07-07

I remember another one, regardless of my last submissions, I'll suck it up and get over my previous discarded, even though other of the same subject were accepted. This was years ago, I was trying to relax and avoid yet another argument going on with my family I assume, or maybe I was yelled at. It ...

An Old Friend Is In My Hallway on 2015-07-01

This happened just yesterday. Rook suggested me to do a ritual, to cleanse and shield my house and what not, to see if he is capable of answering my questions without any risks. I followed his instructions, every closet I could reach was cracked, and so were the windows. I definitely felt someth...

Hovering Ghost on 2015-06-29

I've remembered this recently, I definitely forgot about it for quite some time. This happened years ago, my step mother would take naps every once in a while on my bed, in my bedroom. She was still taking a nap in there one night, and I saw a shadow of a man hovering over her. It was creepy, but he...

Black Orchid on 2015-06-29

"Strange Goings On In Our Home" by Miracles reminds of another ghost story of mine, it included a cat sometimes. This was years ago when I was still dealing with love issues from my first love, and I think this was when we had eight people under our roof. It was really dark (and I think before t...

Angelic on 2015-06-23

I have a ghost friend, probably my age. I think he loves me, and I won't explain it in full detail cause I don't want it to be more accepted to the sites guidelines. He's dressed in all white all the time, seems angelic same as the little girl, hes shown as a bright white angelic color, well it only...

Yucaipa: Haunted House on 2015-06-18

There wasn't much going on at first at Yucaipa, other than constantly feeling watched when its bed time and after. The first time I actually saw a ghost in that house was a little girl, I definitely saw her half way detailed I guess, enough to see her face, her face was nearly identical to mine, her...

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Date: 2017-03-02

Wasting no time, I was seeking real help here from the start. It was just a bad decision to mention that assumption cause I was more childlike at the time, I'll admit that I should go to the hospital. But I have no insurance, and the people I blamed for it felt bad for everything... And brought home chocolate for me to have...

That and I needed to sleep off my rage, the problem is, that's not what I'm thinking. In the process of writing it I knew I was going to feel like a jerk in the end and I was calling myself an idiot for not waiting, but of course. I said things I shouldn't have said, and chose not to wait. My rage self is like a lion in a cage, I should have just left the phone alone.

I'm never doing that again, and they can never know. It'll crush them, and I would rather avoid hurting my loved ones. The only people who know are everyone here in these comments, and my boyfriend. He knows, he told me to talk to him whether I'm collapsing or not. All I need are distractions, it's just before that, my privileges were taken away, I couldn't talk to anyone, I could only cry.

And these spirits, I can't get them to go cause their too positive, nothing they do bothers me at all. I even told them goodbye, but still I feel them. This felt like a big thing so I told my boyfriend what was going on with these spirits and I expected him to be upset, or at least sad. But no, he's okay with it because they can't get me pregnant. That and I mentioned that I can't love anyone if I don't know them, sigh. The guilt is gone but I seriously feel like a jerk. I wrote a sincere apology letter to manafon, then a more detailed explanation when I was able to reply back. Thanks for trying to help everyone. I'm going to look into figuring out some insurance, and see what I can do from there. Joey told me to ignore what gets me depressed, and since then it's been working. If anything, I'm waiting, and will ignore any further bs before I have the chance to move in with him. I'm going to survive for him, and the rest of my loved ones. Everything you all said helps as far as health issues go, I just... I don't like to hurt anybody, I'm hurting myself the most if it's someone attached to my heart. But I will look for other ways to deal with it, I just want to figure it out without hurting them. Everyone could've lost me, and I truly regret it. 😢

Thank-you everyone. 😊

Date: 2017-03-01
Hmmmm, I just assumed there would be certain words to it. I didn't know that was all. Its just, I don't really know what to say, will they go even if I'm nice about it?

Sigh don't answer, I feel like I'm bugging. I'll see what'll happen I suppose.

I'm coming to my senses, thanks for your opinion miracles.
Date: 2017-03-01
Are there any instructions I can follow to make them go today?

I want to do what's best for me and them, even if it'll feel part of me has been amputated.
Date: 2017-03-01
Yes, if they are loved, or bonded by me in some way I will cry...

Just speaking in honesty miracles, every relationship I make, has meaning to me. To be soothed of any further pain and sadness is always easy when in person.

I understand that as well as they do, I may cry over what I felt was special. But believe me, if your expecting me to cry here about it when it's over, it's not what I'm planning.
Date: 2017-03-01
I'll cry if they go permanently. I'll pray for them, I'm leaning more in the direction of being barricaded from their... Presence, their feel I guess. I just don't know how that kind of thing works.

I've had a bad time on and off, dealing with people spitting insults and names in my ear. And no, I don't mean anyone from here, sometimes I'm called names a thousand times too many. That happened way way too much on Valentine's day, to the point I tried to overdose. It was the one time I blocked out everything I loved due to the hollow depths of depression. I threw up for three days, and called it the stomach flu.
They were too scared, and held me tight after I was better. If I don't let them go yet, it's cause I want something to hold on to for the meantime until I can live with my boyfriend. Talking, and being held is usually what helps in that matter. But it also feels selfish, I feel like I'm using them. This would be so much easier if my boyfriend lived with us. I'm too good of a person to be doing this, but I'll try to let them go. Joey will have an all night love chat if he has to, so without these two boys, there's that option when I have a depressing outburst again. I'll see if I can figure something out.
Date: 2017-03-01
Oops, do out of spite. I meant to say "say out of spite." The worst I can do is fight with words, but spiteful actions is what I lean away from.
Date: 2017-03-01
Look I'm the same in this case, I don't have my email displayed in my profile in case people print screen to my friends and family about things they don't need to hear. I can be trusting, and if we argue it's between us, nothing I do will spread to loved ones or friends. I'd say that I wouldn't do anything in spite, but I'm too honest to say that now considering how blunt I was yesterday. Anyhow, I understand, I'll figure out other ways to get help to. For now I just want to talk it out.
Date: 2017-03-01
What will help, is if anyone has any ideas about detaching these spirits from me...
Thank-you for being polite about it, but I don't need a hospital. I know I'm fine. Even if it's just words you have in mind for me to say to them, it would be helpful, cause I don't know what else to do. I don't want to be mean to them in order to detach. They been too kind.
Date: 2017-02-28
Okay... I just got done with the last message. Just never mind what I brought here, I didn't mean to cause any trouble. I was feeling perfect and fine when I was reading on here today. Then daily bs screwed with my feelings, and from there too much kept on contributing... Anyway. No more trouble, just delete those comments. If people have questions about my stories they'll be discussed privately from now on, it'll help you from dealing with anymore trouble.

Date: 2017-02-28
Delete both of those comments please...

I commented here for advice, to fix my current situation. Not to be told to go to the hospital, I don't have insurance. I don't care about those ridiculous assumptions I made last year... In fact I want to pretend I never thought that way. I'm getting help from rook, privately. I shouldn't have brought the details here to begin with.

Last time
Date: 2017-02-28
I wanted to try to not continue... But my tongue tends to slip. 😢

I sent in the last comment something about the ghosts... Delete that part only. I mostly wanted to make a point about the rest. I don't intend to have any further discussion with manafon cause I've had enough of that kind of negativity. So don't worry about me continuing the subject... I'm finished with any comments here altogether... Mostly because of manafon. Sorry about the comments, and thanks for listening.

Date: 2017-02-28

Feelings are officially hurt to the extreme...

I'm not going to be blunt to anyone anymore even though they make me feel less than them... But I don't sleep walk... I don't have schizophrenia... I have a perfectly healthy immune system that doesn't require seeing the doctors so often like my disabled father and brother. If it were just sleep walking, and straight up illusions I'd be in a psych hospital right now... I wouldn't even be here or have these stories published in that case...

I'm always in the middle of cuddling with them with absolutely no privacy... And even though people are everywhere, everyday, I have to pretend nothing is happening, even if I'm not laying down... Even if I look my family in the eye when I'm spending time with these spirits...

Believe me I feel like a freaking idiot for even assuming I got pregnant last year by a ghost... That was then, this is now... Please get off your high horse and quit implying I have mental issues... The only thing I care about is ending what I'm doing with them, so I can handle being around my second love without feeling ashamed of myself...

Don't know how bad this is... But this is really bad timing to be told that all of its a dream, or illusions, or whatever they can think of. My eyes are swollen due to having a bad day, I had just felt better, and now I'm back in my miserable place. I know your having a hard time with the rating of my comments... But I'm not letting people get away with implying I'm insane unless I can tell their trying to be respectful about it. Delete the part about the ghosts if you have to... But, I'm not just going to let manafon imply that I'm insane... Good day miracles.

I'm just not going to allow anyone's comments, or my comments in my stories anymore... From now on. Hopefully you understand, I'm not even angry... I'm just sad, from that one comment.

Date: 2017-02-28
I'm not saying that's possible in the slightest, not offended my friend.

I'd love to explain why I believe in what I said in this story, but I don't know if teen rated comments require the consequences of getting banned. If you have an email address I can send to, I'll give you my full opinion about it if your interested in hearing more.

Date: 2017-02-28
It is what it is... My apologies.

I'm having a bad day... If it's something I can't fix, then edit it to your liking. I'm still working on my grammar...😢
Date: 2017-02-28
I posted this under pressure thinking I got pregnant by a ghost. Shortly after posting, I found out there were two of them. I don't these details being out in the open anymore... There are some mistakes I need to fix... 😢

My boyfriend knows that ghosts are a real thing, and I haven't told him about this yet. I continued staying romantically involved with them even after I got together with Joey due to blowing off steam... And generally, getting my hormones triggered.

I don't come to love just anybody unless I come to know them first. So since the beginning, these boys became my sex toys. 😢 I feel ashamed of myself. And these ghosts are still harmless... They've been protective for me, and theyed hug me if I was having a hard time. A lot of this is the sad truth, but I need further advice to keep me from hurting all three of them. The damage hasn't been done too badly, cause Joey and I had just gotten together. But I know it needs to stop, if there's a way to lock the bed, and keep them from continuing these relations ID appreciate it. Cause the relationships I make with everyone has meaning to me, I can't let them go if their willing to care enough to protect me of my family. I just want sexual relations to end with them, and continue my love life with Joey. Thanks for reading.:) I hope I can get the help I need.

Respectfully, Kya 😢
Ladydarke- Val
No trouble with the accounts this time, thank-you for the help you guys.:)
Oh yes, I'm glad to hear from you to hun. My esteem was going down hill, and I made myself look like a jerk, so I took a break. After the ritual I did there wasn't much contact from any spirits, and now that it's been a year, maybe two... The spiritual scenarios are going sky-high, but only with one spirit.
In which case, I won't be able to post many stories about, cause it's going to sound fictional, but I'm okay with that.
It's personal I don't want to hash it out here. And that's no problem, I won't keep bugging here then when I figure out how to email rook.

I can't remember how to email him. The supernatural events have been too intense, not so much I don't want to deal with them, just want to talk about it, I just need instructions on how email him on Google, I've forgotten.
-To anyone! Preferably mods.

I have written a new story and is yet to be published possibly, but I need to talk about something important immediately. Because I don't know what to do. 😢

Date: 2016-10-13
Hi Rmac123

Your story is intriguing, I have no advice or questions but I offer compliments. Thanks for sharing. 😊